Chapter 1

Troy Bolton was a new student at East High and he did not know anyone there. Troy went to the office first to get his list of classes he had. Then he went to his locker to put his stuff away and then he headed to his first class which was with Miss Darbus. Troy was shy around people and so he kept to himself. At lunch time he sat by himself at a lone table. So he enjoyed his lunch and then he went off to his next class.

Troy was going to his locker to get books for the next class, when he saw a guy with afro hair carrying a basketball under his arm. Troy did not get why this guy was carrying a basketball under his arm to where ever he went to and even to his classes, too. So Troy got his books and closed his locker and headed off to his next class. Zeke saw Troy and introduced himself to him. Troy asked Zeke who the guy was that was carrying a basketball under his arm. Zeke said to Troy that was Chad. Troy asked Zeke why Chad carries a basketball under his arm where ever he goes. Zeke said that he has wondered the same thing himself.

When Chad came into class carrying his basketball under his arm and went to sit down. Both Troy and Zeke started laughing at Chad. The class lesson went by fast. Troy went to his locker again to put the books away and get his other books for his English class and then he closed his locker again. When Troy walked into his English class and sat down at his desk. When he saw his English teacher Gabriella Montez, he fell in love with her. His heart was racing so fast. When Gabriella faced her class Troy's eyes were staring at her. Gabriella noticed her new student Troy Bolton in her class and she saw he had really blue eyes. So English class went by too fast for Troy's liking.

Gabriella stopped Troy before he left her class room and she gave him her cell phone number. Gabriella told Troy if he needs any help on his English assignment that he could call her to ask for help. Troy gave Gabriella his cell phone number and told her that the reason he gave it to her, is so she will know it is him calling her. He thanked Gabriella for the offer and said he might to do that if he gets stump on his English assignment. Troy then left her classroom and headed to his locker to put his stuff away and put his home work in his school bag, then he left school and went home.

Gabriella went home to her apartment and change into comfortable clothes to relax in. Then she entered and saved Troy's number in her cell phone. The rest of that evening she could not get Troy and his beautiful blue eyes off her mind. She knew that she was 22 years old and his English teacher but she could not help what she was feeling towards Troy.

Troy got home and went to the kitchen to get a snack before he started his homework. His mom had not come home from work yet. So Troy went to his room and started doing his homework. But he could not stop thinking about Gabriella. He knew he had just turn 19 years old but he could not help what he was feeling towards Gabriella. So he got most of his homework done before his mom got home.

Troy's dad was not in the picture because his dad cheated on his mom and that is why they moved to New Mexico in the first place. Troy's parents were in the middle of a divorce right now. So he did not want anyone to know about this. But he knew that he needed someone to talk to about it when he was ready to.

Two nights later Troy's dad called to talk to Troy, but Troy did not want to talk to his dad because he was still mad at him for what he did to mom. His mom told his dad that he did not want to talk to him. Troy did not want to play basketball so much like he did at his old school. He just wanted to play basketball for fun. That night Troy went for a walk to calm himself down.

Gabriella had left her apartment for a while to go for a walk in the park. She sat down on a park bench for little bit. Troy walked to the park and then he saw Gabriella sitting on the park bench. Troy went over to her and sat next to her. Gabriella looked up and saw Troy with the blue eyes sitting next to her. Troy said that he needed someone to talk to besides his mom about some things he is dealing with. Gabriella said I am here if you need to talk to someone. So they sat in silence for a little while and then Gabriella asked Troy if he wanted to go back to her apartment to talk. Troy said to Gabriella he would like to come over so he can talk about what is on his mind.

So Gabriella and Troy walked back to her apartment and then went to sit down in her living room on the couch. Troy told Gabriella about his dad cheating on his mom and that his dad always pressured him to play basketball a lot. He also told Gabriella that his dad would hit him a lot and that his mom did not know about it. He told her his dad called wanting to talk to him, but he did not want to talk to him. Gabriella could not believe this stuff Troy had told her that has happen to him and his mom. Troy said to Gabriella he doesn't know if he should now tell his mom about his dad hitting him all the time. Gabriella told Troy that he should tell his mom about his dad hitting him. Troy thanked Gabriella for letting him talk about this with her. She told him if he ever needs to talk that I am here for you okay. Before Troy left her apartment, Gabriella kissed Troy on the lips and he kissed her back.

Then Troy walked back home with a smile on his face. He went straight to his room and went to bed with a smile still on his face. Meanwhile Gabriella could not believe how good of a kisser Troy was. That is when she realized that she has feelings for Troy. But now she had to figure out what to do about it. Before Troy went to sleep he realize that he was in love with Gabriella his English teacher and knew he had to figure out what he was going to do about it.