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That day started out normal enough-wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, leave the house, meet up with Sango, Kagome and Miroku outside of his house and get to school. But it was at said school that things started the change.

InuYasha sighed as he entered the school building, his friend to his left. He was a little reluctant to come to school today, as always, because of the bullying that would occur just because he's a Hanyou, a half demon. But something in his gut told him that it would all change today.

"Are you okay, InuYasha?" InuYasha's amber eyes settled on his black haired friend, Kagome, as she stared at him.

"Keh, of course I'm fine," he muttered, turning away from her. Kagome frowned but nodded, smoothing her short green skirt and white blouse.

"Hey, guys!" all of them looked up as a girl approached. She had features similar to Kagome's own, but her hair was in a ponytail with her long bangs hanging loosely in front of her ears. She wore a white kimono with sakura patterns decorating it.

"What's up, Kikyo?" Miroku asked.

"I heard a rumor that I think might intrigue you guys," she said, her face blank.

"What is it?" Sango asked.

Before Kikyo could say anything, another voice called "Guys!" approaching the group was a boy with honey eyes and matching hair with a fox tail. He wore a blue shirt under a tan vest and tan jeans. "Guess what?"

"What is it, Shippo?" Kagome asked.

"There's a rumor going around that the 'king of the grade' Sesshomaru found someone he intends to mate."

"Seriously?" Miroku asked.

"It's just a rumor," InuYasha sighed, "It could be false." But for some reason that InuYasha didn't know, the thought of Sesshomaru with a mate made his heart ache.

"I dunno," Shippo said, "He seems lost in thought more than ever, and has even smiled slightly once without hitting anyone."

As the group conversed quietly, InuYasha broke away, headed for his locker, and trying to forget what he heard. The whole time, the white haired Hanyou was unaware of the golden eyes that watched him walk, dark with lust.

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