Hey guys! Breaking-Benjamin-rules here! I want to thank everyone who favorited/followed/reviewed this story! It means more then you know! It's really touching.

Vladimer: tch. Pathetic.

Gabriel: shut it, snake!

Alaia (my OC): both of you shut up! She's trying to speak.

BBR: thanks, Alaia.

Alaia: no problem, Creator!

BBR: oh, not you, too! Anyway, I posted the sequel to this if ya want to check it out. It's called "Expectancies and Troubles". I worked FOREVER on it.

Kelas: (my OC): liar.

BBR: okay, maybe not forever. But it felt like it.

Kira: (my OC): sure it did.

Alaia: shut it, mute! Give her a break.

Kira: *glares at her*



Kio(my OC): thank you.

Kai (my OC): agreed.

BBR: now, can I talk?

All: yes, Creator.

BBR: ENOUGH WITH THE CREATOR CRAP! *remembers the readers* err…hi, guys. Didn't see you there. *bricked* oww! Alright, alright. Until the next story! Ready guys? 1…2…3!

All: Sayonara~!