June 12, 2053

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know I can never send this, but I know you'll read it. I've been doing this diary since my change, and I just realized this diary is just a long letter home. This is not the end of the diary, but I wanted to catch up with you.

In April, we packed our cars with our belongings and arrived at the old church to re-connect with Anna. I always keep thinking Anna is an elderly woman instead of a twenty year old, but I guess just like us, we don't appear our true age.

Anna was fascinated with our individual stories. She didn't take notes or ask to repeat; her memory was like ours—crystal clear. Alice thanked Anna for the chance to speak to her sister and save her niece in the nick of time. Anna just nodded, and with Alice and Anna, there was no explanation needed.

Anna held John in her arms as Rosalie and Emmett recalled their trip home. "The one thing I don't understand," Rosalie began, "is how the quilt got from there to here."

Anna smiled. "There are things in this universe in which you aren't supposed to know, because you don't need to know. Your mother-in-law wanted to show you how much she loves you and Emmett. From what you tell me, she's been watching you for awhile." Emmett twisted as if he swallowed a hornet's nest. "Emmett, something is troubling you."

I could tell he didn't know how to start or how to formulate his words. "Why …did…Noah…have…to suffer?" He started to pace as he talked. "He was a stupid kid who made a mistake, and he's still paying for that mistake. Why does a man need a hundred years of redemption?" He sat down on the couch awkwardly.

Anna rose and sat next to Emmett. "My Dear Emmett, I'm afraid Noah didn't tell you everything for just this reason. He didn't want you to feel guilty, and he didn't know the difference between redemption and guarding."

Emmett placed his head in his hands. "I don't understand. What are you talking about?"

"In my sleep, alike to Alice, I see visions. This is the reason I wanted your family to return. There is more for you to know. Noah wasn't punished for his sin, but he was given a task: to make sure Bella came to Forks."

I was shocked. How did my name get into this? How is Noah's brother connected to me? "Excuse me, what did you say?"

"Bella, you still don't understand how important you are. Your arrival to Forks set off a chain reaction you had no control over. They are here because of you and Edward." Anna paused and turned to face me. "Bella, do you remember how your mother met your stepfather?"

Why is she asking me this? Does this have anything to deal with Noah? Where did this tangent come from? I didn't ask, so I told her, "A friend of my Mom's had tickets for Tucson Padres, and her friend wasn't able to go. There was a concert after the game, and we decided to make a day of it. Tucson's only about an hour south, and we went on one of our road trips."

"What happened at the game?" Anna asked if she already knew the answer. Did I tell you that I hate that feeling?

"At the time, we weren't big baseball fans, so we kidded that we were sunbathing with a view. Some time during the game, a foul ball cracked Mom's hand. During our time at the ER, Phil showed up and apologized for hitting Mom's hand…" Then, I knew. "Are you suggesting that…Noah…made…the ball hit my Mom?"

"Noah knew your mother would be happy with Phil, so his decision was beneficial for everyone. Your mother and Phil quickly fell in love, and she wanted to travel with him, right?"

"I thought my Mom needed to be happy. I wasn't thrilled to move to Forks or living with my Dad, but I believe it was for the best."

"And it was. These events brought you to Forks—and the first domino fell down. Your relationship with Edward and Jacob tied the Quileutes and the Cullens as a team; it was a tumultuous team for awhile, but your struggles with the Nomads, the Newborns, and the Volturi made you stronger. Once Renesmee was born, Jacob imprinted and brought him and you to your destinies."

This was too much to handle. Now, I was confused. My voice crackled, "Melinda?"

Anna looked at Melinda. "She was another vessel for change. After you saved Melinda from the Volturi, she wanted to show you how much it meant to her, and she knew I could give you something no one ever has."

"Dad? He had to die?" In just a sliver of time, my mind traveled to the day I freaked out at school, when my Dad came up. My hand shook as bad as it did that day.

Anna consoled me. "Every human dies. You knew one day it would happen, but in the scheme of things, his passing and your move to Maine brought your family to Melinda. As you witnessed, he is happy with his friends and family, and he had another chance to see you."

Emmett lifted his head, "So Noah will return?"

"Of course, but alike to John, I do not know when or how. Noah was probably aggravated that he couldn't tell you everything—hence his bitterness. Emmett, you and your family have a precious gift to see your loved ones return to Earth, and you will know, like John."

This seemed to ease Emmett's tension, and we continue to reminisce. Near dusk, we said our goodbyes and left the English church. As we traveled back to the states, Edward opened his photographs and told Ness about his family and the pictures he had. Now knowing his mother and father turned him into a vampire as a selfless act of love, he was more comfortable talking about his past.

Edward saw Seth again—a dream come true for both of them. He was able to spend time with his best friend and the pack, and he was accepted as an equal. Even at Mom's house, he could be human again. That simple game of volleyball or soccer filled an empty hole in his heart. He didn't know how much he missed being human. His stories were stifled with uncontrollable laughter from the back of the plane.

Rose had laid her special quilt on the floor with some toys; however, Emmett grabbed the child and began to tickle John. The toddler cooed and giggled as Emmett played peek-a-boo with him. In Rose's point of view, everything that happened, even the horrible experience with her own mother, was worth it. She had a wonderful husband, a niece who humanized her, and a baby she will love for eternity.

Melinda just smiled as Alice talked. She didn't stop Alice; she enjoyed her talks with her. Moving to Forks, Melinda was now an integral part of the family. We, Cullens, tend to adopt new family members, and within months, they had two nieces and brother who were accepted as if they were with us a hundred years ago. Rose takes time everyday to walk with Melinda; she didn't want her niece feel that she was replaced by a drooling tot.

Alice raved on about Beth. She had learned so much in the past couple of months, and she and her father became a family unit within ours. They knew the secret; however, they did not use any terminology that would incriminate them. Alice had shown her how drawing can help her deciphering visions. Beth's drawing and her journal next to her bed tripled her abilities, and Alice couldn't brag enough.

Jasper was in a seat nearby. He just rolled his eyes as Alice went on and on about Beth. It's been the millionth time he has had heard about Beth, but he would never say that to Alice-he valued his own life. His phone rang, and he and his lawyer were finalizing the details in Atlanta.

Jasper couldn't control his feelings after rescuing the children and finding dead ones in Atlanta. He said, in comparison to dispatching Maria's newborns, felt like a hundred times worse. His emotions forced him to face them and do something about it.

While we were in the portal, Jasper had contacted the people next door on both sides of the lair and offered to buy their homes, so he would be able to do something good with the land and the area around it. He paid them handsomely, and when the people left, the three houses were bulldozed. Jasper, Seth's son, and a Catholic priest were able to cleanse the three areas and set free the tortured souls who needed to cross over.

Jasper stressed on the phone that no one would know who the benefactor was and the name even in the paperwork was not to have his name or identity. Called The Rescue, the building and the business were to help abused children and needy families. Jasper believed some good should come out of something so evil. Alice was aware, but he chose not to make a big deal of it; this was Jasper's therapy. His experience with his family proved he wasn't a heartless monster, and he and his soul could look forward- than behind.

After the portal, Carlisle didn't feel "damned" any more; a damned soul could not travel to see loved ones, especially those in a church. He accepted his role in this family, and he, like Edward and Jasper, could live without guilt.

A scientist at heart, Carlisle was comparing notes, charting data, and checking and rechecking his facts about John in comparison to Ness's development. During the trip back, he must have measured the child three times to get height, weight, and the rate of growth. Even though this annoyed Rosalie, she would never tell Carlisle this. To him, medicine and science were puzzles, and he had to manipulate each piece to figure out the answer. As he researched, no one bothered him, except Esme, who kissed him on the cheek and told him to relax.

Hearing how Rosalie's mother was, Esme wanted to reassure her that we loved her, and she would always be there for Rose. Esme had seen his son: happy, handsome, and humble. She didn't know, until Rose returned, what her son told her—his sister needed her. She choked a little at the memory and smiled to herself as we descended into Portland International Airport.

For the next month, we chased the dancing naked baby around the house as he giggled from one floor to the next. Luckily, we never tire and could catch up with the boy. His vocabulary was alike a young adolescent, and he could read chapter books, but he still enjoyed someone reading to him. He liked to talk about the stories, and he, like Ness, was bored with any modern literature. We had read all the Romantic poets, some Shakespeare, and some American classics. John loved when his Dad would read to him; Emmett would act out all the parts in Treasure Island, Peter Pan, Twenty Leagues under the Sea, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. We could hear the adventure all the way to the basement, but we didn't care—these were moments we had to cherish.

I can't tell what's normal or abnormal, because all these years, we are always solving problems, having adventures, and making sense of this existence. I knew I was destined for the supernatural, and Anna just confirmed it. I can't doubt her or question the portal, religion, or reality; I just adjust.

Renesmee misses you. After talking to Anna, she and Jacob have accepted the fact that they will have their turn to enter the portal, someday. I told her to write you, like me, because she will be heard. Jake has concentrated a lot of his energy to the tribe; he wasn't the alpha anymore, but he needed to bond with his people.

Ness felt sorry for Jake. His brothers and family have passed on, and many Quileute didn't know his identity. Charlie welcomed Jacob as a cousin who had returned home, and the others accepted the story. Only the elders, the pack, and their children knew Ness's and Jacob's identity, and he educated the elder pack members about the legends and the history of the tribe. As he taught, he felt his father and mother watch over him, and he founded the connection he longed for.

I seem to talk about everyone else, except me. Actually it's easier. I don't know if I'm this hub that connects these families together, and I was the catalyst, but I don't question it. I was able to see you again, which I will never forget.

I may never see you again, but I hope to come and visit some time soon.

Love, Bella