August 17 - 06:14

Today marked the start of school. Wonderful.

I was just soooo excited to go to school, you know?

And if you didn't get the hint, that was completely sarcastic.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my school, but sometimes the drama seemed to be too much.

It was like a mini-Hollywood crashed into our school, and all of a sudden, everyone acts too dramatic, they act too superior, they act like they know everything...When I mean 'everyone' or 'they', I really mean the music students. They act like they're all that, high and mighty, like the most important people in the world. And they infect everyone with their status: one word from their lips and you'd faint to the floor, that or go call a news reporter.

And boy, do they love attention. They make all kinds of scares all the time, whether it be pregnancy, cheating, suicide, or even going to the brink of drugs or alcohol, they make all kinds of scandals to catch students' attention. There shouldn't be this much drama for high school students anyways! A lot of people outside of the school even thrive on this kind of gossip, which our school newspaper and TV Channel in no way are trying to halt.

I was already walking to school, but there was still a―give or take―mile walk until I actually saw the gates peeking out of the horizon of my vision. Yeah, small town girl living in a big city? That's me. My house was three miles away from my school.

It's a prestigious art school with a weird name. VOCALOID Arts Associated or VAA for short. The latter was accompanied on all our school issued merchandise, supplies, and other wares. I had no idea where the first word came from, but I'm assuming it had to do with the music know 'vocal' and singing... And all of the students were called VOCALOIDs, giving us a regal, prestigious status from our oh-so prestigious school.

I was accepted for my talent in painting, and my great grades in middle school got me a scholarship. I never thought it would count until now. But who cares? I was an emancipated sixteen year old orphan living in a small town, you take money when it's offered to you.

But my school wasn't just about artists. Art had a lot of meanings, which means our school featured singers, dancers, prop makers, makeup artists, musicians...anything with the word 'art' in it. We have everyone, you name it. Well...except for mathematicians and scientists. It's a school for art, we're supposed to have fun all the time! Kind of.

Okay, so my school is kick-butt and awesome, I know that. But I'm not going to lie, it's hard too. Over here, they push us to be our best, to train hard, to work hard, to become masters in our art...but here's where I'm lucky. I'm taking a painting major, so art takes a long time. I get a lot of time.

"Miki!" A feminine voice called out for me. Not knowing who it was at first, I turned around to see a girl with green hair running up to me.

"Gumi," I stated her name. "What's up?" And she caught up to me, we both fell into the same step. I befriended her at orientation. So I've only literally known her for two days. And here's the shocker: she's a music student. But she was a new student, lost, and I couldn't help it! She turned out to be amazing too! I loved the bright colors she wore, her neon green hair only a product of her imagination, her creativity, and happy-go-lucky attitude. Gumi got in as an amateur singer hoping to improve her skills.

"Our first day of school!" She nearly shrieked with happiness, jumping up and down while walking. She looked like a human bunny almost. I laughed.

"Your first day of school." I pointed out. She was a transfer student from another province. "I've already been here for a year."

"Right, right, but it's your first day of this year. Geez, if I knew you would be this much of a grump I wouldn't have caught up to you." She said and stuck her tongue out playfully, but it quickly faded into a smile. "But I'm glad I did find you."

"Thanks." I said and smiled at her. "It's just mornings you know. And trust me, this school is all about drama. The school newspaper and TV are like Hollywood's paparazzi."

And then a thought just came to me.

"Hey, we're at least a half a mile away from school, do you live far too?" I asked her. She shook her head.

"No, I have a dorm at the school, but you said you would come by the Mini-Mart at 06 hours to meet me so we could go to school together." When she finished she tilted her head at me. "Don't tell me you forgot."

My eyes widened as I looked down at her. Oh God I totally did forget! It's like I got amnesia this morning or something!

"Oh Gumi, I'm sorry!" I said, and spewed a hundred apologies to her. She laughed and waved her hand dismissively.

"Nah, it's fine. Don't worry, like I said, it's our first day of school. To tell you the truth, every year of school I used to sleep in." She said. I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Then what are you doing up this early?"

"This year my brother is going to the same school as me, so since our dorms were given to us late, we ended up getting dorms that were both at the end of where the boys' and girls' dorms meet." She said and smiled. "He's the best brother ever." She stated matter-of-factly.

I gave a drawled out 'ohhh'. I never got a dorm because I was a little afraid to get one. There were so many complications of having one. I wasn't one to fit in with new, random strangers (Gumi here is an excepition). And I was too scared to try it. What if they liked weird Black Magic or Insects or something? Scary stuff. Also, I'd have to give up my dorm at the end of school and find a new place to live for the summer (the Music kids don't have to move every summer, they stay in their dorms and are forced to take drill classes). I live alone, don't have any family (don't remember any either), so of course I have to fend for myself.

But anyways, I didn't want to think too much on this, so I turned my head forwards, seeing the school's gates on the horizon.

"Hey Gumi, I see the school." I said and pointed to the wide, black gates that kept those who weren't VOCALOIDs out and those who were in.

"Hey let's run there!" She suggested, clutching her bag tighter to her chest. Her eyes sparkled mischeviously as she grinned and looked up at me, and she crouched, as if ready to pounce on something, much like a Cheetah would.

I couldn't help it―her competitiveness was contagious. And I mimicked her running position.

"Okay, GO!" I shouted and we ran.

August 17 - 07:03

That was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

I'm an art student, not an athlete.

Gumi beat me to the gates, while I trudged far behind her, worn out and with sweat that made my shirt cling to my back and sides. Thank God I was wearing white today, at least, a white shirt that I was sure wouldn't show my pit stains.

Luckily, I also had my navy blue jacket tucked away in my big hand bag. Even though it was near the end of summer, and almost 37 degrees (*100 F), I knew better. When it was hot outside, every room in the school kicked their ACs to 'freeze-the-students-to-ice' mode. Considering I spent most of my time sitting in the art classes, it wouldn't get any warmer, unlike the music students, who were dancing all the time.

" look like you're going to die." She said simply, a bit bewildered on my sloppy form, the drooped shoulders, relaxed face, parted lips that sucked in oxygen like a vacuum, and the chest that heaved with uneven breaths.

"Let's...just...get..." I tried to breathe out, but I ran out of breath at the end of every short word, and I had to take a huge breath of oxygen again. I would never be able to talk again.

Thankfully, Gumi didn't have to wait for me to expend my precious oxygen to understand me. "Okay, yeah, um...sorry." She said and shook her head, giving me a flash of an incredulous look. "Let's just get to our classes."

I looked up at her hopefully, and we sauntered through the open gates (well, of course when one of the many school's officers scanned our ID cards).

"Look, I know we have different majors. So of course we have different how about we choose a place to meet?" She asked, giving me a seriously concerned face. I probably did look like I was dying. Before I could answer, she gasped "Oh!" and quickly dug through her bag. "I forgot, can you show me which building is my first class?" She asked and gave me her schedule.

With a slowly calming heart, and grasping my normal breathing attitude, I fixed my shoulders and let out a huff, before grabbing the thin piece of paper from her hands. Her class was C-3.

Let me explain, each of us had a building for each major, and one level in the building represented one letter, but each had a number of classes in it. Any class with A-D was in one building, pertaining to majors in singing or dancing. E-J was for art majors, which included anyone from painting to graphic designers, which was why our building was so big. Although, A-D was pretty big too, they had a lot of dance rooms and recording studios.

"That building." I said and pointed to Building 1.

"Thanks Miki, are you sure you're okay?" She said and asked me one last time. I nodded and smiled at her.

"Go and have fun. The higher-up Music students are kind of big jerks, but I know you'll have fun." I said, urging her to go.

Soaking in my enthusiasm like a sponge, Gumi flashed me a bright smile (which probably almost blinded me) and ran off. Leaving me to myself, and having the rest of the day to go.

August 17 - 09:41

New art teacher.

For the past hour, that seemed to be all I could think of.

Also new students.

Gumi was probably a fortune teller, it seemed like the first day of school all over for me again. Mainly because, I knew few people in my class this year (and my skill didn't advance much, so it's not like I expected to see a bunch of new students anyways).

Were they ALL transfer students?

Actually, the answer is yes. Yes they were.

But where did they come from?

Internet High School and UTAU Tech. The high school named after...the internet? Okay, that's not weird. (But to be honest, that would sound awesome. 'What school do you go to Miki?' Internet.) And whatever the heck the second one was. I know the second one wasn't a prestigious high school, it was more like a dump for high school-age kids interested in the arts, whether or not they had the talent. We had an influx of those...UTAU students. Which means bright hair colors and weird outfits for everyone!

If VAA was so hard to get into, who was the idiot that accepted all these new students?

In fact, one of those shiny, new transfer students were sitting in my seat when I got to it.

You see, the seat arrangements don't change, unless you advance into a completely higher level. I was higher than average, but not high enough to be a master at art. I was a lazy talented art student, bordering on a semi-professional execution. Yes, I'm probably the first art student to present my skill level as it is, and yes, I'm proud of all my art. Even if I secretly think it looks crappy, I never throw it or scream it's terrible like other art students.

Back to my seat though. I tugged at the side of my shirt nervously, which was a simple white Tee with some encouraging crap like 'you are a star' with a bright yellow star replacing the 'a'. I was really going casual this year around.

"Excuse me." I said and announced myself, though meekly, to the purple-haired boy sitting lazily with his elbows resting on his knees, his back hunched over, and his back facing me. I noticed he had really long purple hair.

He didn't turn around.

"Excuse me, er..." I said and gently poked at his back. I didn't know his name, so I couldn't grab his attention well enough. He turned around this time, I suppose it was the pokes.

With soft eyes, and a handsome, chiseled face that really made me feel like he came out of a magazine for shaving razors, he brought his face up to lock eyes with me.

"Yes?" The question was quiet, his voice deep and husky. I think I was about to blush here, I haven't seen an attractive art student in...

Okay, I've never seen an attractive art student in forever! The guys here weren't so bad, but most of them were delinquents or liked something weird. Like hardcore metal-screaming bands. I'm sorry, but those scared the freak out of me.

Then I realized he was talking to me, and I had yet to answer him, with the questioning look in his eyes. I cleared my throat, nervous. "S-Sorry." Did I just stumble? Oh no, had to fix that. Don't want to look like a nervous school girl. Oh wait, I am a school girl.

"You're sitting in my seat..." I said, trailing off, seeing him immediately reach for his backpack, but I started looking for some excuse to make him stay. I wanted to know more about him, hopefully he wouldn't be like the other boys. I was shy and I was easy to crush on someone. Whether it be fictional characters or the guys in the music club, I had a weak spot for attractive guys. Wasn't that what I was kind of born to feel like?

"...but!" But what? Your butt? Oh God I'm becoming a pervert!

"We can split the chair until the teacher announces a new seat." I said and saved myself. Smooth, Miki, smooth. And that wasn't sarcasm.

He nodded gratefully. "Thank you, I accept your offer. However, I'm sorry to have taken your seat, I didn't know it was yours." He said with an apologetic tone. Polite, aren't we?

He stood up, becoming a giant as he stood a head and a half taller than me. He smiled and then bowed down to me on one knee, taking one of my hands gently and drawing his lips near the skin of it.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, by the way. My name is Gakupo Kamui."

God forbid it if I fell in love with this man right now. No one did that to me, ever, and I felt the heat rising to my cheeks, as my other hand rose to rest my hand on them. I could feel the eyes of the other students on us. And I wanted to turn around and tell them to ignore me and Gakupo's moment. But I would never do that.

"You're very polite, Mr. Kamui." I said shyly, and in my still quiet voice, I replied, "I'm Miki...Just...Miki." I said, not wanting to reveal more. Since I don't think I have a last name...besides my weird name that my foster care told me about. But that's not a fitting last name. SF-A2 is a weird last name.

"No last name?" He asked, slowly rising to his feet, raising an eyebrow. Suspicious already? Now I was nervous.

I shook my head, giving him a pleading look with my eyes. Hopefully he would understand that I really didn't want to be bothered with this right now. He took my expression in and nodded, giving me a solemn look, as if saying he respected my wish.

"So..." I said breaking the three second long silence we shared, which felt like an hour long silence. "You're new here. If you need anything, I'll always be here to help you." I said and smiled.

"Thank you, Miki." He said and gave me another one of those gentle smiles that easily melted my heart.

But then someone else came in, making a huge ruckus to alert everyone's attention to the door―

―And oh no, not another new


Our new instructor came in, a brown haired man who nearly tripped over nothing as he walked in. He was shy, acting as if we were all about to eat him, and his glasses made him look more of a nerd.

As he shakily addressed the class, I wondered, was he even certified to teach art?

Then he saw the graphite pencils sitting on the desk from the old teacher's art table, where there were various utility pouches and extensions, he asked the class what the difference was between a 2B and a 2H pencil.

This was a world renowned Art academy, what the heck was going on here?

And it seems I wasn't alone with my shock, because when I turned to look at Gakupo, he had the same disbelieving look of shock I'm sure was plastered all over my face.

"We had a different teacher." I explained to him quietly, somehow retaining my manners despite my shock, "Last year. He was a little old, but he wasn't about to retire. I promise you he was way better than this."

He nodded slowly, still looking incredulous. I couldn't blame him, the buffoon of a teacher standing up in front of the class was soiling the name of our private, high-quality school.

"Maybe..." he suggested, diving close to the side of my face to whisper into my ear. "It's a substitute?"

I bit down on my bottom lip.

I desperately hoped so.

August 17 - 13:25

As my dreadfully boring and pitiful waste of time known as an art class finally finished, it seemed other people were a lot happier to be out. Like me.

Usually, everyone hated lunch. They sometimes questioned why we had to eat food all the time, and wondered if we would be better off being robots. So we could work our butts off harder and train better.

Of course, that statement came off from the well-known, dorky class representative of the Art-Sound Majors in student council, and a sound technician/programmer himself, Len Kagamine. His girlfriend, (though believe me, for a very long time, I thought she was his sister/twin) Rin, also took place among the school's acclaimed models/actresses. Though Len was fourteen and a real freshmen, Rin was thirteen, still a kid in everyone's eyes. She was so good as a child's actress, that she was accepted to the school early.

Rin was one of those people that represented what everyone thought, like a walking gossip magazine. She was cheery and full of energy (I suppose one of the qualities that children still hung onto―I'm surprised she hasn't degraded into a coffee―drinking, over-working drone), and sweet, but only when you get to know her.

And just to clarify, yes, she was near three-thirds of the way up to my height, but she hasn't hit her growth spurt yet. This is why she was still a kid to all of us―she looked exactly like a seven year old. Her big blue eyes, the huge pink and white ribbons she put in her hair, and her short and kiddish looking outfits (like sailor suits) didn't help her look any more mature. Surprisingly, she was shooting to look older than her age.

So when Rin was walking up to me, happier than usual about being at lunch (as she usually complained about lunch interrupting a photo shoot or an important scene) rather than her class, I knew something was up.

"Rin, Rin, Rin." I said interrupting her rant on how beautiful the weather was today at lunch. She stopped, not fazed that I interrupted her, and looked up at me with her big blue innocent eyes. "Did you have any photo shoots or important short plays to act out?"

When I said that, it's as if a light bulb flickered above her head. "Oh right!" She said. And then her cute features contorted her face to look angry, her eyebrows both pointing downward, her eyes narrowing, and her mouth sticking out in a slight pout―honestly, this made her look like a six year old now, but one throwing a tantrum. If anyone ever needed a tour guide to the Fountain of Youth, Rin would nail the job.

She only added emphasis to the comparison I made earlier as she put both hands on her hips, yelling in her high pitched voice, "What's happened today? I come back to see only a crew of three students, and they're all transfers who only laugh at my talent. It was horrible I was stuck with them for almost three hours!" She said and started fake crying, throwing her arms around my waist. I awkwardly patted her back, thrown back in surprise by her sudden motion. "The pictures they took were horrible too, and they even suggested jokingly―though I know these perverts didn't mean it like a joke―that I shoot a nude scene. I don't shoot nude scenes, that's for stupid porn stars. Then I ran away to see Len, who complained that some of the light and sound boards were gone, and they were replaced. Some didn't even work. The walls of some of the studios weren't even sound proofed too, they later found out."

"Odd." I said. Unable to comprehend everything she said in the fast tone she shoved it all out of her mouth."Intermediate art had a new art teacher. He was clumsy, stupid, and didn't know the first thing about the different art techniques either!" I yelled, joining my complaints in our two-girl mosh pit of problems.

"Yeah!" Some random kid with dark green hair shouted, agreeing with me. I guess she must have heard our conversation. Eavesdropper. "The advanced music teacher was gone, no note, no nothing!" She yelled furiously. "We did nothing in class. And I was like, 'oh my God this is such a waste of time, why am I even here?' so the next thing I know, as I tried to get out, some more people got dumped in our class―transfers from low-grade schools!" Been there girl, done that sister.

I recognized the girl as Sonika. At first, I was confused when she said she was an advanced music student―she was, but she wasn't in the same class as the snotty music students that craved attention (I promise Rin is different in this aspect, at least she doesn't lie or cheat her way into fame). Then I realized most of those music students were foreign language VOCALOIDs, which were mainly the Japanese and every other country but England and Spain. Sonika and another entire group of British VOCALOIDs took up the true music class. And I respected them, at least they weren't snotty and bratty like the other foreign-language music students. They might not have been the most popular, but they always seemed to have the most fun, and they never stooped down to the foreign-language VOCALOIDs' levels of sheer drama and unreasonable-ness.

And with Sonika's input, other students started to crowd around us, making us their personal psychologists (if being a psychologist means getting someone else's problems thrown into your face, then yes). They were all from different classes, different people, different races...different languages! And they were starting to give me a headache from all their loud shouting and complaints. I looked to Rin, who looked more scared than annoyed, like I was. But judging her small frame, she had very good reason to be scared.

I sighed and tried to ask people to move away, but they kept shouting. I pushed at someone to slowly inch a safe pathway from where we were, the heart of the crowd, to the outside.

Instead, my action was exactly like flicking at the head piece of a row of dominoes, the trail knocking down every domino behind it.

Instantaneously, the crowd erupted into violence―a thing I never assumed quiet, diligent music students would be capable of.

Rin screamed as I hugged her close to me, feeling pity for her being scared long before she screamed. She hugged me tighter, and I felt as if she were my sister the entire time. It made me happy to have someone to think of family, even for a little...

Oh God I was terrible to think of my happiness while a huge melee was going on around us and terrifying a little kid.

I soon became fearful, rather than happy, of my safety and Rin's as one of a student's punches swung dangerously close to my right temple. And a million scenarios of me getting brutally hurt and eventually dying popped into my head.

Where do I go? What do I do?

I thought of crouching to the ground, as more punches and kicks neared our bodies, but I immediately crossed that out. One of the worst ideas to make in the middle of a fight. But I knew I had to act as the big sister to Rin, I had to make sure she got out of here safe, so I ravenously searched through my brain for ideas, but coming up with none, I only had one last resort.

"Rin, don't lose your grip on me." I warned her cautiously, and without hesitation she tightened the arms around my waist.

My plan was to go into the crowd and take in the punches and kicks as Rin would be protected from my body. When close enough to the outer ring of the brawling crowd, I would let her go, knowing she would be safe. I would be beat up pretty bad, but at least this would make me feel better. Knowing I got her to safety.

So with that in my head, a last inhale before jumping into the crowd, I was pulled back by the collar of my shirt.

I instinctively yelped before I shook myself from the hand's grasp and turned around, closing my body around Rin's more, to shield her.

But it was Gakupo.

"What did you think you were doing?" He asked me, though his voice was gentle, I knew that underneath it, and emphasized by the strict look in his eyes, that he was probably angry with me for about to jump in a crowd full of brawling kids. I opened my mouth to answer, but he didn't let me even start. "You could have gotten hurt very badly, had I not stopped you." He said sternly.

"I did it so Rin would get to safety." I said. "I was about to, anyhow." And I matched the same intensity in his glare, the glare that wasn't angry, but angry at me for attempting a (okay, to be fair) stupid idea.

"You wouldn't have―" And he paused abrupty, as he reached out to my side, not touching me. The snap of hands hitting cloth rung quietly to my ears (the shouts and screams and the sounds of fists against faces was starting to deafen me). I looked to where he reached out. He was grabbing someone's aimed roundhouse kick, holding his leg firmly in the air. Only a few seconds later, the man who tried to attack me ended up sprawling on the floor. As he struggled to get up, his hand was stepped on by the heels of an aggressive music student. I cringed at that and covered Rin's eyes for good measure. Gakupo continued like nothing interrupted him, "gotten far anyway."

"Then what do you suggest?" I asked, sighing, only a fourth of it was exasperated. He gave me a smirk.

"A noble samurai never left the vulnerable in the middle of the battle."

August 17 - 15:04

What Gakupo must have meant by that cryptic phrase was 'a noble chivalrous man will beat up half the crowd so that the women can walk all over the defeated people's limp bodies to safety'. Because seriously, his strength almost scared me.

But it was really kind of cool. Rin thought so too.

After Gakupo got us to safety, she thanked him. And then she asked me if he was my boyfriend, quietly, in my ear, to which I blushed and shook my head.

But anyways, we didn't stick around the fight scene too long, we ran to find the main courtyard, where we rested, bought an iced tea from the vending machine and hung out.

Well that is, until the three o'clock bell rung. This is where our mandatory classes ended and our extra classes started. The chance was given to those who were in one major to try out another major they liked during the extra class period.

But for me, that was called the end of school for the day. I wasn't interested in anything else. I mean, art will always be my true calling, right?

I hastily waved at Gakupo and Rin goodbye, because I already had the adrenaline of a detective about to solve a murder case running through me.

I would find what caused the VAA to crumble in quality and fix it for sure. I was already running to the separate building that held all school related and administration offices. With nearly twenty levels, it was easily the highest building in school.

I had to find the answer for all of these weird things happening around here, because seriously...

What's happening to the school?

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