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Sera Hirata sighed as she picked up her school bag and hefted it up to sling it over her shoulder, groaning as its weight worsened the pain in her already tired muscles. She silently made her way to the door to escape the classroom, ignoring the entire hubbub that was going on around her as everyone else complained about the homework that they had received and chatted about their plans for the weekend. To be honest, she couldn't care less. All she wanted was to sleep. She cringed as someone threw themselves at her, tackling her to the ground.

"GET OFF ME YUKI!" she yelled as her best friend sat on top of her proudly. "No!" she replied happily. "Okay, who the hell gave you chocolate," Sera whined, "Whoever it was is going to DIE."

She shoved Yuki off her shoulders and half walked half ran out of the classroom. Yuki caught up quickly and they broke out in conversation as the school grew further and further away. They talked about many things, but mostly complaining and whining about all the assessments the teachers had given them. Because they were nearing the end of year exams (and also the end of school tests; the teachers had them prepared half a year before the exams would even take place), they had even more homework than usual, making their usually heavy bags even heavier. She waved goodbye to Yuki as they neared the fork in the road, and each peeled off in a different direction.


'32 steps... 32 steps… 33-'"WOAH!" she cried out as she stumbled off the gutter that she had been balancing on, causing her to lose count of how many steps she had taken since the start of the gutter, and she fell to the ground. She looked around dazedly for a second before she realised that she was upside down, and turned her gaze to the alleyway that was straight across from where she had fallen. She was just about to push herself up when she heard a clatter from where she had previously been staring and dropped back down to the small ditch where she could watch without being seen. After all, Eavesdropping WAS her specialty. There was another clatter; identifiably a metal trash can lid falling to the ground followed by a stream of colourful words. Poor guy must've stubbed his toe. Those bins hurt.

Why she remained there, she did not know, but her semi non-existent sixth sense was telling her to stay. Something felt amiss. As she watched on, another shadow passed through the alleyway and started talking to the first man, before opening a briefcase to show him something. Sera stood up and silently slipped over to the wall that ran perpendicular to the alleyway but remained unseen. She didn't like not being able to hear their conversation or see what was going on properly. What was once before a low, mumbling drone formed actual words as she edged closer, her fairly sensitive ears picking up words that most teens nowadays wouldn't be able to hear. And that, children, is why you don't have the volume on your headphones turned up loud enough to be able to be heard from halfway across the classroom. She peered around the corner and was finally able to see what the briefcase contained. And what a loot it was. The whole thing was packed to the brim, there had to be at least a million dollars in there. Interesting.

Her sixth sense suddenly kicked in again and she realised there was another shadow standing where she had fallen earlier. Most likely on of the two she had been spying on's cronies. And it probably wasn't a good thing that he was staring RIGHT FREAKING AT HER. Whoops.

She hurriedly stood up and took off without sparing them a second glance. She didn't want to stick around any longer; there was no doubt that they were armed. Anyway, not many people fancy being loaded full of bullets. Sera didn't happen to be one of them. She dashed down the remainder of the street and dived for her front door, pulling her key out of her pocket and unlocking the door before slamming it shut behind her and relocking it. She collapsed onto her couch, panting heavily. What a busy afternoon…


The Next Day


Sera dumped her schoolbag next to her chair and slumped on her chair with a whine, covering her ears as Yuki went on and on about something or rather, reminding her of a small, excited dog. "Do you EVER shut up?" she groaned, massaging her temples. Sleepless nights really did not do her any good.

She had spent the whole of the last night thinking about the figures in black; every time she closed her eyes she remembered those cold, green eyes which had seemed to be boring holes in her skull. Why hadn't she noticed him earlier? She was pretty observant, and she generally noticed things like that. She should have scouted the area, she should have- "Yuki, I'm fine!" She snapped at Yuki who was continuously waving a hand in front of her face, but had seemingly zoned out herself. "Seriously, you can stop that now!" She retorted, snapping her hand in front of Yuki's face, causing her to fall out of her chair with a rather loud yelp.

"Yuki?" Sera asked, pinning her friend with a playful glare. "What…?" Yuki asked dazedly, staring back at Sera with unfocused eyes. "You're an idiot."


"SCORE!" Sera yelled as the soccer ball went through the goal and bounced off the net before rolling to a halt next to a very annoyed looking goalie. "High five!" Yuki screeched before running over and hugging her around the waist. "I thought you just said high five…" Sera stated before pushing Yuki off, "and I need to breathe, ya' know" She said with a smile before high fiving the rest of her team mates. We had spent the last year preparing and practicing for this game, and we had won! Take that, boys who said that girls couldn't play soccer. The school bell rang as we walked off the field, cheering and partying and overall enjoying our victory.

Sera hurried into the change room and took off her sports gear and pulled on her regular uniform. She still couldn't believe that they had won. That had been the last game of the year, and since they had won, it meant that they had qualified for the next level in next year's tournament. One step closer to the nationals!


She paused as she reached the place where the strange stuff from yesterday had occurred. She sniffed the air suspiciously, before taking a quick look around. Nothing was out of place, and the area was deserted (as per usual). Once she was satisfied that she was safe, she continued her walk.

As she approached the front door of her house, she dug around in her schoolbag for her wallet. She felt around inside it for her key, but it wasn't in there. Her brow creased as she put her wallet back before peering into the depths of her bag. 'The key must've fallen out...' she though as she stretched her hand into the bottom of the backpack and fumbled around, still finding nothing. Getting frustrated, she upended her bag and methodically went through its contents. Not there either. She huffed in annoyance, and grabbed a fork out of her lunch box. She wasn't going to sit around on her butt and do nothing.

She made her was across to the laundry window, fork in hand, ready to wedge it open. She had always left it open a tad, to let air into the house. If she tried hard enough, after opening it she could just fit through the opening. She'd done it before.

As she walked along the side path, she noticed that her office/workroom door was open. Strange, had she left it open when she was working on her assignment the other day? Oh well, it didn't really matter. It seemed that her clumsiness had saved her the effort of sneaking in. As she stepped through the doorway and turned to close the door behind her, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She spun around as the feeling of being watched entered her mind, but she saw nothing, she shrugged as she turned back around, and then froze.

The last thing she saw was a pair of cold, green eyes half covered by silver hair before she felt a pain in her left leg and her whole world wavered before her eyes. And then-…


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Chapter 1

Ok so here's the story. The story of how I got into this mess. Well, I was walking home from school because my home is about two blocks away from the grounds. Everyone else had gone home, but I had been so busy texting that I forgot about the time. So here I was dawdling home, thinking about life when PWIZZ! Something flew past my ear. I thought it might have been some bird, protecting its nest and swooping at me, and i decided i didn't want to get pecked to death so and ran home. I NEVER run home. I HATE running, but I didn't want to get my eye pecked out by some stupid bird so yeah, I ran. (A/N BEWARE OF THE MAGPIES D: )

I got home.

" DAMN IT ALL I FORGOT MY STUPID KEY!" 'Pfft. Now what am I supposed to do? I'm sure I put my key in this morning… Then I see it. The side door is open. Strange… Oh well, it means I can get into the house.'

So I walked through the door and turned to shut it. I turned back and almost screeched out loud.

There was a a complete with silvery blonde hair (A/N I think I meant to say a complete stranger), dressed in black from head to toe. He looked scarily familiar, like I had seen him before, but I couldn't think straight. I mean, could you think straight if a complete stranger was in your house, had probably been stalking you and was pointing a gun at your face? The last thing I saw was a sadistic grin plastered on his evil face before a stinging pain erupted in my head, sending me spiralling into darkness…

A/N: SEE! I told you it was crap. BTW, the wedging open the laundry window with a fork to get into the house… I've actually done that before ^^;