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World of Lies Chapter 8


Akemi walked up to the lifeless man and nudged him with her shoe.

"It's just a body."

The juveniles stared at her incredulously. "It's DEAD!" Ayumi shrieked in fear.

"I thought you were detectives. Detectives deal with murders. Or are you just the type that specialises in finding lost kittens?" Akemi replied. But then again, they were just kids. "Have you never seen a dead person before?"

"Of course we have!" Genta said loudly, and Mitsuhiko nodded in agreement. "We've seen plenty."

"Then why are you so terrified? There's barely any blood! Just a stab wound straight through the chest" Akemi analysed, before crouching down next to Conan and examining the hole in the dead man's chest. "By the looks of it, it was a dagger, about six inches in length from what I can see. Right through the heart and punctured the lung. A painful death that's for sure. But it should have been quick." Conan stared at her through narrowed eyes. "I thought you said you weren't a very good detective" he said suspiciously. "I'm not," Akemi replied, "It comes and goes. Anyone could know what I just said by looking at the hole."

She reached into the front pocket of the man's shirt and pulled out a wallet. Conan was busy investigating the rest of the scene for evidence. "His name is…. Was… Henry Waller. A British travel agent and he was 36." Conan stared at her, his eyes dangerous slits. "And how the hell did you know that?"

"His ID." She said, proudly holding up the wallet. Conan rolled his eyes. He still did not trust her. Something was not right with that girl. She had said that anyone could have known that from the wound, but an eight year old? No way in hell. "Don't you think it's about time we called the police?" She asked, dragging him out of his thoughts. "Yes, I think so."


Haibara and Akemi trudged home, continuing the path that they had been intending to take earlier before the unforeseen incident. The police had shown up a few minutes after their call, and sent them home, much to their disappointment. They pushed open the door and dumped their schoolbags next to the door to retrieve on Monday, but for now, it was the weekend. Dr. Agasa had been rather pleased when they had come home a few days before, on talking terms, no cold shoulders from Haibara. Akemi had the uncanny ability to get on with almost anyone, and most people seemed to like her straight away. Besides being half blind, she was getting around perfectly fine, aside from the every now and then falling down the stairs because she lost her balance. Sight contributes a lot to balance, and with half of it gone, she had only half as good balance as before. But eventually she would get better, and maybe even have better balance than before.


Bored. That was the only word that described how Akemi was feeling right now. Actually, 'bored' probably was not a harsh enough word. But she couldn't think of a better word. "HEY HAIBARA!" she hollered, and Haibara stuck her head around the door shooting her a glare. "What?" she asked in an annoyed tone. "…. What's another word for bored?" Haibara shook her head with a sigh. "Jaded." "That sounds better. 'Cause I'm feeling real jaded and bored wasn't a good enough word"

Haibara rolled her eyes and disappeared from her place in the doorway.



"What?!" she answered for the umpteenth time, this time more aggravated than the last.

"… Whatcha doing?"


"Wow. I didn't think you were one to lose your cool."

"I wouldn't if it weren't for you CONSTANTLY BUGGING ME!"

"But I'm bored!" Akemi whined, "Correction. I'm jaded."

"Then why the hell don't you do something about it?!" Haibara hissed, her right eye twitching.

"'Cause there's nothing to do."

"Then go find a colouring page or something and SHUT THE HELL UP! I'm doing important work!"

"… What kind of work?"

Haibara narrowed her eyes dangerously at the girl sitting before her. "Look, if I find you a colouring page on the internet, will you PLEASE shut up and leave me the hell alone?"

"Yup!" She replied with a happy smile. It was fun being childish and being able to get away with it as it insured her cover. She opened the stationary draw in Agasa's office and pulled out the pencil case which happened to have some very brightly coloured pencils inside it. This would be fun.


Haibara sighed as she locked the door to the basement and sat down at her desk to continue her research on finding a cure to the drug that had shrunk both her and Kudo. And Akemi, but she wasn't aware of that yet. She typed in numerous key codes, hacking into the most recent data files and usage of the APTX4869. As she scrolled down, Akemi's content scribbling could be heard from upstairs along with her happy humming. But thankfully, no more loud questions. She scanned the data and took a mental record of the newest cases. There were three in total. Waokeru Akira - Dead. Yasukawa Baiko – Dead. Hirata Sera – Presumed Dead. She paused and read over the last one again. Presumed dead? Did that mean… Could there be another? She clicked on the name, which brought up a file page.

Hirata Sera, Age 17. Height – 5 foot 8". Body missing, presumably dead.

That was it. No more information. Haibara felt a sense of dread build up within her. What if this person had shrunk like them? What if they told their loved ones and the ones they held dear? If they were found out, then the secret would be out. The Black Organisation would know of what had gone down, and would kill them and everyone around them. If they found out, they would all be doomed.

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