"AH!" Startled I switch off the blaring music. Placing a hand over my heart while taking in deep breaths to recover from my mini heart attack. Opening my eyes, I started up my '95 Chevy Silverado. 'Thank goodness work is over! Today definitely was a ball buster.' Being a greasy monkey for a career wasn't always sunshine and rainbows, at least I get to go home and relax every night. Turning the radio back on, I immediately turned down the volume. I turned my Ipod on and set it to my Guns 'n Roses playlist.

Pulling out of the parking lot, I felt a weird sensation wash over me, like I'm being watched. I brushed the feeling off as just being paranoid and began my drive home. The full moon making it's presence known, bathed the land in a soft glow. It was breath-taking to say the least, very beautiful. Chuckling, ' Simple things always blow your mind.'

Getting lost in the music and long twisting highway, I arrived home sooner than I realised. Turning everything off, I swung open the door and stepped out. Looking up the night sky catching my sight, hypnotizing beauty. Tearing my eyes away from the magnificent stars, I locked the truck and went inside my small one story house.

Slipping out of my sneakers, I flipped the news on and continued my way into the kitchen. Ripping open a bag of popcorn, I sank down into the lumpy couch, munching on a handful of the buttery goodness. A few moments later I turned my Xbox on and had minecraft loading. Sighing, I opened a new world naming it Land of Creepers. This was going to be good! I'm going to make a creeper farm or have a lot of creepers in one area without them blowing up on me...hopefully anyways.

About an hour or so into the game, me being totally immersed in it, jumped at the sudden loud clash of thunder. A storm must be rolling in, great just what I need. Getting that nagging feeling in the back of my mind, urging me to save my game. In the process of saving the power went out. "Fan-fucking-tastic!" Huffing in frustration, I leaned back listening to the harsh rain drops smacking against the west side of my house. To make matters worse...it's pitch black and I have no light source! Wait a second...I have a candle somewhere...forget it.

Sitting in the darkness, my agitation increased. "Why did I not buy those flashlights?! Or at least one for the matter!"

'What time is it?' Let's see I get off at eight, and it takes about an half hour from work plus an hour makes nine-thirty? Might as well turn in for the night and hope for power in the morning. Navigating through the mini maze of my house I plopped down onto my bed and pulled the covers over my head. I should have changed, too late now. Lead sitting on my lids, I gave in to sleep.

A huge crash of thunder had me jumping out of bed sucking wind. Wide-eyed I looked frantically around my small room. My relief was short-lived. Lightning striking so close, shaking I crawled under my bed, praying for the awful lightning to dissipate real soon. About ten intense seconds later a white flash engulfed my being, then nothing.

Blissfully floating along in the warm abyss. The weight of a body gone, just my mind in the comforting darkness. Good thing I'm not afraid of the dark I mused to myself. As nice as this was...it did get boring quick. It felt nice to be liberated from my body, but this has been long enough, I'm ready to reunite with it.

No such luck, for what feels like forever, I'm still stuck in this...suspended animation. Weary from thinking, my mind decided to ditch me and take a nap.

I'm warm, safe, and very cozy. Inhaling through my nose, an earthy scent was detected. Eh, whatever, I'll deal with it later. Nuzzling deeper into my pillow I guess you can call it, doesn't feel like a pillow. No, it feels scally, kind of like a snake. I don't have anything that fits that description. Not to mention whatever I'm snuggling up to is breathing!

Cracking my eyes just enough to see a big green blur in my face. Fully opening my eyes, to my horror is a CREEPER?! "EEP!" Yelping I jumped back, hitting my head against something, knocking me dizzy. "Uhg, I need to quit playing minecraft before I go to bed. Hey, the storm must be gone! Thank goodness!" Smiling to myself, I leaned back and let my equilibrium fix itself before standing.

Something doesn't feel right, taking in my surroundings I come to a terrifying realization. This is not my house! THE HELL?! Looking back towards the bed, to see the creeper wait creeper?! "SHIT!" I sprinted out of the wooden house, stumbling down the blocky terrain, looking out for more creepers.

This has to be some horrible dream! Looking back to see nothing chasing me, I crashed down a steep rocky hill, stupid limbs making sure to hit the sharp edges on the way down.
A cold plunge into the ocean stopped my 'fantastic' tumble. panicking as I see the surface fade into a blue blur, this is so convenant, maybe I'll wake up soon. My lungs burning, started to tell me something...this has to be real. Minecraft...doesn't...exist...

Cold,dark,wetness consuming me, greedily sucking me down deeper.

Coming too, I didn't open my eyes this time, no. The warmth was enough, I don't want to see what is warming me. Feeling the sam scaly texture, I stroked a side and received a deep pur. I don't have a cat. Opening my eyes, I'm met with another creeper. Fuck it! If it wants to blow up then do it! Cringing and a few intense moments later, I peeped through cracked lids to see there was in fact a creeper...laying next to me. Wait can creepers even lay down?

Man this is weird. Yawning, I stretched taking a good look at the green mob creature next to me. It's eyes aren't black...no more like a deep emerald. What? This is not making any sense. Creepers blow up things! Why hasn't it gone cablooey yet?

"Creeper?" This is so dumb.

Emerald eyes staring intently at me " Creeper?" It copied in a deep rumbling voice...

"The hell?" I jumped up and backed away. " I'm definitely dreaming, yes, but why do my cuts hurt? Wait cuts?!" Sighing I sat down, what is going on?

" Are you alright?" The creeper asked startling me.

" You just talked!"

" Yes, you're acting strangely dear, is something the matter?"


The green, blocky creature approached me slowly. " Please don't blow up." I repeated over and over, hoping it didn't blow me sky-high.

" Blow up? What are you talking about?" It questioned me. " You know I'm not like the others, especially after all this time we've been together!" It answered confused and I guess insulted.

It's just a dream, so why the hell not. " Yeah a whole day...that's real long time." I spat sarcastically.

"A day?! Do you have amnesia or something? We've known each other for years."

"Right says the creeper that's going to blow up my nice everything..."

" SSSSSSSSSSSSsssssss!" It hissed enraged at me.

" FUCK!" I took off, this time a little more careful not to fall down a hill. Man this world would put stair treads to shame. I am so hitting the gym when I wake up, well consider joining one at least.

" Roxy wait!" The creature yelled for me.

To hell with that, I'm out of here! Sprinting for what felt like forever, I placed my hands on my knees and leaned forward, trying to catch my breath. Okay, at least no more creepers will spawn during the day. A talking creeper that doesn't blow up, what is this place?

Seeing no other signs of intelligent life is really discouraging. Sitting down, I leaned against a block of dirt. I think I lost that creeper, hope so. Okay time to analyze the situation here. A talking that doesn't blow you your nice everything, talks, I guess smart, and says we've been together for years, to top it off I'm in minecaft. Okay I'm going to pretend this is real for a minute here, so how did I get in the world of blocky wonders? That storm seems a possible suspect, only logical thing I can come up with.

So now the creeper, how and why does it talk? Another thing...it said ( gee this is going to ge some taking used to.) that we as in me and it have been together for years. Together how? Also I've only been here for a day or two at the max. This is making so much sense. My head aches, along with the rest of my battered limbs.

Why not? I layed my head back and fell asleep. Maybe I'll wake up in reality.

The next morning I presume, I wake up feeling well crappy for the most part. Rolling over my arm brushed against something warm and with smooth scales. Third time's a charm right? To hell with it. Opening my eyes, disappointment over took me. Sighing in mild depression, I looked over to see the creeper thing sleeping I guess. This is so damn weird.

I stroked the sie of its head. What can I say, I'm a minecraft nerd and creepers are so darn cute. Well right now anyways. I smiled sheepishly, only I would pet a creeper.

It started purring again, So I'm guessing they're cat-like? No? Yes? Not really paying attention, it woke up and caught me off guard.

" Mmmm good morning dear." It mumbled sleepily.

"AH Sweet baby biscuits!" I snatched my hand back away from the creature.

"Why are you so nervous around me, what happened?" it asked, hurt.

Feeling a little guilty, why should I feel guilty?! It's a creeper for crying out loud! Aw, fuck it. " I have no idea what's going on, or who...you are." I forced who out and tried not to appear nervous.

" You don't know who I am?" It whispered.

" No." I stated bluntly.

" Im your husband." The creeper's eyes lit up slightly with hope I suppose.

" YOU'RE WHAT?!" No way! I am not married to a creeper! This is one strange nightmare that's all!

" I love you..." It tried, slowly approaching me.

" Please tell me we don't have strange hybrid children as well..." I spoke aloud.

Reeling back, as if I stung it or something, " No we don't...we have been talking about it remember?"

"No!" How is that even possible? " How would that work even?"

" I can show you." It purred smoothly, approaching me.

" That's okay, um do you have any food in here?" My stomach growled to reinforce my question.

The creeper nodded its head towards a single chest. Slowly walking towards it I stopped, this is crazy. Shaking my head I opened the chest to learn it's full of apples, joy. Sinking my teeth into the crunchy sweetness, my mind changed instantly. These are good.

" you don't remember anything do you?"

I shook my head, and swallowed " Nope, so are there any people here?"

" In the jungle biome, yes. Half a world away."

Wait, please with a fucking cherry on top tell me I'm not the only human here! Hiding my mini panic attack into my next bite.

"You said it was nicer this way, because the villagers wouldn't except us." Desperateness shown in its unusual eyes.

" I wouldn't blame them." Bitch mode activated.

The creature sniffed and looked at me with mild shock.

" Look I'm sorry...what's your name?"

" Captain, your Captain!" It snuggled against me. "You're upset over something, please stop pretending you don't know me! You almost drown, But I saved you. Your Captain saved you."

" Thanks, for not letting me drown and all, but get off me!" I shoved the large green creature off of me. Talk about needy.

" I love you and you love me!"

"Uh...I'm going outside." The creep- Captain intercepted me and blocked the door.

"No you might wonder off and hurt yourself!"

" I'm going to explore upstairs then...by myself." I stalked up the stairs and opened the door to reveal a rather lavish room. Wow this is nice...for minecraft that is. I looked back to see...Captain coming up the stairs. I slammed the door and barricaded it with a heavy dresser.

This is going to scar me for life!

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