I found this in my oneshot folder. Completely forgot what this was. Anyway, I hope you like.

I think the question of ownership goes without saying.

Roxas stepped up to the window, looking down with tear-filled eyes, one running down a cheek, a red hand mark covering the flesh. The tear fell, and splashed against the wooden floor of his bedroom. He opened the window.

"Roxas?" A voice called from outside of the locked door. "Roxas!"

Said boy didn't hear, or showed no signs of having heard.

"Open the door Roxas!" The voice called again.

"No..." Roxas whispered, then screamed it out, the tears evident in his voice.

"Roxas! Please! Let me talk to you..." The voice asked, tears evident in that voice as well. "Please..." Roxas ignore it, looking towards the three letters on his desk.

Mum, Dad,

I'm sorry that I've been such a pain to you. I never deserved to have such good parents. You guys were brilliant.

I'm sorry I never told you what had happened, but I couldn't bare to. It hurt to even think about it. Too much to bare...

Please forgive me for doing this. Please look after Sora. Try not to loose him, like I lost you all. Keep together, and forget about me. Burn my body and throw it all away.

I don't deserve to be even a memory.

Roxas sat on the window sill, the strong wind from the open window buffeting him, making his blond hair fly about, wildly, like a gorgon.

"Roxas!" There was another round of banging. "Roxas! NO!" The voice cried, desperate.

Roxas didn't listen, instead swinging his legs out over the frame, dangling twenty stories above the city below him.



It wasn't your fault. It was my fault. I know you. Don't blame yourself for this. You didn't cause this, in any way at all.

Blame him. You know who I mean. Give the third letter to him in school tomorrow. Don't look, just give him it.

Sora, you were a great brother. I couldn't have asked for better. Even at my low points, you were always with me. I bet you'll even try to stop me. You could tell I was going to do this. Don't kill me for it.

An ironic thought.

Help Mum and Dad get through this for me, would you? They'll need help. Help them forget me. I don't deserve to occupy their minds.

You forget me as well. Once they are done with forgetting me, you do the same.

I am not worthy of being a memory.

Make sure everyone knows that.

Roxas let another tear fall the two hundred and sixteen feet to the street below. There was a scream, someone had seen him.

He opened his eyes, and saw tiny figure pointing up at him. It was soon followed by several others, and he watched as a crowd amassed.

Another tear fell, then another.

Then he followed them.

For a brief moment, it was almost as if he was suspended in the air, like he was flying. Then he started to plummet, his head falling first. One of the tears hit his cheek, him having caught up with the salty water.

He thought about the last letter, a short but simple note.


You are a horrible person. You are no better than Narcissus. I hope you rot in hell for what you did to me.

Goodbye forever, my love...

His body landed with a resounding smash.

There was an anguished scream from above. "ROXAS!"