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Chapter 3

*For the ones who don't know what I mean with shouting, In Skyrim you have the ability to shout words in dragon language with alot of power. Of course, only dragonborn(Neko) can do this.

Neko's POV

While staring at nothing and pondering at the same time, I didn't even notice someone coming in. Until SOMEONE pulled me out of my seat.

Not so shy anymore, I opened my mouth to shout at the person. And I mean SHOUT*. But then I stopped when realised it wouldn't be such a great idea.

Still dazed from the sudden movement, I looked up and saw a tall person standing. As my vision cleared up, I saw it was a woman.

"Coach Hitomiko!" Otonashi exclaimed, who was the one who grabbed me.

"Who's this?" Hitomiko asked while she was looking at me.

"This is Nathalie!" She said cheerfully. "Nathalie, This is our coach, coach Hitomiko!"

"H-hello..." I said.

"Why is she here?" Hitomiko asked Otonashi.

"Well, Kazemaru-kun and Fubuki-kun found her outside in the snow. They brought her inside, and put her in bed. She just woke up." Otonashi answered.

Hitomiko nodded and then looked at me.

"Do you have any idea how you ended up here?" She asked me.

I looked at her while I was thinking.

'How DID I get here?' I asked myself. I had no choice but to lie.

"I was on, err... vacation with my family. However, we got caught in a, eh... car accident."

Fubuki's eyes widened."We got to a hospital" I continued, ignoring Fubuki's reaction.

"I had minor damage because my brother shielded me before I could get hurt. However, my family didn't make it." I said.

Tears started forming in my eyes, not because I was proud of myself for making up such a story, but because part of it was true. When I was younger I used to travel a lot around the country on a cart with horses. But one day we got attacked.

I didn't even notice that the tears were already streaming down my face. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Endou.

"I'm sorry for you." He said with a sad smile. I forced a smile.

I realised Hitomiko was looking at me. Oh yeah, I didn't finish my story yet.

I wiped my tears away and continued: "I don't have any family left. So with only the last of my family riches, I started traveling. And when I arrived here, I hadn't eaten for a few days. I was exhausted and when I arrived at this place, everything went black."

"So you don't have a place to go home to? That's terrible!" A girl with forest-green hair said.

I smiled.

"You get used to it." I said, smiling.

"Coach!" I heard a voice behind me. I turned around, and saw Fubuki standing there.

"Can she come with us?" He asked.

'Sorry, I didn't catch all of that Fubuki.



My eyes widened and I looked at Hitomiko.

She looked at me and asked: "Can you play soccer?"

"I don't know" I answered. "I never played it..."

Suddenly, the green haired girl jumped in and said:"She could be a manager!"

She turned to me and asked:

"Do you know how to cook?"

I blinked but then I answered her," A little."

The coach thought for a while, but then she nodded." Alright then. Do you want to come with us Nathalie?"

I thought for a while. I DO need to protect them."Yes." I said with a determined look on my face.

Night time

After an introduction from, about, EVERYONE we went to sleep. However, I couldn't sleep. I just couldn't believe all of that happened in one day. At least I think it was one day. I sighed and rolled on my back. Then I had an idea. I looked around me to see if the girls were sleeping yet. Yes.

I slowly opened the entrance of the tent and looked if there was nobody outside. But to my great luck, Kazemaru and Endou were on the roof of the Inazuma Caravan. I grinned. 'I can get past them easily' I thought. I had learned to sneak in Skyrim. I had to sneak all the time.

I slowly stepped outside the tent and crouched. Without making any sound, I walked past them.

'Piece of cake.' I thought.

When I was sure I was safe from them spotting me, I stood up, and started walking normally towards the woods.

Then I saw the perfect spot. For training. No, not for soccer of course.

I rolled a few big snowballs. In the middle of them, I made a dot. Then I made a distance between me and the snowballs.

I closed my eyes and started focusing energy in my hands. A cold, blue-ish glow surrounded my hands. I opened my eyes and aimed for the dot. Then I released the energy towards the snowball. While it was soaring through the air, it slowly turned into an ice spike. It pierced the snowball. It didn't hit the dot. I grumbeled and continued practising.