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Old Habits Die Hard- Prologue

Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto didn't look a day over twenty-five.

Not to say that he wasn't, oh he was, but the sheer absurdity of that statement made the blond want to giggle insanely.

Because Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto, formerly and presently known through many names like 'Demon Spawn', 'Dobe', 'Legacy of the Yondaime', 'Future Hokage of Konohagakure', 'The Number One Most Unpredictable Knucklehead Ninja', 'Reincarnation of the Sage of Six Paths' and even as 'That Blond Fucker' in some cases, had long stopped counting his age. Though he knew he had to be considered ancient.

Even so, the blond had remained the same, yet changed in that famous, or rather infamous unpredictable fashion of his.

Some things that stayed the same were his love for ramen, the colour orange and the long gone Konoha and his friends. Not to mention his deep yet impossibly bright blue eyes with similarly spiky, bright blond hair and his original charismatic personality.

But other parts of the ninja, the shinobi, had changed. When once he would've spammed flashy chakra-wasting justu, he rounded out his skills. Now, his repertoire had expanded to include sealing, trap-making, old school stealth and assassination, several dozen other taijutsu styles and numerous more jutsu of all sorts and skills in using multiple weapons.

Before, he would've goaded an opponent into fighting before charging in recklessly with no plan himself. But with time came experience and he learned the hard way that obstacles couldn't always be dealt with by going at it until the enemy was worn down and taken out. Instead, over the course of his long life, he'd taken to using his head as well, tactics and strategies lying dormant inside his now quite knowledgeable brain. And when the situation called for it, he was every bit the cold, calculating shinobi that stories painted his profession to be.

There were others, but there were two that remained at the top of the list.

One; he was the Guardian of the Tailed Beasts in this new era where humans were just as dangerous as during his time with the help of technology. Also, being the lone surviving shinobi with chakra, that painted a huge target on his back for those who'd notice his abilities, and not in a good way.

That also tied in with the second; while playing Guardian, he was still mostly the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki through maintaining a link with Kurama. Adding him being the reincarnation of the Sage of Six Paths, not to mention the lone Sage of all the Summoning Creatures of the other plane, his lifespan had been extended. By a lot.

Naruto couldn't quite imagine the Shinigami being very happy with him. But that was beside the point.

Either way, over the period of his existence, the blond had seen nearly every side of life that there was, and still strived somewhere deep within for peace. During wartime, he tried to reduce the damage as must as he could through a variety of methods;, gathering influence under another identity to stop it, protecting the people through open combat, and if it came to it-killing all involved.

But even so, it seemed that he'd always return to his original calling as a shinobi, an elite assassin and warrior entrenched in shadows. Of course, he still had his limits; the blond absolutely refused any sort of job that harmed children or women, drug-weaponry smuggling, human trafficking, and only killed those that were the lowest of scum. However little remained of them, he still stayed true to his morals.

So, a while after the Opium War, he'd drifted towards the Underworld, establishing an accomplished and loyal spy network that had operations and members all over the world. From there, he learned about the mafia and further organized crime.

It called to him.

Not necessarily the crime part, but there was a tugging in his gut that screamed at him that something big was going to go down in the future, and the mafia was at the heart of it. He hadn't felt anything like this since the first signs of the Mongol's rise to power across Europe and Asia began showing up all those years ago.

The feeling having saved his sorry ass many a time, he listened to it and quickly spread his name and reputation as a free-lancer and bounty hunter along with spy-master; a rare combination.



Hokage, or Fire Shadow as he came to be known as in the Underworld, had a lot of influence for a free-lancing bounty hunter slash spy-master with no known affiliations to any Family or organization, or really anything or anyone. He seemed to know everything and everyone, did the right thing at the right time in the right place, seemed to have the Devil's Luck and a perfect record of missions which ranged from assassination to finding missing people, retrieving stolen items or stealing them. More than one war between Families had been averted thanks to his information network, not to mention his interferences during wars protecting the people as well, only added to his legendary reputation of a mysterious man with no background that surfaced and took the Underworld by storm.

And it wasn't simply the Underworld that knew him; the surface world did too, though not always as Fire Shadow. Most of the time, it was the business world and INTERPOL that spoke of his name. The former knew him of the ghost who appeared and disappeared without warning, taking out corrupted business tycoons and the latter for his walking of the line of black, white, and gray.

Naruto had laughed when he heard this information; to think that lifetimes ago he'd been the annoying brat in orange who screamed at everyone that he would become Hokage. He thought that his old master would've been proud of him becoming a spy-master.

It was then a few years into this latest 'gig' of his that he began getting involved with the affairs of the Vongola.

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