After Gryffindor won the Quidditch game, there was a huge party in the common room. Hot butterbeers were passed around, and everyone had a light, celebratory aura about them. One of the seventh years had figured out how to write little messages on their scarves that would disappear the next day. Soon Lee Jordan was wearing a scarf that said "Gryffindor pride!", Oliver Wood had "We beat those Slytherins!" around his neck, and Angelina Johnson was proudly showing her "Gryf girls rule the Quidditch field" scarf to her friends.

Well past midnight, the party was still going, but the younger kids had gone up to bed and the seventh years, stressed about their upcoming NEWTs, searched their dorms for anything that could be vaguely useful to them. Sixth year couples sat against the wall, holding hands. Pretty much the only ones left in the party were the fifth years; Lee Jordan was leading some sort of chant, which made it really hard to hear anything. The only younger student left was Hermione Granger. She stared at George, half-hoping he'd notice her; half-hoping he wouldn't.

Fred joined Lee's chant, which left George standing awkwardly in the center of the room, staring at Hermione. He stared at the way her brunette caught the light. He gazed into her chestnut-colored eyes. Finally, she strolled over to George. She tried to talk but her voice was drowned out by all of the noise. 'Merlin's beard, she's pretty when she talks,' thought George. He couldn't help himself, the heat of the moment took over, and he kissed her.

Hermione stood there for several tense and uncomfortable moments, eye to eye with George. He couldn't read her facial expression and anything she tried to say in response was indecipherable. "Well, if she was THAT mad at me, she'd have left by now,' George thought. Hermione pulled out her wand and starting writing on her scarf. She obviously couldn't figure out what she wanted to say - she erased and started over several times before George took out his own wand and scarf. He wrote three simple words and held it up to Hermione. I love you.

Hermione's eyes grew wider, and a huge smile broke out on her face. She wrapped the scarf around her neck and she kissed George. Soon they joined the sixth year couples against the wall, sharing an armchair and holding hands.

The next morning, school was back to the same. Everyone's scarves were back to normal and there was no trace of anything that had happened the previous night. Even George's scarf that he had given to Hermione was back to normal. But Hermione wore it for years.