"Hey Ahsoka! Did you hear?!"

"Oh heyy Master Skywalker and, hear what Master?"

"Tomorrow is Prank Wars!"

"What's Prank Wars, Master?" Anakin's mouth dropped with drool hanging from his lower lip.

"Prank Wars is this annual event that happens once every hundred years, we get to prank any jedi/clone we want!" He wiped the drool with his hand and wiped his hand on Ahsoka's bed. But she didn't even see.

"Holy Chiz Master that sounds bad ass!"

"I know right! Master Yoda told us all about it while you were gone. The person who pranks the most Jedi/Clones gets to be Grand Master for an entire WEEK!"

"Damn, if was Grand Master for a week I would make every jedi(human) die they're hair green and make them listen to One Direction!"

"Ahh Gross! If I were Grand Master for a week I would make every Jedi bake me brownies while I watch the View!"


"Then let see who will win Prank Wars!"

"Which we all know is goin' to be ME!"

"Chill Out Snipps we all know I'm going to win, no offense but none of you have the awesome potential of winning Prank Wars like I do!"

"Huh? Look whatever we should bet on this!"

"I don't see what betting would do if one of us is going to be Grand Master."

"Here me out Master and this is just in case both of us don't win which obviously will not happen! We should bet on whoever pranks the most Jedi/Clone between us wins... something... Oh I got it! If I win you have to call me MASTER TANO!"

"Ok that seems fair and, now if I win you have to call me COLONEL Skywalker!"

"Fine whatever!" they both shook on it and went to sleep. They both couldn't wait for Prank Wars!