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The town of Shadom is a small, sleepy village in the mountains. It's the sort of place where everyone knows each other, and strangers don't come unless they're passing through.

Levy collapsed over the village edge, exhausted. "So…many…hills…," she croaked.

"Oi, oi," commented Jet, "It wasn't that bad. Right, Droy?" Jet looked over, and Droy too, had collapsed. He looked scornfully at his friend.

"Hey man, we're not all speed mages," he admonished.

"Can we eat? Pleeeaaase?" asked Levy.

They found a small café, which eagerly welcomed the travellers to the small village. Jet and Levy looked on with amazement as Droy stuffed himself.

"You should slow down," said Jet, nursing his own meagre meal. "You'll get fat."

"Nah," said Droy between mouthfuls, "I'm the type that doesn't put on weight. Besides you need to keep your strength up before going on a mission, right Levy?" Levy, who had been poking at her stomach and weighing her hunger up, snapped back to reality.

"Yeah," she agreed, "But it's just a simple retrieval mission. It's a job for a courier, really, but it pays."

"Wonder why they bothered hiring mages at all," said Jet, "Go to Shadom, pick up a book from a storehouse. It has to be some kind of potent magic book, for this to be worthwhile."

"You think?" asked Levy, brightening.

"Don't you have enough books to read?" asked Jet with a grin, and Levy laughed. The pair paled as Droy let out a loud belch.

They arrived at the storehouse. Levy went up to the security guard.

"We're here to pick up our client's book," she said, showing them the docket they were given when they accepted the mission.

"Huh?" said the Guard, puzzled. "Someone else came in a few minutes ago, looking for the same thing!"

"Eeeeehhhhh!?" Cried the trio as one. Pushing past the guard, they hurried into the storehouse. Inside, it was a dusty building, with stone floors and a multitude of wooden shelving carrying various items. They found the subject of their worry almost immediately. A tall man with long, straight, brown hair was holding their client's book, reading it idly. He wore a long, pale cloak that concealed a dark gi beneath. He looked up, disinterested, with cold, blue eyes. "Can I help you?"

"What are you doing?" roared Droy, "That's our client's property!"

"Yes, but I wanted it," he replied nonchalantly, flicking a page. He looked up to find Jet in his face. "Huh, you're a quick one, aren't you?"

"Hand over the book," said Jet proffering his hand, "and we can avoid a conflict."

"How mature. I appreciate that. I'm the bookish type, you see, and would like to avoid a needless fight." He made no motion to hand over the book, and flicked another page. "Bastard!" shouted Jet, exasperated by the man's demeanour. "Don't panic, I will return the book once I have finished with it."

"Let us be clear," Said Levy strongly, "We are mages of Fairy Tail. If you try to prevent us from completing our mission, we will stop you. So, please, hand the book over, or we will fight."

The stranger's eyes suddenly became alive. "Then take it."

Jet's punch took him square in the jaw, but he didn't as much as twitch. A moment later, Jet was sent reeling backwards by an unseen blow, careening into a shelving stack, causing it to collapse. His team cried his name. The stranger sighed deeply, snapped the book shut and placed it into a satchel. "I suppose I'll have to read this later, then."

"Levy!" cried Droy, "Plant Magic: Aquifer Seed!" The thrown seeds erupted into an enormous water lily which produced a stream of water, dowsing the stranger. Levy reacted at once.

"Right! Solid Script: Bolt!" The letters appeared before her, sending a bolt of lightning crashing forward. The stranger didn't move an inch under the assault.

"Oh, I see, using water to increase the lightning's power. You probably shouldn't have done that."

A moment later, Levy cried out as she was struck by lightning from no discernible source. She fell, crashing on to the ground.

"Levy!" roared Droy. "No way, body link magic?" Jet punched him, but he was hit. Levy hit him, but she was shocked. "What do I do?" he whispered. Attacking would only hurt himself, like Laxus' hall of thunder. The stranger smirked and his demeanour changed again, relaxing from the fight.

"My name is Kirion. Look me up if you ever want a rematch." He simply turned and walked away. Droy almost went after him, but had no plan of attack, and need to check his teammates were ok. Frustration boiled.

"Damnit! Levy are you OK?" She was struggling to rise on shaky feet, her skin and clothes lightly charred. Droy helped support her.

"I'm alright," she lied. There was a movement down the storehouse, and Jet re-emerged, holding his ruined hat. His long coat had too been damaged by the crates collapsing on him. His furious face was bruised. "Bastard…"

Droi waited outside the clothes shop, while Levy and Jet replaced their damaged clothing. Levy emerged first in a red tank top and pale shorts. Jet took longer, and came out in a simple navy t-shirt and a white, fir trimmed jacket.

"They've got nothing here in my style." He spat.

"Yeah but your style sucks," Commented Droy tactlessly. "You look good without a hat," said Levy rather more nicely. Jet smiled, but then sighed. "How much are we down?"

"Between the clothes and the damages to the storehouse…5'000 jewels." A moment passed and all three sighed. "But," ventured Droy, "If there's a rival mage, the difficulty goes up so we can demand more money!"

Levy looked troubled. "But if he has body link magic, how can we stop him?"

"Simple," said Droy. "There are three of us. He'll be taking three times the amount of damage!"

"Oh yeah," cried Levy. "We can do it with teamwork!"

"Team Shadow Gear!" the pair shouted taking stupid poses. A moment passed before they realized that Jet was not joining in.

"Jet…what's wrong?" asked Levy. His face was serious, concentrating.

"It's not body link magic. Body link magic deals equal damage to the caster as the recipient, but he wasn't even damaged. It's something more complicated." He paused. "But no one is invincible. We'll have to work hard to find a way to bring him down!"

"If it's the three of us, we can do anything!" said Levy, and Jet smiled.

"Team Shadow Gear!" This time all three took their poses. "Now to find this Kirion asshole!"

"Oh, Kirion, you say?" Said a passing old man. "He lives in the house on the outskirts of the village. Take a right by Millie's Bakery, you can't miss it. Nice young boy."

The three stood there dumbfounded, still holding their poses.

Kirion's front door blew open under the force of Droy's Mandragora plant. He rushed from the back room as the trio entered his expansive front room with a mezzanine. His jaw was comically hanging open, and his eyes were wide with disbelief.

"Hey! I was nice before, but now you're just barging into other people's houses! Do normal people just break down people's doors these days?"

"Where is the book?" Demanded Levy.

"Oh? I was just reading it in the back. It's quite interesting. Do you plan to take it? I said I'd return it when I was done."

"Remember the plan," said Jet. Small attacks until they could find out his secret, nothing that could take themselves out.

"Plant Magic: Knuckle Plant!" Droy reeled back with the successive blows, but he had held back the power, so he gritted his teeth and hung on. Kirion didn't move.


"Solid Script: Bullet!" As the word formed, a storm of tiny projectiles burst forth. Kirion stood within the stream, seemingly unharmed. Levy however, squealed under the sympathetic impacts. She maintained for a few seconds longer but eventually fell over.

"Pointless," he repeated.

"No," said Jet, "I saw that! Speed Magic!" He dashed forward in a straight line, but at the last second disappeared to the side, and landed a punch. This time, Kirion reeled back from the blow, murder in his eyes.

"Hah! Got You! Levy! When you attacked, he didn't deflect all the bullets. There are some holes in his clothes. Your ability allows you to turn power back on the owner, but you have to time it perfectly. In that storm of bullets you missed a few. Then, you couldn't see my attack coming, so failed to block it. Levy! Droy! We just have to attack him when he isn't looking!"

"Your heroic speech kinda failed at the end," commented Droy.

"Uh-huh," agreed Levy.

Kirion laughed uproariously. "Don't get cocky, punks. I haven't even launched an attack yet!" He threw his cloak aside, revealing a dark, flowing gi underneath. A martial arts-type magic user, thought Jet, like a man he'd heard of from Quatro Cerberus.

"Body Magic: Reinforcement!" He began to shine with a golden light. Jet dashed in again, but this time found Kirion's fists ready to meet him. He ducked and pulled away as best he could, but his magic only increased his running speed, while this guy's was also affecting his reflexes. He took a shot to the gut, but managed to pull away and rejoin Levy and Droy in line.

"Don't shy away now, I've just started! Body Magic: Reinforcement Level Two!" In a blinding flash, he disappeared. The trio barely had time to voice their disbelief before – "Impact!"

Levy cried out as her tiny body was hurled into the air by a great force from behind. Jet and Droy looked up at her helpless form with dread. With two additional cries of 'Impact', Jet and Droy's worlds also went tumbling around them, and they crashed unmoving in a heap.

As his vision faded, Jet heard Kirion talk. "Like I said, pointless."

Jet awoke after some indeterminable amount of time, and sat bolt upright immediately. He winced, clutching at his head, and wished he hadn't. He was surprised to find himself in a comfy bed. He slowly tried to take stock of his bearings. Was he in a hospital ward? His torso was wound with bandages.

"Levy? Droy?" He was delighted to hear a reply, and Levy ran in from the corridor, closely followed by Droy. She threw her arms around him. "I'm glad you're ok." Droy looked on with some annoyance, but had already had the same treatment, so couldn't complain.

"Hey, hey," said Jet, ruffling her hair. He could that both of them also had plasters and bandages. "How did we get here?" Droy's face took on an inscrutable expression.

"I think that asshole carried us here." Reacting to Jet's expression before he could speak, he continued. "I don't know why. Guy was an asshole, but seemed like he was more interested in his property than being malicious."

"I'm glad we're ok," said Levy, beaming. "It's the most important thing." She reacted in surprise as Jet thumped the bed.

"One guy? Three of us and we can't even lay a finger on him? Why? Why? I have to get stronger. I won't let that happen again!" His teeth were gritted, and his eyes blazed. Droy nodded in agreement. "If we ever meet that guy again, we'll need a strategy."

"I can research this 'Body Magic' said Levy thoughtfully, "there must be some books on it."

"That's our Levy!" Cried the two boys. At that moment, there was a knock on the door and a nurse entered, holding something to her chest. "Oh, I'm glad to see you up and about. There was a delivery for you." She held out the something, and they could see it was the book.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeehhhh!?" They cried. There was a note attached to the book. 'Told you that you could have it when I was finished reading it. Stay off of my property. Sorry for borrowing yours, but I just had to read it! Look forward to seeing you again, Kirion'

The trio looked at the note absolutely dumbfounded. After a moment, Levy recovered and grabbed the book with stars in her eyes. "Now to have a little peek," she said mischievously and opened the book. After a few moments, her face went bright red, and a column of steam rose from her head.

"What, what?" cried the boys, crowding around to have a look. A moment passed.

"Its porn!" raged Droi.

"Our client's a lazy pervert!" shrieked Levy.

"That asshole was just too cheap to buy his own porno!" shouted Jet.

Another few moments passed and the trio collapsed on the bed.

"Damages, Clothes, Hospital Bills…," murmured Droy.

"To rescue a naughty book from a guy who was going to put it back…," whimpered Levy.

"Who kicked all of our butts…" whispered Jet.

A minute or so went buy and Droy said, "Let's not tell anyone about this, ok?" The other two nodded their agreement.