Mia's wedding Dash

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Chapter 1

"attention passengers we will be arriving in Manhattan in an hour"The captain said over the speaker. It's a fresh start I said to myself in my head, no one to tell me what to do or who to marry. My name is Amelia Renaldo princess of Genovia but after disagreements with my dad and grandmere over marriage proposals here I am. To be honest I panicked and here I am running away with my fake ID (don't ask where she got it from lets say she has links to people who would do anything for her), no bodyguard and starting a college in the middle of a state which I have never visited before in my life but decided to attend because I liked the sound of the name.

Before I knew it an hour was up and the pressure was on. Not because I was going to college but the fact that I was In my "engagement dress" and it became apparent to me that it was drawing a lot of attention to myself. I was aware that the girl next to me was shooting me daggers as well, but I didn't have the heart to tell her that it's rude to stare. Suddenly the pilots voice came over the speaker "attention passengers, there isn't a runway currently free so we will need to wait about 10 minutes, thanks for your patience". More time on my hands, wonderful. I'm going to make a list, whenever I feel upset or need to dwell on something, so here we go.

Mia's list of movies to do with weddings (I get visitors to sneak movies in without Grandmere noticing)

Bridesmaids (don't have a best friends like that, in fact I don't have friends only maids and bodyguards)

the hangover (don't drink so not going to happen to me)

bride wars (Don't have a friends brother to fall in love with)

runaway bride (totally apply to me)

what happens in Vegas

Mama Mia (I would get sick of singing all the time)

the proposal ( cute)

Shrek (unfortunately I am not green or an orgre but I could be classed as the princess locked in the tower to wait for her true love)

Shrek 3 (got sick by the second and never got round to watching it)

Mia's wedding dash (not a movie yet but it will be next time I venture into Genovia or if the press find me)

"attention passengers we have now found a runway and shall be momentarily descending towards it, so please make sure all seat belts are on"