They're after me. I ran past a fast food shop and went as fast as I could to get home. The only problem is...I was lost. I've already gone past this same tree and this same shop too many times! I must get home! IMMEDIATELY. I must warn my parents!

I'm exhausted, I'm hungry and i'm lost. Just as I was about to give up hope and fall onto the ground full of autumn leaves, I saw my home. I ran and opened the translucent back doors to warn my parents. I told them "mum, dad, zombies are coming!" obviously, thy didn't believe me. They just said "whaat? There are no such things as zombies." since thy didn't believe me and I could already hear the green, ugly, horrible zombies coming for the back door, I pulled my gun out from my black belt. Then, I got ready. I heard the piercing screams of them and now they smashed through the glass of the back doors and ran towards my family and I. They've come to eat us.

My parents' faces were so shocked. As I was shooting a zombie, I said to them " I told you!" They didn't reply. Instead of questioning about the zombies or where I got my gun from,(which they will probably have a long talk with me after) they armed themselves with kitchen knives and a baseball bat and swung them at the enemies.

Once we finished killing the zombies,(even though they were pretty useless and I was doing most of the work) my dad started swearing and so did my mum. Actually, they were swearing through the whole battle. Once they calmed down, they started to ask questions. Not like I'm gonna tell them the truth though about stuff like "how did you learn to fight?" or "where did you get your gun?" (Those questions, I will answer, but those are stories for another time.) what's the point in telling the truth if no one will believe you anyway? So then your forced to lie, because people only listen to what they want to hear. Then in the end, when they finally learn the truth, they'd blame you for lying to them at the start. Great. This will be tough to explain. This will be a looong night. Life is tough.