A/N Hey I am a 13 year old writer and I really like this show. This is my first Melissa and Joey story so I would like to see what you guys think. This was so easy to write, it just came right out of me. I think this is my first romance story so bare with me. I am use to doing father/daughter mother/daughter stories so if you have any suggestions I am open to them. This might be a little OOC but I just started watching Melissa and Joey like literally last Wednesday but I have watched the whole full first season. Anyway reviews are appreciated and I hope you guys like.

Joey was getting ready to wake up the kids when heard this sound coming from Mel's room. At first he by-passed it as his imagination; there is no way Mel can be up at this time of day, I mean she doesn't even see this time of day. He thought. Wanting to know what had Mel up this early, he went to her door placing a polite knock on it. When he heard no reply, he turned to wake the kids, confirming it was his imagination, when he heard another sound. This time the sound was loud enough for him to decipher it as a whimper of pain. Urgently he knocked on the door once again.

"Mel, you OK in there?" he asked.

When he didn't get an answer he proceeded by opening the door. What he saw made his gut crumple. Mel was on the floor, bucket in front of her as she dispensed bile from her body. Her eyes were red and she looked genuinely weak as she held on to the bed with one hand and held up her hair with the other. Immediately Joe went to her side and started rubbing smooth circles onto her back.

"You're OK" he cooed to her as her distressed cries continued.

"Oh God, are the kids up?" she asked not even thinking about herself at the moment.

Ignoring her question he forced her to stand making her wobble while she continued to cry. He had never seen her so vulnerable. He then brought his hands under her kneecaps such as to pick her up. For a moment she went to protest but she was so tired she couldn't form any valid smart remark. He placed her on the bed, fluffing her pillow before he let her fall gently upon it. He pulled a blanket over her hot body when he saw he shiver, only to hear her protest.

"Joe no, please, it's too hot." She pleaded and to even hear her say the word please made his heart sink even more.

"You need it." He said tenderly instead of in his usual stern tone.

"No" She tried to push the cover off of her but he was determined. He pinned the cover on her and made her look him straight in the eye. Despite her stubborn nature she complied with a soft "OK"

"I'll be right back." He said while brushing her sweaty gold locks away from her face.

First he went to wake up the kids. He went to Ryder's room first knowing it would take longer to wake the boy. He would make a quick sweep through Ryder's room then on the way back from Lenox's room he would she if the teen was awake.

"Alright, Ryder, get up you have about 20 minutes to be up or no pancakes for you my friend." That immediately got the boys attention but Ryder, didn't make and effort move.

"Yeah, yeah" Ryder responded.

"I made that special syrup you like." Joe bribed. Ryder's body shot up from the bed.

"You mean with the…"


"And the…"

"Yup" Joe nodded his head with a smug smirk. Maybe he wouldn't even need to make a double check.

Quickly he moved to Lenox's room, trying his best to get back to Mel as quick as possible. For Lennox he took a different approach. He picked up the nearest teddy bear that was large enough and like a light he threw it at her.

"Wake up!" Joe opened the blinds making Lenox give a rebellious pout.

"Is that necessary?" She asked while flailing her blonde locks around.

"Well Ryder should be downstairs in a couple minutes and I made those pancakes, you know with the special syrup."

"You mean with the…"

"It's all there but you know Ryder's going to be down there, by himself."

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?" She yelled in outraged. Joe had to let up another smirk as he watched Lenox race to the bathroom in panic.

Finally he turned his attention back to Mel. He went straight to Mel's master bathroom searching for pills. He got one of the little cups Mel kept in her bathroom and placed two pills in it. He then got a thermometer a rag, and a bottle of pine. He rushed down stairs, placing some ice and water into a mug.

"Ryder, you better not eat all the pancakes if you want to stay alive." Lenox threatened.

Transitioning into the upstairs hallway he stopped Lenox from running down the stairs loudly.

"Hey, hey, hey, Mel's sick so I need you keep it down."

"Is she OK?" A worried Lenox asked.

"Yeah but you just have to keep it down. Can you see if you and Ryder can catch a ride to school or something?"

"Sure" She replied before she quietly escorted herself down the stairs.

The serene quiet was interrupted by Mel's loud coughs. Alright I can do this. He said to himself.

He poured the pine that he had laid on a small table into the bucket she had earlier vomited in. He took the thermometer and brought it to the opening of her mouth waiting patiently for her to open up.

"Come on Mel it's just a thermometer."

"Yeah, yeah shut up." She sighed painfully after letting out a few coughs. Even her shut ups didn't sound as evil as it should. She opened her mouth and Joe placed it under her tongue. After a minute or two Joe heard the beep that told him to take the thermometer out of her mouth.

"102.3 Burke has a little fever."

"No, no, no I have a meeting today then I have to talk to the city officials and oh God…" Joe quickly brought the bucket beside her, where she once again dispensed her bile. When she finished he went to the sink and poured some cold water onto the cloth. Next he positioned himself on the bed next to her. He then after placed the cold cloth on her face, making her look up at him. His hand was gentle on her face thus making sure not to irritate her sensitive skin.

"You're not going to work today."

"Why not?" she said and Joe found it funny how she just ignored her current situation.

"Well, for one I don't want you to be vomiting all over the place like a hobo with a hangover. Second you're not going to work because I said so."

Mel bit her lip at his words because he said so. All her life whenever she was sick she had to take care of herself. When she was younger, she wouldn't let her mother even come near her and whenever she was sick her father tried his best to avoid her. He would always say "Sorry Mel but I can't afford to be sick I mean you know who I am right?" So while her sister was at parties, her dad at meetings and her mom doing her usual, drink and sleep schedule she was left to take care of herself. She had no choice but to do it herself. And since she's not married she still didn't have anyone to take care of her. So she kept her sickness to herself, no matter how much she was hurting.

While she was thinking Joe had reached over and had brought over her mug and pills.

"Thank God you brought me something." Joe helped her sit up against her protest. She took a small sip only to spit it out. "You brought me water?" she half asked half screamed in her hoarse voice.

"You can't take pills with alcohol."

"Sure I can, my mom spent my childhood doing that."

"And look how she turned out." She paused for a little bit, pondering over that statement.

"OK you got me there Dr. Longo." He gave her the pills and watched her swallow the pills with the water like the water was what bubbles from the Power Puff Girls would call "infected".

After she swallowed she once again erupted into a riot of coughs causing her body to rumble like a volcano. Joe's expression turned back into worry. She was hurting again and even though she tried to hide it, he could see it in her face. Without noticing it he was once again naturally calming her.

"Breath Mel, tell me where it hurts."

"Everywhere it hurts everywhere Damn it…!"

He ignored her cruelness and wiped away the tears that were rolling down her cheek, making her shut up. He played with one of her frizzled locks aimlessly while looking her straight in the eyes. He wasn't going to be cruel to her.

"Alright Mel, I know you are not feeling well but you just need to relax." Using Mel and relax in the same sentence kind of made him laugh. Mel, Relax? That's the wrong word Joe. He contemplated. Then he realized this was going to be a very long day.