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The kids had found a ride to school leaving the house to just Mel and Joe. Although she didn't seem to, Joe notice Mel's body was breaking down. Not to the point where she had to go to the hospital but she still needed to be taken care of. He was worried. He didn't exactly know what was wrong with her but it was much more than she was letting on. As soon as Joe walked into Mel's room he knew she was holding a grudge as he watched her poke out her bottom lip in a pout. He brought the chicken noodle soup that he had made and placed the mini table on her lap and scooted her up.

"Eat" was his simple command.

"Joe" she whined out which he wouldn't admit he found adorable. "I don't like chicken noodle soup."

He did his usual smug grin before he took her spoon filling it with the substance and drove it into her mouth.

"Oh my… that's um…" She closed her eyes at the wonderful sensation that was filling her mouth. "That's OK" She stopped herself from giving him a true compliment.

"Yeah" He spooned some more soup onto the spoon and surprisingly Mel automatically opened her mouth to receive the spoonful. They repeated the step until a drop fell down Mel's chin making Joe tip the spoon downward to catch it. He caught it and like Mel was a baby he brought it back up to her mouth. Her eyes connected with his while her face turned a bright red. She opened her mouth though and allowed him to place it in her mouth.

"I'm finish now." She said softly.

The feelings that were swirling around her head were uncontrollable. Of course she knew that she and Joe couldn't be together. No matter how good it felt to be close to him, to feel his warmth or to even hear his voice, there was no way they could go any farther than just being friends. And the kids… the kids would be crushed if Joe left, she would be crushed. After all they had been through they didn't deserve to have another person just walk out of their lives. She wouldn't do that to them. Plus if Joe left her side she wouldn't know what to do. She wouldn't openly admit it but she needed him. Without him the house would be lost in confusion. Without him her heart would be filled with the feeling of emptiness accompanied with the loneliness that she was so afraid of. The feeling of lonely that when Joe appeared had slowly disappeared into somewhere she did not know but, wherever it was she was sure it could return again.

Even when they argued she was never really mad at him, she was mad at what they couldn't be. Whenever she needed a helping hand Joe was that helping hand and she noted it. Whenever she needed him he was there. So every time she looks at him she is reminded of the one thing she desperately wants but can't have. That's the reason she fights him, if she can push him away maybe the feelings would walk away too. But argument after argument they seem to get closer and closer and the fire that started out as a spark gets bigger and bigger.

"Alright" he quickly moved the food away from her and brought over her ginger ale. He placed the ginger ale under her lips such as to ask her did she want it. Her head gave a simple nod and he proceeded to lift the cup as she sipped.

She breathed a little, trying to regain her composure. After a minute she turned her attention back towards Joe.

"Can you pass me my phone?" she couldn't even imagine how terrible her voice must have sounded. She didn't even want Joe to see her like this. Unfortunately she had to admit to herself that she was too weak to take care of herself. She also had to come clean at just how good it felt to be taken care of.

"What for Mel?" He said placing the phone in his hand but making it unreachable to her.

"I have to call the office."

"Oh no Burke"

"But…but" She said dumbfounded

Why does he always have to tell me no? The president can tell me no and I would still be able to say yes but those lips does incredibly sexy…Stop Mel! Stop thinking like that! She yelled to herself.

"No Mel"

"They probably think I'm dead."

He looked at the clock beside her bed. It read 11:30. "You're only like 2 hours late, but you can still make it to your next meeting if you rush." He said sarcastically.

"Thank you" She said in fake exasperation. She tried to stand but failed miserably making Joey rush to catch her. He held her there for what seemed to Mel like hours before he spoke up.

"You see my point?"

She nodded her head and Joe swore he saw her already flustered red face brighten a little brighter. She fidgeted in his arms bringing him back to reality. Sometimes he found it hard not to get lost in her eyes. Her body was enticing even when she was sick. He placed her back on the bed once again.

"I'm going to call your boss and tell him you're not going to work today."

"Then they're going to think you killed me."

"You are over exaggeration."

"No" She shook her head, instantly regretting the movement.

Why does my body have to be like this? Damn it I need some wine."She thought before Joes touch brought her out of them.

He was fluffing her pillow, actually fluffing her pillow. He helped her slide back down under the covers in which she tried to grab for the phone that was still in his hand. It amazed her how much he knew her when she watched him automatically place the phone out of her reach.

"Longo" She pouted with a poked out lower lip.

"Mel" He sighed out in a stern voice. Now his face was etched with seriousness. He placed his hands soothing on her shoulder but kept his strict and demanding stance. His eyes attached to hers with his face only millimeters apart from hers. Mel swore if she just tilted her head a little their lips would be able to join together in a kiss. She didn't dare though; she knew that if she did she wouldn't be able to stop kissing his soft lips. She had been yearning for his sweet lips to connect to hers once again since the first time they had kissed. She so desperately wanted to kiss him again. She wanted to run her fingers down his crested chest. Oh God what had she gotten herself into? She would often ask herself. Just one touch of his lips would satisfy all of her fantasies. Though she tried she could not separate her eyes from his alluring ones. He needs to stop doing this to me! Even her sick body was reacting to his tempting stare. "You need to get better. Going to work won't help you do that so let me take care of you. I mean I am your m-…"

"Man…Manny, you are my man nanny see my manny." She said quickly correcting herself.

"That word is forbidden." He teased. "I was going to say more of a manly helper." His smugness returned to his face and so did her senses. "So you are going to stay in this bed until I say so or…"

"Or what, you're going to spank me daddy?" She said sarcastically making Joe's grin widen as soon as he saw Mel's face when he did not return a response. Her body froze, along with the room. There was so much sexually tension in the room that the electricity in the room brought fire to her stomach. Certainly fortunate the doorbell rang, giving Mel a reason to look away.

"Those are my new shoes, go get them manly helper."


"I'm not your Dog Longo" She retorted. She was so glad to have something to snap at him, to save her from what her body was telling her to do. Her body seemed to be calming down and expressing another feeling, pain. It hit her quickly like a knife on her side making her want to scream out. It was like she was being stabbed without the effect of bleeding. Tears came quickly to her eyes. The pain manufactured a cry that processed only in her brain. Only now noticing the pain her body began to twist and turn, making an effort at trying to put pressure on the precise spot that was causing so much pain. Her mind was begging for a solution to this problem. Giving up she let her voices speak up and confess one of her deepest thoughts in the most innocent of ways. "Joe, I need you!" She screamed. Her breathe became faster. Her head began to spin. The pain made an attempt at engulfing her but she held up until she had the assurance that she needed his face.

Oh God please help me.