I admit I was surprised to see Pong has its own category in here, and even more surprised to find out that there are over 100 fanfics written about it, so I thought "Hey... Pong!" and here you are, another Pong fanfic. :P


Darkness. Cold and dark, it was. The small white pixel in the middle of the screen contrasted sharply with the eternal darkness behind it, he was here for a reason, it was his work and now it was in control of his life. He dared not to think what would happen if he failed to complete his objective.

He wanted to be free, to break free of this madness that was around him. He was tired of this sick and twisted game but he knew escaping was not going to be easy, as there were many obstacles in his way but he was determined to do this. He had to do this. His life and sanity depended on it!

One glance to his left and he saw a huge paddle, staring at him. His eyes shifted to his right, seeing another huge paddle who was going up and down like nobody's business. Slowly, the small pixel started to move towards his right. He was determined to get this over and finish this dirty business once and for all. He collided with the paddle as it moved down to block his passage, hurling him towards the paddle on the left.

On and on, the brave pixel was traded between the two paddles. He gained speed each time he hit a paddle, and he gained so much that the paddles were having a lot more difficulty holding him in his eternal prison. Then he saw that the right time had arrived, the left paddle scrambled to go towards the upper frame of the screen in time but the wise pixel was faster and dodged it. He did it, he reached his goal, he finally managed to escape that eternal prison.

Then he realized his fatal mistake, as the left paddle caught up with him and knocked him whilst he was on the second pixel row. He went up and down, getting pummeled by the paddle into the upper wall before slipping away into the middle of the screen again. He tried not to scream in frustration, as he knew it would be useless as nobody could hear his voice. Not to mention he couldn't speak.

One day, he would escape and it would be a glorious day. For now, however, he decided to play along, not minding the pain he suffered as he was exchanged between the two paddles who were now much more careful. Three hours passed, and still nothing. He was hurled towards the left paddle once again and this time, he passed it without being hit. He could almost not believe it, his eyes welled up with tears as he saw the white in the horizon. Tears of happiness fell from his tiny pixel-sized body with each pixel he got closer to the ever-larger white background.

"I did it! I am free, I am fr-"

Game Over