Dark heads off to the 18th to fight against Marks, the second in command of Demise, what will the outcome of this battle be?

Chapter 12 Online

The streets of the 20th floor were deserted. This suited me perfectly, no one would say that they saw me, and no one would know where I disappeared to, and I'll return after Marks is dead. I made my way through the streets listening for any noise that might warn me that someone is near and might see me, but I didn't hear a sound. I got to the device that is in every town and allows you to teleport to any floor that has been opened. I set the destination to the 18th floor and waited. After a moment I felt the device start to work and the town around me disappeared, and was replaced with the remains of an ancient roman city, the 18th floor. I remembered this floor, it wasn't that hard, the boss was a gladiator and was defeated easily by us and the Knights Of The Blood Oath. I walked through the ruins and the Colosseum came into sight. I walked towards it, lost in my own thoughts, and feelings. I stopped at the entrance and opened my inventory, and equipped my dread armor, I never checked the set bonus, it was resistance to all status effects. I walked in to the archway and into the Colosseum, and I saw a lone figure standing there, it was Marks.

"So you beat me here." I said

He turned around "Ah, Dark you've shown up."

"I issued the challenge, of course I would be here. How did you beat me here?"

"I was already on this floor when I got your message."

"Well, are you ready to die?"

"It was a smart idea picking a safe area for a battle, I was thinking of bringing some of the guild to watch you die."

"You think I didn't realize what you might do if it was in a non-safe zone? I knew you might try and bring some of the guild, under your control too, I picked a safe area on purpose."

"You're pretty smart, you barely know me yet you knew my plans."

"I might not know you personally, but I do know about pk-ers and I know that they will do whatever it takes to win."

"You're a pk-er too, you have killed many players."

"I have, I'll admit to it. Yet I have never killed an innocent, I have only killed the people that deserve to die, pk-ers, like you."

"You haven't killed me."

I point my sword at him "I plan to change that by this night's end."

"Let's see you try it." He pulled a weapon from his back, it wasn't a bow and arrow like I expected, it was a crossbow.

"A crossbow...that isn't what I was expecting."

"You expected a bow didn't you? I decided to use this instead, it shoots faster, it shoots arrows with more force behind them, and I think you might be a small challenge."

"I hate when people underestimate me."

"Well, once I take you down no one will anymore."

I issued the challenge to a duel to the death, Mark accepted and the time counted from 60.

"One of us is going to die here." I said

"We already know who that will be."

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! The battle began!

I focused my energy right away "Cutting Edge!" I shot the wave and he easily dodged it.

"Arrow Bomb." He shot the bolt from the crossbow and it flew at me incredibly fast, I couldn't dodge and it hit me and exploded. The smoke cleared and my health didn't drop.

"This armor might make me slow but it helps protect me."

"Dark, you have made quite a name for yourself haven't you?"

"Flame Whip." My blade burst into flame and I shot the blue flames at them and he jumped over them "What do you mean?"

He shot a few bolts at me and I stopped them with my gauntlets "I mean you have done things to make yourself known. Killing the Lizard boss at level 5, protecting your friends from Dragoon and then beating it, but most of all, is defeating the 19th floor boss by yourself."

I only did that...last night "How did you already hear about that?"

"I have my sources." He loaded another bolt "Net Shot!" The bolt flew at me and this time it released a net at me, I swung my sword and cut it. I saw a movement and saw another blot fly at me, it went towards my face, which is uncovered, I try to dodge but it cuts my cheek. My hp barely drops.

"All armor has a vulnerability Dark."

"Shut up." I ran at him and he easily stayed out of my sword's reach because of my armor that slowed me down.

"Dark, that is too heavy for you, you can't catch me."

"Screw this!" I opened my inventory and reequiped my Lizard armor set "This will help. I'll be faster now" A bolt flew at me and stabbed into my arm.

"Really? It seemed to do you harm there." Marks said.

I pull the bolt out and I ran at him, getting near him before he can react and I slash across his chest. He jumped back.

"Ouch, maybe I should be a little careful now." He shot a bolt at the ground "Oops...I missed." He must have tried to aim at me. I ran at him and as I passed the bolt it shot out some sticky stuff out the bottom of it, my feet got stuck and I fall to the ground.

"Damn, what's if all the damn tricks." I said struggling to get free.

"It's the fastest way to win." Marks said loading another bolt.

"Flame Whip!" My sword burst into flame and I used it against the sticky substance and it melted off. I felt a bolt him me "Ow!" I pulled it out.

"Now I'm going to...what the." My vision was almost completely black "What did you...oh wait...I think I know..."

"You've seen this type of arrow before. Blackout arrows." Lizard Forest...I got them from a horned bear...Night used them and they blinded the opponent...this is not good "Now this should be easy to beat you." I heard Marks say. I had to keep moving, then he wouldn't be able to get a good aim on me. I ran to the side and I heard a bolt go by my head. I ran a little more that way and suddenly ran into stone. I fell to the ground from the pain and the impact.

"Fuck! That hurt, being blinded really sucks!"

"Arrow Bomb!" I heard the bolt fly and I felt it for a spilt second before it exploded. This time I got hurt, the lizard armor wasn't nearly as tough as the Dread armor, my bar went down a quarter, my vision had come back now as well.

"I'm sick of your damn tricks!" I shouted.

"The fastest way to win." He shot another bolt and it shot a net again, I moved to the side.

I focused my energy "Cutting Barrage!" I shot the waves at him and he dodged the first few, but the last one hit him, taking his bar down a bit.

He showed no sign of notice and loaded a bolt into the crossbow "I can't waste my time with you any more, I'll take you out quickly now." He shot the bolt and as it got close to me a purple fog came out. The fog made me cough and I ran to the side to get out of it. I looked at my health bar and under it was a status ailment. It looked like purple bubbles.

"What is this?" then I saw my health go down "Wait! It's-"

"Poison." Mark finished "Poison fog, this will help defeat you quicker, too bad it can't kill you."

I stand up "This poison...it doesn't affect my movement."

"No, it only hurts you." He shot another bolt and I manage to dodge it. As it hits the ground a bolt of lightning strikes it.

"How many skills do you have?"

"The only skill I showed you was my arrow bomb, the other are all custom made arrows."

"Custom made? You made them?"

"Yes, I did." He loaded it again "I have countless amounts of them, you can't defeat me."

The poison was going to hinder me a little, but I'll find a way to manage "Dragon's Flame!" My sword went on fire and I appeared in fount of Marks with my sword in him...or so I thought, I looked up and saw my sword had entered one of the building's walls. I looked behind me and I saw Marks standing behind me.

"It's over now." He shot the arrow and when it buried itself into my skin, I felt the heat from it then the arrow burst into a pillar of flame, with me in the middle of it.

The fire disappears as suddenly as it started and I fall to my knees. My health bar has dropped below a quarter left, one more bolt hits me and I'm finished. Marks came up behind me and kicked me down. I fall on stomach and I roll onto my back. Marks comes closer and steps on my hands so I can't move them then he places the crossbow to my head, the point of the bolt against my head.

"Dark, you lose."

"Seems like it."

"You don't seem too afraid of dying." He said pushing the tip against me a little more.

"If you kill me here, you will die soon enough."

He looked at me "What do you mean?"

"You think I'm stupid enough to come here with no preparations?"

He doesn't answer.

"I made sure you wouldn't survive if I died here. Before I came here I sent a note to someone. Takumi, the leader of The Knights Of The Blood Oath. I'm pretty much a member of their guild, so if I'm killed, they'll be after you because 1: You killed me and 2: You are also a pk-er."

"You're lying!" He shouted

"Yes, I am." I move my legs to my chest and kick him away from me, I open my inventory "This is my only choice." I tap the red crystal and it appears in my hand.

"Is that an enchanting crystal?" Marks asks.

"It can be used for that, but it can also be used like, this!" I crush the crystal and I feel it break. I wait for a moment.

"Why did you break it?" Marks asks

"Well...it was supposed to do something...but it didn't work I guess..." As I said that I felt a rush of heat in my hand, and it started moving up my arm and throughout my whole body, it felt like my blood was heating up. It had spread throughout my body but it kept heating up until it actually hurt. I didn't know how to stop it, the pain was in my body not on the outside. The heat kept increasing, I fell to the ground writhing in pain.

"Look like breaking the crystal was a mistake Dark." Marks said, but I barely heard him, I was in too much pain. Despite all the pain I looked at my health bar and saw it wasn't draining but instead it was increasing, suddenly I lost control of my body. I couldn't move any part of my body at all, yet my body stood up and grabbed my sword out of the wall. I suddenly realized what it was, The Berserker Gem was doing this, it took my body completely over. My eyes changed from blue to red.

"What the hell is this?!" Marks demanded.

My body didn't answer and it took a step closer to Marks.

"Get away from me!" He shot the bolt at me, my body caught it and broke it.

"Die!" Marks was panicking now "Arrow Bomb!" He shot it and it exploded, but my body was unharmed.

Before Marks could shot another bolt my body appeared in front of him, swung my sword and snapped the crossbow in half.

"You broke my crossbow!" Marks moved back, probably trying to think of a way to stop my rampaging body. He opened his inventory and took out a bow, but as soon as he did my body attacked again, cutting through the bow and cutting Mark's chest, taking him down to a quarter.

"Damn you!"

I felt some of the heat disappear and suddenly, I was in control of my own body. I looked around surprised that I could move again.

"Well that was quite a short time."

"What the hell was that!" Marks shouted at me

"The crystal is called the Berserker Gem and by breaking it I had a huge increase in all of my abilities, but I lose control of myself for the time."

"That's insane!" Marks got another bow from his inventory.

"Dammit, how many weapons do you have?!"

"Enough to take you down."

"No, it's not." I focused my energy "Cutting Barrage!" I shot them at him and he manage to dodge a few then one broke his bow and one cut his leg taking him down. I walk over to him.

"Marks, it's over."

"No! It can't be over I am going to become the new ruler of Demise! Once I kill the old fool!"

"You're planned to kill your own guild leader?"

"He doesn't deserve to be Guild leader of Demise!"

"And you don't deserve to live." I grab the hilt of my sword with both hands and I stab it into him. His hp hit 0 and he burst.

"Finally, Marks is defeated. I just have to hope the guild leader doesn't send people after me now, or I will have to try and kill him after too." I fell to my knees "Why couldn't the gem heal injuries." I fell onto my stomach "Let's hope I live." I blacked out.

-Meanwhile on the 20th floor-

"That idiot!" Sienna shouted

"Sienna, calm down." Lea said

"How can I calm down? That idiot left somewhere and is hiding his location from us!"

"I'm sure Dark had his reasons, besides Takumi promised that the guild would also keep their eyes open for him."

"He had better explain himself when we find him." Sienna said as she went ahead of Lea.

Rocky let out a whine "You're right, Dark will be in trouble when he returns."

-An Hour Later, back on the 18th floor.-

I slowly opened my eyes, my body was sore...but I was alive. I got to my feet and I looked at my health bar, 1 hp left...thanks to Marks poison...which was still affecting me, at least it can't kill. I didn't bother taking a potion, my health would just drop again. I walked out of the colosseum and staggered towards the teleporting device, I defeated Marks, and now I had to head back to the 18th floor...to bad it was past dawn and people are already awake now...Lea and Sienna are most likely up and notice I am missing...great. I get to the device and set it to the 20th floor. The roman city disappeared and I appeared outside of the town that I left. I walked inside half expecting someone to shout my name. I made my way to the inn, many people noticing me and how badly hurt I was, but I forced myself and I refused to give up and fall. As I reached the inn and reached for the door handle I collapsed.

"Having 1 hp can do this to someone...it's amazing I even got this far." I pushed myself up.

"Dark!" I heard a voice call me

I turned around and saw Lea running up to me "Hey."

"Dark! Where did you go? We have been looking for you since this morning!"

"Sorry...I had something that I had to do."

"What was it?"

"Well-" I felt someone tap my shoulder, I turned to see and I felt a hand connect with my face "Ouch." I saw that Sienna was standing there "What was that for?"

"What do you think? You left without saying a word to anyone. Why?"

"I had my reasons."

"Well explain them to us."

"Fine, but in the room, not here." I walked into the inn.

We got in the room. Sienna instantly said "Now tell us."

"Fine. You know how we got attacked by the Demise member on the 19th floor?"

"Of course." Sienna said.

"How could we forget?" Lea asked

"Anyway, the one that was giving them orders to attack us was second in command of Demise, Marks. So I sent him a challenge letter last night and I went to the 18th floor and we fought."

"So you managed to defeat him?" Lea asked in complete surprise.

"Yes...but I took damage too."

Sienna looked slightly up "So we can see. You only have 1 hit point left."

"I know, I'm poisoned and drinking a potion would be a waste."

Sienna handed me a green crystal, before I could ask what it was she said "It's an antidote crystal use it to heal your poison then take a potion."

I touched the crystal to my skin and I felt the poison fade, then I drank a potion. I still felt a little light headed.

"I need to rest for now." I lay on the couch.

"That's fine." We'll go and tell Takumi you are back as well." Lea, Sienna and Rocky left.

That wasn't as bad as I expected...Sienna is pretty angiler then she let on but I can't help that. I closed my eyes and one thought stay in my mind. I may have killed Marks, but sooner or later the leader of Demise will find out and send more people after me, then I will have to kill them.

Chapter 12 Offline