AN: Warnings: Angst! MREG! Yaoi! Etc.

This story takes place after the winter war, but in my story Ichigo hasn't lost all of his reiatsu. He can still see everybody, he just doesn't have the power to fight them anymore.


Ichigo gazed around him as he walked the streets of Karakura town. Everything seemed so different when you're slightly drunk. He couldn't keep in the soft chuckle that escaped his lips. He was such a happy drunk. But today had been something to celebrate! Uryuu and Orihime had finally gotten together after years and years of circling each other. And they had spiked his drink!

But well, there was nothing he could really do about that so he chuckled again. He walked into the alley that made the shortcut to his home. Normally people would tell him not to do that, but he could easily take care of himself. He may have lost his powers after the war, but he could still easily see ghosts and attack the hollows. He was still strong enough to take care of himself and anybody that tried to attack him.

He left the alley and walked into the park. His other shortcut. He smiled as he passed the playground but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw a familiar form sitting on the swing with what appeared to be a cup in his hand.

A wide smile touched his lips as he started walking towards the arrancar on the swing.

"Grimmjow." He slurred softly.

Did he mention that he was a horny drunk as well? And that he kind of liked the bluehaired arrancar in front of him. It had started as just liking to fight the man, but then it had started turning into something a little more.

Not that he was ever going to tell anybody… when he was sober, but he was kind of enormously drunk right now.

He leaned forward, face only centimeters apart from Grimmjow's. "you know. You're kinda sexy like this."

"Like what shinigami?"

"Like this, without that shit-eating grin on your face you look kind of friendly. I like that." He chuckled as he pressed their lips together.

"You might not want to do that Shinigami." The arrancar mumbled as Ichigo pulled back for air. "I'm in rut right now and right now everything is sexy to me. I'd do anyone."

Ichigo smirked softly as he pushed their lips together again. "Then why not me? I'm willing."

Grimmjow stared at the teen and then smirked as well. "Okay then. Why don't you show me the way?"



About ten minutes later Ichigo pulled the –now naked- arrancar on on top of his own naked self on the bed, chuckling and mumbling things like 'I can't believe we're really doing this. I'm so drunk." It didn't even come to his mind that this was so wrong and most likely to get him into some serious trouble.

He pulled their lips together once again before turning them around so he was on top now, hovering over Grimmjow's member before lowering himself on to it without any form of preparation. And it hurt! It hurt so damn much. His face twisted in pain as he let himself adjust to the size inside of him.

And after a few minutes he finally felt like he could move, so he did, slowly at first but going faster with time.

Moans started to leave his lips as Grimmjow started to thrust his hips up, hitting his prostate dead-on. He didn't last long after that. Soon after Grimmjow had started moving as well as neared the edge and tumbled over it, muscles contracting around the arrancar's member and milking him dry as he came as well, filling him to the brim.

With a soft sigh he collapsed on top of Grimmjow, drunk smile still playing on his lips as he fell asleep, soon being followed by Grimmjow who was too tired to move.


Ichigo's eyes snapped open as he felt a surge of pain go through his stomach. He quickly stared at the clock, sober enough to do so now and saw that it had been only 3 hours since he'd made one of the biggest mistakes of his life. But somehow he didn't really regret doing it at all.

He groaned as another wave of pain hit him and he grabbed Grimmjow's arm harshly. "What did you do to me." He groaned out between his teeth as he could feel his stomach bulging slightly, growing more as seconds went by. "What did you do!?"

The arrancar's eyes opened and he stared at him, eyes widening when he saw what was happening to the teen.

He cursed and grabbed Ichigo's shoulders. "You are a beta!?"


"You have a hollow inside of you right. Does he act dominant?"

"Of course he does. Don't all hollows?"

The arrancar shook his head with a deep sigh.

"What did yo-!?"

"You are pregnant. And you have 6 hours until labor."

The teen's eyes widened and he backed away against the opposite wall. "No! nononon! This can't be happening. This is some weird nightmare. I just god drunk and this is a result of my wicked imagination! They are going to kill me!"

"I'm sorry Ichigo. If I had known you were a beta I wouldn't have taken you. But we've got to go now. I have to take you to Hueco Mundo. You can't survive here like this."

"No. I'm not going there. My friends are going to think I betrayed them!"

"There's no other way. There aren't enough spirit particles in the air here. Both you and the child will die."


"No 'but's. We've gotta go as soon as we can. Which is right now!"

He picked Ichigo up bridal style and opened a garganta, carrying the pregnant teen to his own room in the now abandoned Las Noches.


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