The rest of the week past by quickly and before Ichigo could even comprehend what was happening, everybody he knew from the eleventh division was standing in fron of him, asking him where Grimmjow was so Kenpachi and maybe even a few of the others could fight him.

"Where's bluekitty?" The little pink haired girl on top of the man's shoulder asked with a smile. "We came to fight him. He didn"t get scared did he?"

The ex-substitute-shinigami laughed softly at her, holding his stomach as it hurt.

"Oh he isn't scared, you can take that from me. He's just hasn't woken up yet."

The giant muscled man from the eleventh glanced past him towards a door that just opened, revealing a head full of disheveled blue locks.

"I'm up, I'm up. Just gimme a minute to get ready."


Half an hour later both Ichigo and Grimmjoaw were standing in front of the three men of the eleventh division; Kenpachi, Ikaku and Yumichika, while Yachiru had already found her way into some tree to view the fight.

Ichigo decided to follow her example and crawled inside the one next to hers. He knew perfectly well how violent both his lover and the captain could both get and he'd rather be somewhere far away. But then he wouldn't be able to 'support' the bluehaired man; not like he needed it. So he just decided to go as high as possible on the farthest corner from the training grounds.

"You ready?" he heard the tallest of the two growl out in a low voice.


The orange haired teen groaned. Grimmjow was way too confident about this. The man really has no idea what he's up to, has he?

Only seconds later their swords clashed for the first time, sending both males backwards again at the power of it. They grinned at each other and went at it again; and again, and again, but every time on of them attacked the other would easily dodge or block the stroke and go in for the attack himself.

And that went on for about 2 hours before apparantly Grimmjow had enough of it and decided to go into his ressorection to end it.

The captain of the eleventh devision watched with interest ast the ex-espada took his armored form and leaped in the ear, ready for another attack.

Swords clashed once again as the bulky man went into defence, not even being able to block the attack with all the power that Grimmjow put behind the attack. Ichigo could hear the sound of a sword cracking, and the widening smirk on Grimmjow's face easily gave away which sword it was.

Kenpachi pushed the other man off him, watching the panther with a careful eye.

"You're better at this than I would've thought." He growled out in that enormously low voice of his.

The bluehaired man scoffed at this. "Of course I am. I had to survive in Hueco Mundo. Your shinigami lifes are way too easy. You don't have a cruel death lurking behind every rock."

Ichigo smirked at that and leaped out of his tree, going to stand next to the ex-espada. "You should remember you're a shinigami yourself now thought."

Grimmjow turned towards him with a twitching eyebrow. "Right. I forgot." He made a sour face and turned back to the other man growling lowly to gather his attention. Which was when he noticed that Yachiru had once again climbed up onto his back.

They waved at him and soon after they were suddenly gone, being followed by the other –grumbling- members of the eleventh division.

"Well finally alone again. Want to go pester our host for a little bit?"

The orange haired man rolled his eyes and followed his lover back into the house. "We're not going to pester Byakuya Grimmjow. We're still under house arrest until at least 6 PM this evening. And I'd rather not piss him off right now seeing as how he is going to be the one to bring us the old man's decision.


Time passed quickly after that –because of obvious reasons- and before Ichigo even came to aknowledging time again, there was a knock on the door with Byakuya's voice sounding soon after.

He lifted his head off of Grimmjow's shoulder, wrapped himself in a plain night yukata and went to open the door to the host of the house.

Byakuya didn't even blink at the barely clothed state he found Ichigo in and just went inside the room, refraining from rolling his eyes at the still very naked Grimmjow staring back at him.

"I have news about the decision made by the gotei 13 captains and the central 46."

This, of course, immediately caught Ichigo's attention, making him freeze as he was handig his lover something to wear.

The bleuhaired man grabbed the cloth hovering near his head and pulled his pregnant mate in his lap, softly kneeding his shoulders as he nodded his head to the sixth division captain as if to tell him they were ready for the news; good or bad.

Byakuya was barely able to surpress his smile at that gentle gesture and sat down in front of the couple.

"Well, I wouldn't want to kep you waiting any longer so I'll just say the most imortant things. First of all, the execution is no longer accepted, on the contrary actually, Grimmjow is to be enstated into the eleventh division as a seated officer while right now the first orders to start building a house on the outskirts of the seireitei for your little family to live in."

"And what about Katherine? What about her education? Her teachers will get suspicious if she just suddenly dissapeared."

"We also talked about that and we decided that she will be put in what Ishida-kun described as distance-education. He will tutor her and she will do exams and tests to check up on her evolution."

"Alright... I guess I can live with that. I could also help along with some of the tutoring."

"But that was not all Kurosaki-kun. We also wish to start teaching her about the laws and ways of the soul society as well as keep track about her potential to become a shinigami, maybe even start simple training."