"But that was not all Kurosaki-kun. We also wish to start teaching her about the laws and ways of the soul society as well as keep track about her potential to become a shinigami, maybe even start simple training."




"No. she's too young. I don't want her learning about violence and fighting at this young age already. It can't possibly do her any good."

"Ichigo." Grimmjow laid a gently hand down on the orange haired man's shoulder, trying to ground the raising temper. "Let's listen to the specifics first alright? Maybe it's not actually that bad? I mean. I grew up with violence? "

"... fine. But your last argument isn't really helping along."

Ichigo released a heavy sigh and signed to Byakuya to carry on. But he did so reluctantly.

"The training we would start her on would actually be healing kudos, creating hell butterflies, all the basics. Later, when she's old enough we'll let her get to know the other elements and then she can decide which direction she wants to take. That is the way the teach all noble children."

Silence fell into the room, the two lovers staring at each other in complementation. Grimmjow was the first to speak after a few minutes of silent communication.

"That actually sounds like a very good idea."

It was only a few seconds later when Ichigo agreed.



Ichigo leaned against the tree, staring at the pond where his two children were playing tag. 5 years had passed since Elizabeth was born and back then he could never have imagined his life to become like this.

This peaceful.

He watched as Elizabeth chased Katherine around the garden, the oldest one running just fast enough that her black haired sibling couldn't catch her, but slow enough that she didn't lose interest in trying to do so.

Just like they both thought. Kat was the best big sister they could have imagined her being. Of course, sometimes, they fought about silly things, for example: Last week Beth's favourite teddy bear had disappeared and when they looked for it they found it in Katherine's bed. A fight broke out because Elizabeth thought Kat had stolen it. But in the end they remembered that she'd crawled into her sister's bed to hide for the storm.

In the end she let her big sister keep her teddy for one night as an apology.

Suddenly Ichigo found his eleven year old daughter in his lap, screaming in his face that daddy was finally home. Which normally wasn't that big of a deal. But Grimmjow had been away for a few weeks. Send on a mission to Huecco Mundo to finally finalize the treaty they had been building up to for years.

A treaty that stated that there would be no attacks unless they were justified. This meant nothing more than the fact that the shinigami would only attack the hollows attacking souls, and the arrancar would not attack humans.

Simple as that.

But it had still taken around five years for it all to be finalized because there were some very stubborn people on both sides.

He tried to stand up, which wasn't actually that easy because, first of all, he had an eleven year old girl clinging to his neck, and second of all, being about halfway pregnant with his third child, standing up wasn't an easy task on itself.

Well: third AND fourth child actually because lady faith had decided to put twins in his now overly large stomach.

He waddled his way over to the gate where his, once again, blue-haired husband was waiting for him with Elizabeth already in his arms. A bright smile played on the man's lips as he walked closer to his pregnant husband. The last time he saw him he wasn't even showing yet and now he looked like he had swallowed a very big watermelon.

Or maybe two of them.

Grimmjow pulled him as close as he could, kissing him passionately on the lips.

"God I missed you."

"I thought you'd be too distracted to miss me."

"distracted with what?"

"your friends. Obviously. You haven't seen then in at least 5 years."

"yeah…. Starrk's been an absolute je- meanie to me about that."

Ichigo smirked at the quick correction the ex-arrancar made. Wouldn't want to actually cuss in front of his 5 year old daughter now would he? Ichigo wouldn't let him live it down.

He'd done that once with Katherine and he had to hear it for months because she had tried repeating the word at school.

You can probably guess that her teachers weren't exactly too pleased about that.

Nor Ichigo.


Weeks later they welcomed their two lovely sons. The first one named Maxim, (because Grimmjow had heard that name somewhere and it had stuck with him) who they just called 'max for short', and Elliot, A name Ichigo's youngest sister suggested after hearing it somewhere on television. It was the name of some actor or character she liked and Ichigo had thought it to have a nice ring to it.

Though after their birth they decided, that 4 children, running around in the house, was more than enough for the moment. And if Grimmjow dared knock him up again, some very bad things were going to happen.

He should probably thank Unohana for the birth control pills, based on those for human girls, so he doesn't have to worry about the possibilities Ichigo could probably come up with.


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