Once a Dove, Now a Pigeon

I hope to turn this into a full, trope-filled story (about five shots, could be more, could be less)– see if you can spot the tropes!

I own the pigeons...oh yeah, and FYI, pigeons and doves are in the same family.

Run! Kaito told himself. If she catches you, she might do something nasty…

'She' was Akako, who was currently in one of her 'I can't make Kaito Kid love me' rages. "If I can't have you, then I'll turn you into one of those doves you're friends with!" she yelled, zapping the spiky-haired teen with a bolt of scarlet magic…

…and he turned into a pigeon, much to everyone's surprise and Akako's chagrin. "What did you just do to me, you stupid witch?" Kaito asked her as he took a good look at his new feathered body. Everyone's jaws dropped at hearing Kaito's voice come out of a bird.

"I don't know why it backfired…" she muttered, scratching her chin.


As Hakuba opened the door, he noticed everything was chaos as usual – Aoko was chasing Kaito, and Akako was charming the pants off other boys. But strangely, Kaito was missing…there was a pigeon instead, getting hit by the broom. What happened to Kuroba-kun? he wondered. He couldn't be the pigeon, could he? "Or did he turn invisible?" he asked himself sarcastically, as he observed that the bird was still trying to get the hang of flying.

Just then, the teacher ambled boredly into the classroom. Startled by the noise, Kaito tried landing on his chair, but instead became human for some strange reason.


The rest of the day was spent avoiding the other people's gazes as he tried…and failed…to keep Akako's spell under control.

As Kaito rushed out the door with his bag at the end of the day, Aoko in tow, he spied some pigeons, which made him stop dead – he'd been seeing one all day, of course. The queer thing is that just seeing a pigeon made him turn into one again, complete with his bag and him hitting the floor.

"Hey, crumb-brain!"

Kaito's newly feathered head swivelled towards the callout. It was the leader of the flock he just noticed, insulting him! "Oh great…" he muttered, as he stared up at Aoko. She was gathering up his bag and looking around for the bird that was him. The only problem was that he looked too much like every other pigeon to be noticed by her...

"Crumb-brain, are you listening? Did you need help with that bag there?" the pigeon grumbled, apparently unfazed by a teenager turning into a bird. The other birds of the flock repeated what he said in a sing-song voice. "Will, Jonny, Guy, cut it out!" the leader snapped.

"But Chris…" one of them moaned. [Now, where have we heard those names before?] Kaito was just perplexed at the birds' name choice, but still gave a nod to accept Chris's offering.

"Ambush position 108, boys! Right on to it!" the pigeon leader commanded.

It turns out 'ambush position 108' was just a V formation. Luckily for Kaito, he got a clear view of Aoko's panties as he joined them – and they were white.


As the flock and the thief-turned-bird dragged the bag across the city towards his house, the four real birds couldn't help musing over their city escapades. Of course, no one can hear a pigeon speak unless they are a pigeon themselves, so no one heard them except Kaito.

They were almost at the Kuroba mansion when Kaito stopped in his path.

In front of him was a fishmonger's. He'd never actually seen this shop on his way home from school before, so it must have been new.

Just staring at the symbol on the shop window was enough to make him scream - a strange high-pitched noise. "What's wrong?" one of the members (he couldn't tell which one) asked him.

"It's a place that sells…


With that, he thudded to the floor, becoming human as his consciousness escaped him.

The title is kind of derived from 'once bitten, twice shy'...but it's really something I made up. The 'dove' is of course an allusion to Kid.

If this oneshot isn't good enough, I'll rewrite it for the full fic. Please read and review!