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Last time on 'The Time Will Come':

Kiyoshi and Frieza's diabolical plan is put into action. Vegeta is left behind by accident by Nappa (without Nappa knowing), so he is obligated to use another ship (a space pod). Vegetasei is going into a war of sorts....

The Time Will Come

The End?

King Vegeta walked briskly through the halls of the grand palace. He finally arrived at his destination, the War Room. In this room, he would discuss strategies with his top three generals, Bardock, Kajuka, and Verloc. King Vegeta pushed open both of the doors. As soon as he entered the room, the scowl on his face grew deeper. The sight that met him was truly displeasurable, especially at a time like this. He looked on as his generals yelled at each other.

"You fool, don't you understand, we can't use our ships because the enemy have scanners that will have the ability to locate where our ships are heading!" Bardock bellowed in Verloc's face.

"No matter, that will only help them in realizing that our ships are heading their way, bringing their eternal demise!" Verloc yelled back, stubbornly .

Bardock looked back at Verloc as if he were insane. He slammed his fist on the massive table once. " Imbecile!! They will destroy our ships even before we have a chance to use them!!"

Kajuka just stood there, looking over several maps. He would write on them occasionally. King Vegeta had had enough of their incessant arguing. He personally knew which one was right, and which one was wrong.

"QUIET!" King Vegeta roared. At once, they all bowed in respect, then they looked up at him. He looked at Verloc and growled, "We will NOT use the ships. You know perfectly well of the technology that Frieza possesses. Our ships will do no good."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Verloc said in a calm anger-filled voice. Verloc glared at Bardock, who glared back. Verloc hated Bardock. For some odd reason, King Vegeta decided to make the third-class a first-class, and make him a general. And if that wasn't enough to anger Verloc, King Vegeta also respected the former third-class immensely.

King Vegeta looked at Kajuka, who spread out the maps in front of the king. "What are their positions?" he asked while glaring down at the maps.

"There have so far been word of his troops in the Western, Eastern, and Southern sectors. No word has come of his fighters in the Northern Sector." Kajuka answered. The capital, including the palace was located in the Northern Sector.

King Vegeta began stroking his goatee. "That's strange, wouldn't he first attack the capital?" `I don't get it.' He looked at Bardock, "You and your men will go and defend the Western Sector." Bardock merely nodded in agreement. The king then looked at Verloc, "You take your men and fight them off in the Eastern Sector. Kajuka, you take your men to the Southern Sector. I want word of everything that happens." King Vegeta concluded, as he looked at his three generals in the eye.

"But, Your Highness, what about the Northern Sector, something is bound to happen." Bardock inquired.

"I will be here protecting the Northern Sector with my guards." he informed. They all looked at him with surprise. "I know that Frieza is going to make an entrance here, and I'll be waiting for him." King Vegeta revealed.

All three of his men looked at him with awe and a tremendous amount of respect. They nodded their heads in acknowledgement.

King Vegeta reached for his scouter. He adjusted the ear and eye pieces. When he was done, he looked back at his men and said, "I'll see you all at the celebration that will be held in honor of our victory."

Bardock, Kajuka, and Verloc bowed to their king, and smirked with admiration of their king.

'There truly won't ever be a king quite like him.' Bardock thought with recognition. They all nodded once more and left the War Room.

It was time to defend and protect their planet.


Docking Bay, Vegeta-sei....

The man in charge of monitoring the ships that left and entered Vegeta-sei sat their doing just that. He recognized the Prince's ship reaching Vegeta-sei's atmosphere.

At that exact moment, King Vegeta entered the room. He quickly got up and bowed in respect. King Vegeta nodded, "That's my son's ship." He said a matter-of-factly.

"Yes sire, it is."


Frieza's ship...

Frieza sat there in his chair, drinking his wine. He looked at the screen in front of him. He took a sip of his wine.

"Zarbon, magnify that picture, I can't make out anyting."

"Yes Lord Frieza." Zarbon answered automatically. He pushed a button and the picture on the screen changed to that of a ship nearing Vegeta-sei. Frieza looked closely at the picture. He examined it for a minute. Suddenly, his eyes widened. The insignia of the Royal Family of Vegeta-sei was clearly on it.

"Is that not the Prince's ship?" Zarbon asked his master.

Frieza, without taking his eyes off of the screen, took a sip of his wine, and smirked. "Yes, Zarbon, I believe it is."

"Would you like me to do anything, Lord?" Zarbon asked uneasily.

"Destroy it."


The Docking Bay Control Room, on Vegeta-sei....

King Vegeta looked at the screen once more, and suddenly he turned to the man in charge of the communications with the ships.

"Inform them of the danger, tell them to turn around at once until I say it is safe enough." The man nodded and turned back to the screen. Right when his pointer finger touched the communications button, from the corner of his eye he saw the screen emanating a bright light. He quickly looked up. The image that met his eyes horrified him. He looked back at the king standing behind him. He observed how the king was holding his hands in tight fists at his sides.

King Vegeta looked at the screen. All that was left was debris. No bodies could be made out of all fragments. He was then engulfed with an all too familiar emotion, rage.

'My son.....my heir.........no.' he thought with a mixture of sorrow and rage.

The man looked on at his king. He was baffled at what to do. He suddenly became aware of the blood staining his king's gloves.

He held his fists so tight, that his nails penetrated his gloves and skin, thus initiating the bleeding which stained his white gloves. He noticed, with dread, how his king's eyes changed to a red color.

"Not good...." he thought.

"Leave." King Vegeta whispered.

"Uh, umm, yes sire." he bowed, and quickly left.

As soon as King Vegeta was certain the man had left, he let out mighty roar, letting out all of the grief and anguish he felt.

'Nooooo...' he thought, this couldn't be happening.

A dark figure in the corner of the room watched the display, and quickly left the room.

'Annihilation of Prince Vegeta...complete.' he thought with glee, as he quickly escaped through a hidden door, making sure the king didn't see him.


Frieza'a ship....

"Zarbon, I believe it's time to pay our favorite Monkey King a visit." Frieza stated, as he took a sip from his wine, finished the last in his goblet.

"Yes, Lord Frieza." Zarbon answered, as he pushed some buttons, making the next destination of the ship to be the Grand Palace on Vegeta-sei.


Docking Bay, Control Room, Vegeta-sei....

King Vegeta stood there, completely livid. He felt the ground rumbling. He knew that Frieza had come.

"Frieza will pay." he managed to say through all of his anger. With a swoosh of his cape, he turned around, and reached for the door, to meet Frieza, and destroy him once and for all. However, as soon as he opened the door, he heard a beep come from the control, and he heard a voice that he thought that he would never hear again.

"What the hell is wrong with this ship! Why can't I get into Vegeta-sei! I demand you allow me to get into Vegeta-sei this instant!" the young voice of Prince Vegeta yelled.

King Vegeta turned around to confirm that his hearing wasn't impaired. Sure enough, there was his son, with a scowl set on his face, complaining.

'He's alive....he's alive.' he thought with relief.

Young Vegeta suddenly noticed that his father was in the room. "Hey, old man! Nappa left me behind, the imbecile! I had to get a ride on this degrading space pod!" he exclaimed in his ten-year old whiny voice.

King Vegeta reached the controls and began pushing buttons. "Hey, old man, what are you doing?!?"

"The ship that Nappa was on was destroyed." he informed.

"WHAT!!?! How was it destroyed?? Who did it?!? Prince Vegeta asked incredulously.


"Frieza?? Who the hell is Frieza?"

"Boy, I'm am directing your ship to another destination, for your own safety. Vegeta-sei is at war with Frieza at this very moment."

"What!? Are you serious?"

King Vegeta scowled at his son, "Do I look otherwise."

"I refuse to run! I want to fight! I've been training while I was on Reku-sei. I know I can beat this Frieza bastard!" King Vegeta smirked at his son's persistence, but it was quickly replaced with a scowl.

"You have no choice in the matter, brat."

"We'll see about that old man!"

King Vegeta let out a sigh, "Look brat, I don't know if I'll ever see you again. I need you to live so you can beat Frieza when you get older."

"Father, can't you beat him?" Prince Vegeta whispered. The look in King Vegeta's eyes answered his question, without the use of words.

King Vegeta was able to control everything on the prince's ship through the controls in front of him. He instructed the ship to transport its passenger to a very distant planet. King Vegeta made sure that the sleeping gas would be used. He looked at the screen. He watched as the gas took its affect. He looked at another screen, and saw the ship directing its object of destination away from Vegeta-sei, as it turned.

"Good bye son." he whispered at the sleeping image of his son. He looked back down at the controls. He wanted to make sure that there was no record of his son even making contact with Vegeta-sei. He erased all memory of the computer. This way, they would never know where he sent Vegeta, thus preventing any harm coming to the prince.

'If I die, at least my blood will continue.' he thought, as he finally exited the room, to fight Frieza.

As soon as he left the control room, he was met with chaos. A majority of his guards were killed. Only a hand-full remained. He saw one of Frieza's men aiming at him, ready to blast him. King Vegeta fazed in front of him and punched him in the gut. When the man bent over, Vegeta then kneed him in the face. He then took a ki blast in his hand, and blasted Frieza's man to the other dimension. All that remained was ashes. He killed a couple more of Frieza's men. Whenever he would notice one of his men struggling to fend off Frieza's men, then he would intervene and finish off the enemy. There were only five of his own guards left.

King Vegeta instructed all of them to protect their queen, and he would finish off Frieza's men. His guards couldn't speak out against their king, so they did what they were told to do. King Vegeta finished off the rest of Frieza's men effortlessly. As soon as he blasted the last of them, he heard clapping behind him.

"Not bad Monkey King, not bad." came an oddly feminine voice. He turned, and he was face to face with his enemy, Frieza.

"You bastard." King Vegeta managed through clenched teeth.

"Oh, I guess you heard of the demise of your brat, such a shame." Frieza chuckled.

"Bastard, you will pay."

Frieza merely laughed, "Oh, don't give me all of the credit, I wasn't able to do all of this alone now. I don't want to be selfish now, do I?"

Vegeta just looked at him with a confused look, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

King Vegeta looked around the room. It was only him, Frieza, and his right-hand man Zarbon. Suddenly, he heard his named being called behind him.


Vegeta turned around, to see his cousin. "Kiyoshi? Kiyoshi, you take on the green-haired pansy, and I'll take on Frieza." when he finished saying that, he turned his head and eyes back to Frieza. Suddenly, he felt pain wash over him. He looked down, and saw a hole in his abdomen. He turned his head, towards Kiyoshi. He saw the still smoking finger of his cousin, who had just shot a ki-beam through him.

"Kiyoshi?!?" Vegeta whispered with disbelief.

"Didn't Frieza tell you that he wasn't able to do all of this alone, I helped him Vegeta, it was me." Kiyoshi finished, with a smirk, as he saw the look on Vegeta's face.

"Traitor, you will be killed." Vegeta managed to whisper, as blood began trickling out of his mouth. It was very hard for Vegeta to breathe. Vegeta felt his life energy quickly draining from him. He felt hatred towards his cousin, more than he felt towards Frieza.

Vegeta suddenly fell down to his knees, with his right hand covering his wound. He wasn't able to hold himself much longer. All of a sudden, he fell to the ground completely.

Kiyoshi walked towards him, and crouched down to his level, with a smirk on his face. "Oh, Vegeta, don't you like the sound of 'King Kiyoshi'? I think it has a nice ring to it. Oh, and don't worry about Keona, I'll take good care of her, if you know what I mean."

Vegeta's eyes widened with horror. He spit in Kiyoshi's face, but unexpectedly, he whispered with a smirk, "It's not over."

The smirk on Kiyoshi's face disappeared, as he stood back up from the crouch he was in. He extended his arm, with his palm facing Vegeta, and blasted him. He made sure not to totally damage the king's body because the people would want proof of their king's unexpected death.

'He said that as if he knew something that I didn't.....' Kiyoshi thought, as he contemplated the king's last words to him. 'No matter, I'm king now.' he thought, as an evil smile appeared on his lips.



It had been years since the attack on Vegeta-sei by Frieza. Kiyoshi was now the king, since he was the only one left with royal blood running through his veins. All of the Saiyans believed that Frieza killed their beloved King Vegeta and Prince Vegeta. King Kiyoshi addressed the planet on the demise of their Royal King and Prince. He also added that in order to establish peaceful relations with Frieza, the Saiyans must do whatever the Ice-jin bids of the them to do. If it meant to destroy other planets, then they did just that.

Many Saiyans were executed for contempt of the Royal Crown. These Saiyans included General Bardock, General Kajuka, General Verloc, Dr. Briefs, and Mrs. Briefs all of which were executed for conspiracy against the Royal Crown. Many Saiyans were left orphaned. The Saiyans had entered a Dark Age. Favorable times were over, they no longer existed. The times of the reign of the King Vegeta was merely a distant memory.

Bulma Brief's life was completely changed. She was no longer a blissful and carefree individual. She was now constantly on the run.

Oh, but what of our beloved Prince Vegeta. What has happened to him? Is he wandering somewhere in deep space? Is he contently living on another planet with a mate and family. Or is he dead, due to a malfunction of his ship. So many possibilities. Will we ever find out??

Will The Time Come???


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