Deidara lies on his back with his legs around Sasoris waist, while the redhead thrusts in to him, hitting the right spot every time. Even though it feels fantastic, like he would get an orgasm any time now, Deidara isn't enjoying it. Its' not that they are doing it for the third time tonight and the blonde is getting bored of it, it's just… It's like Sasori isn't even there.

They only have sex more than once in a row when Sasori has been having a bad day, and Deidara feels like he's just a toy with the purpose of relaxing his Danna. And when they have sex, Sasori sometimes doesn't even look at him. The blonde have wonder for long if they are going out, if they are a couple, or if Sasori is just playing with him. But he's too scared to ask. He doesn't know why. Maybe he's just afraid of the answer?

Reaching his limits for the third time tonight, Deidara comes, yelling Sasoris name in the process. Only a few seconds later, Sasori comes as well, whispering something the blonde can't hear. When the redhead have pulled out himself from his partner he leans forward, kisses Deidara on the forehead, and then lies down beside him and falls asleep. Just like he always does. Sure, Deidara likes that little kiss, but he can't help wishing for more. More affection, and love.

He rolls onto his side, having his back against Sasori. He grabs his sleeping Danna's arm and puts it over his own body, pretending that Sasori is the one hugging him with his own will.

Deidara slowly wakes up, stretching his arms and legs. It's a lovely feeling, according to the blonde. He turns around in the bed, hoping Sasori will lie there beside him. But to his disappointment, he's alone. It's not unusual that Sasori leaves before the blonde wakes up, though he wished the redhead could stay, wait for him to wake, say good morning and kiss him. Maybe they could cuddle a little.

Deidara shakes his head, trying to convince himself that there's no hope for something silly like that.

He gets out of the bed and goes towards the bathroom to take a shower. Every step he takes makes his ass hurt, but he ignores it. All he wants right now is to get clean. He's kind of disgusted by himself. Smelling sweat and sex, feeling dirty everywhere.

After the shower he goes to the closet to put on some new, clean clothes. Black sweatpants and a white T-shirt is all he need. He knows that there's no mission for him today, so why not dress more comfortable. He quickly brushes through his hair, puts it in his usual pony tail, and then he leaves the bedroom, going towards the kitchen to get something to eat. He hopes that he will be alone there. He doesn't feel like meeting someone right now, he's afraid someone will notice that he limps from the night's event. Not that Deidara and Sasoris relationship is a secret, everyone knows about it.., he just want to avoid questions about their sex life. "Is it good?" "How many times have you guys done it?" "So, you are the uke!?" …Deidara could live happy without having to answer those personal questions.

When he steps into the kitchen he can see, again to his disappointment, that all the Akatsuki members are there, standing in a circle, and talking about something. He doesn't really care about what, and decides to leave. Breakfast isn't something he really loves anyway. But just when he's about to leave, Sasori calls for him.

"Finally, you're awake, brat. Come here."

He reaches out his hand, waiting for Deidara to grab it.

The blonde grabs his hand and Sasori pulls him against his body, making his partner blush as he lays his arm around his shoulders. Even if it sometimes feels like their relationship is kind of weak, and confusing, it doesn't mean it don't have sweet moments like this.

Deidara thinks it's a little embarrassing to act like this around the other members, but Sasori doesn't seem to care. And for the first time, neither does the other. The blonde don't even know if they are aware that he's there.

"What's going on Danna, un?" Deidara asks, looking up at him.

"I don't know, but there's something very strange on the floor" Sasori answers, pointing to the middle of the human circle.

Deidara can't see anything because the person in front of him, which is Kisame, is too big, so he leaves Sasoris embrace, and places himself in front of the fish man. There on the floor he sees something he never seen before. Its round, shifting in white and blue, looking like a swirl. It looks so deep, but at the same time very flat. Like a paper.

"What's that?" Deidara asks, as he starts to lean over it to see if there's something on the bottom.

If there now exist one.

"Be careful to not fall on it" Pain warns, making the blonde lean back a little "We don't know what happens if we touch it."

"Well then, isn't a good idea to find out?" Hidan asks and smirks evilly towards Deidara.

"Go ahead, touch it" Kakuzu says and pushes Hidan so he falls towards the strange circle on the floor.

But the Jashanist regains his balance, and turns around quickly to Kakuzu, hitting him in the face.

"What the hell are you doing?! I could have died, you bastard!" he yells as he tries to hit Kakuzu again, but misses.

"I must say, I'm very curious what would happen if we touched it" Kisame says, ignoring the swearing and violent Hidan.

"But who's supposed to touch it then? I don't think anyone of us would volunteer to do that" both sides of Zetsu says.

"Oh, oh, Tobi have an idea!" Tobi yells exited as he jumps up and down.

"What?" Pain asks, not expecting much from the goofy member.

"The one who pulls the shortest stick will have to touch it!" he explains, as he holds out his hand with ten sticks, where only one is shorter than the rest.

No one seems to have a better idea, or questions about where he got those sticks from, so they just do as Tobi says. The Akatsuki members grab their own stick one after one, and when everyone have their own stick, it's time to see who the victim is.

"Okay, everyone who got a long stick raises a hand" Tobi orders.

Everyone raises their hands, except for one certain blonde member. Deidara stares at the stick in his hand, suddenly feeling very nervous and terrified. He never would have thought a five centimeter long stick would decide his future.

"Danna…" he says trembling as he turns around to Sasori, seeking help and comfort.

"Sorry brat, you picked the smallest one. There's nothing I can do about it."

Not even his Danna, his partner, his lover, were going to help him out of this?! Life really sucks sometimes.

Deidara stares at the white, blue thing on the floor, wondering what will happen when he touches it. Will he catch on fire, get a cureless disease or maybe turn into stone? It maybe kills him within a second!

As he stands there, trying to prepare himself for the worst, Hidan starts to get bored. He understands why Sasori hates waiting. Feeling it takes way to long time, he decides to help Deidara get it over with as fast as possible. He grabs the blondes shoulder making him jump in surprise.

"Hidan, what are you-"

"And of you go!"

He pushes Deidara so hard there's no way he could regain his balance and the blonde falls over the weird circle. Exactly the second Deidara touches it, a bright light fills the room, forcing everyone to close their eyes, if they now wouldn't like to get blind. The light only lasts for a few seconds, and then it just disappears.

The Akatsuki members slowly open their eyes again, and they get pretty shocked when discover that the circle is gone. And so is Deidara.

"Where is he?" Sasori asks nervously, as he looks around in the room "What happened? Where did he go?"

Everyone starts looks around, wondering what happened with the blonde. Is he still in the base, is he even alive? Sasori goes to where that weird thing, and Deidara, had been for only a few seconds ago. He gets on his knees, searching with his hands on the floor.


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