I changed perspective, so now it's from Deidaras POV. It was easier to write like that, so I hope it's okay^^

"Is it… really him?"

"I know, it's unbelievable! It's… fantastic!"

"But who found him? And where?"

"A woman was walking with her dog in the park in centrum. She found him there, unconscious on the ground."

"What was he doing there?"

"No one knows. But we do know that if that woman hadn't found him that moment, it would maybe have been to late…"

"Have you called his parents?"



"Don't you know?"

"Know what?"

"They are… dead. They died 10 years ago… "

"He's an orphan!? But… where have he been living all these years?

"A friend took care of him. I called him a couple of minutes ago, so he should be here any second now."

"I wonder what made him considering such a terrible thing… Why would he do it?"

"We'll have to wait for him to wake up to get the answers."

"I need to go now, but I'll be back. Contact me as soon as he shows any signs of movement, okay?!"

"I also need to go, but we'll keep in touch."

Who were those women? Who were they talking about? An orphan that did something terrible..? Why do I even care?! It's not like it has something to do with me. What's important right now is to figure out where the hell I am! For some reason my eyes won't open up, so I can't see! And why does my head hurt? What happened? I remember I was in the kitchen with the others, and Hidan was a jerk, like usual. He pushed me… and I landed on that thing on the floor… and then what? I can't remember anything after that!

Suddenly, the sound of rapid footsteps enters the room, and stops not so far away from me.

"Oh god..!"

It's a man this time.

"Hello? Can you hear me?"

Is he talking to me? He sounds pretty nervous.

"Squeeze my hand if you can hear me."

The man grabs my hand carefully. It's warm and soft. I have no idea who he is, but it doesn't feel wrong when he holds my hand. It feels comforting, and safe. I really hope he's not a random pervert!


…No way… Is it really… him? He's here?! He's… worried for me?!

I want to squeeze his hand so badly, I wanna press it so hard I can, and show him that I can hear him. But why can't I move? Am I paralyzed?

And why does his hand feel so warm and soft? They're usually colder and harder… What have he done with them? Or is it something wrong with my hand?

"I guess you're not able to answer me…"

The touch of his hand slowly goes away. I can't let it happen! It most hold me, make me feel safe! I want to enjoy this precious moment of knowing that he cares.

But instead of grabbing his hand before it leaves me, I open my lips, and speak.


He grabs my hand again, almost crushing it against himself as he strokes my head with the one hand that's not trying to make the one he holds unavailable to get any blood.

"I'll go and get the nurse. Please, stay with us" he whispers fast and happily, kissing my hand before he leaves, shouting after a nurse.

I watch him running down the hall, which makes me feel warm inside, and the happiness I feel makes me smile.

Wait a second… I can see! I can move my whole face now! And my fingers are moving as well! The coma is finally leaving my body!

Sasori returns shortly, panting by the door, obviously because he ran.

"Deidara, I found a nurse, and she's… You can see now?"

At first I get filled with joy by seeing Sasori standing there, but the joy gets quickly replaced with confusion. What is he wearing? A green shirt and black pants?! That's not the Akatsuki cloak, or his usual grey pants. Why does his body, the skin look so soft? Why is he so damn tall? And why does he look so much older?! How long was I in that stupid coma?! But that shouldn't matter, he's a doll, he isn't supposed to age.

And why did he call me by name? He never does that… It's always brat, never Deidara…

"You… said my name" I point out, blushing when I think of it over and over again "and not only now, but before, when you were trying to contact me…"

Sasori stares confused at me, his face asking more questions than his mouth.

"What do you mean by that?" he asks, as he suddenly starts to laugh "I can't remember ever calling you something else."

"But Danna-"

I stop talking when I see the now embarrassed look on his face. Where have he gotten all of these expressions from? Normally he wouldn't even smile, but now he can laugh and blush?!

"Wh-why did you say that… What did you mean by it?" he asks troubled.

"But Sasori, your my Danna, your my… my lover" I for some reason try to explain.

I shouldn't have to, he knows it himself. I know he's sometime cold, but not even he can be so evil to pretend we don't have a relationship.

"Deidara, what are you talking about? We're nothing more than friends."

The third week of school ended in the weirdest way ever (for me at least). I don't know if something like this happens in other countries, but in Sweden, when you start gymnasiet (I think it's the same as high school, you go there after ninth grade), the last year students are allowed to "embarrass" (or something like that) the new kids. My class had to pretend to be dogs, out in public, in the centrum of the city, not far away from our school. The
third years wrote nolla on our forheads ("nolla"= "zero", or "loser").
We had some kind of thin ropes around our stomach that was attached to a leash, as we had to sing along to "Who let the dogs out", bark when we were ordered to, sit on the ground, crawl, dance, and sing our own version of "Never gonna give you up". But the worst part was when we had to lie on the ground in a line, and then roll over each other… And a guy gave me dog candy while I was lying there, waiting for my turn to crush my new classmates.

But to be honest, it wasn't embarrassing at all! Even though people stared at us, and I recognized a few, I didn't care! I can't wait till me and my class can do something like that to the first year students! XP

So, now I have shared some unnecessary information about my Friday afternoon :D

Thanks for reading:3 I'm sorry if my English is bad!

In the next chapter (or ch. 4) I will try to introduce the Akatsuki, but I have no idea how they will act T.T I only know Hidans personality -_- And I'm still confused over Sasoris, in my mind he's cute and perfect, but when I write, he gets boring ;_; I'll try to work on it in the next chapter… (If you have any suggestions about the personalities, please tell me^^)

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