Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Lasers, Chaos, Action!

Part I

Our story begins at a location, deep below New York City, New York. A location so deep, in fact, that the beginning of our story takes place near the Earth's core. Unbeknownst to most, as the Earth's core is so hazardous that none dare to venture down so deep into the Earth's crust, there actually lay a structure, filled with inhabitants. This structure was large, round, metal structure, coloured mostly white. The spherical structure, if not already distinct for its unusual shape, was further distinguished by the large metallic eyeball that was housed on top of the structure. Treads were housed at the bottom of the structure, allowing it a method of transportation- or, at least they would, if they were not deeply encased in molten rock. Amazingly, despite being so close to the uninhabitable Earth's core, the large metallic structure stood on a ledge overlooking the molten pit, resistant to the effects the core's temperature's provided.

This structure was known as the Technodrome- the evil mobile fortress that belonged to the greatest pair of villains the Earth had ever known. These villains were known as Shredder- a megalomaniacal master of ninjutsu, and leader of a Japanese clan of ninjas known as the Foot Clan. His partner in crime was known as Krang- an evil, super villain from Dimension X, easily recognizable for his strange visage as a giant, tentacled brain that was made even more terrifying with a set of hateful lavender eyes and sharp teeth. At one point, this pair had their Technodrome run underneath New York City as they schemed to take over not only New York City, but the entire Earth itself so that all would bow before their combined might. However, every time Shredder and Krang were close to accomplishing their goal, they were defeated by their mortal enemies- the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Their latest huge defeat at the hands of the Turtles saw Shredder, Krang and their Technodrome banished to the Earth's core and while their juggernaut still had enough power to be inhabitable for them, the Technodrome was disabled just enough that it was thought that the Technodrome would never move again.

Still, while Shredder and Krang were literally down -in the Earth's core that is!-, they were far from being out...

In the main control room of the Technodrome, the deranged, but brilliant scientific brain that was Krang was currently tending to a strange looking device that he was in the process of building. Despite being nothing more than a talking, tentacled brain, a special android exo-suit that was built just for him allowed him to move freely and easily around, as well as life, carry and build his latest invention. As Krang sat in an open compartment in his android's stomach and controlled it to hammer in a large sheet of metal into his inventions frame, the brain-creature allowed himself an evil, demented cackle, which was extenuated by his high pitched tone of voice. As the hammer's strikes rung throughout the Technodrome's control room, and down the corridors of the fortress, Krang gave the sheet of metal one last, hard strike with the hammer before it was finally fixed in place. Lowering the hammer, Krang took a step back from his device, so that he could see the finished product and admire his handiwork.

His latest invention was a large, silver cannon. Housed on an equally large metal mount that contained a control panel to manipulate it, the cannon was so large that it actually took up a great deal of space in the control room, as it was so high that it nearly touched the ceiling of the spacious room! It had taken many days for Krang to turn the structure he had designed on his blueprints, into the finished article, but now as he stood and marveled at his latest invention, and wiped his android's hands clean of stains of oil with a rag, Krang knew the time and effort he had put in to making the device had been worth it.

Unfortunately for Krang though, he found that his peaceful time of admiration and exhibition of his latest device was cut short. Behind Krang, the door leading into the control slide open with an audible swish that came from the automatic door's mechanics. With a slight feeling of irritation, Krang turned to see his sometimes partner, sometimes rival, Shredder, walk into the room.

The evil Shredder, dressed as usual in his armour, that resembled that of a samurai's- be it, a samurai's armour that was armed with bladed gauntlets, and shoulder pads. With a regal, purple cape fluttering behind him as he walked, Shredder eyed Krang's new invention suspiciously from behind the concealment of the mask and helmet that he always wore on his head. Behind Shredder, were his two henchmen, known as Rocksteady and Bebop- a pair of muscular, but very dim-witted punks who had been mutated by Shredder himself into a walking, talking Rhinoceros and Warthog respectively, who, fortunately for Shredder and Krang's eyesight were fully clothed. As the trio approached Krang and his dangerous looking invention, Shredder finally spoke.

"Well Krang, considering the non-stop hammering, drilling and cackling have ceased, I assume you've finished your latest device. What is it? Aside from being something that takes up two thirds of the room!"

"Shredder, I am glad you asked." Krang gargled. "It's a device of my own design, and soon to be patented, once I can put in a call to the patent office! I call it a Temporal Replicator."

"And what exactly does a Temporal Replicator do?" Shredder asked.

"I shall show you." Krang replied, before he turned to a corner of the control room. "Foot Solider- approach."

Shredder watched, as from the corner of the Technodrome's control room, came a slim figure with an athletic build. Dressed from head to toe in purple and black, including a purple balaclava, the Foot Soldier, which was actually a robot- a robot that comprised Shredder's robotic Foot Soldier army. Its yellow eyes glowed from beneath its purple balaclava as it looked towards the group and approached the large cannon. Krang directed the Foot Soldier to stand directly in front of the cannon, then he began to tend to the controls of the Temporal Replicator. A few button presses later, and the cannon of the Replicator twitched, then began to move as it was aimed at the Foot Soldier, who continued to stand motionless before the cannon.

Shredder was unamused.

"No, Krang, what are you doing?!" Shredder cried angrily over the android's shoulder. "Do you realize how depleted our Foot Clan is?! We don't have the materials to make any more!"

"Exactly." Krang replied nonchalantly.

"So stop!" Shredder demanded.

"Shredder, for once just shut your mouth and open your eyes so that you can watch!" Krang snapped.

Shredder silenced himself, but his broad upper body was still rigid from anger, with his fists balled tightly in reaction to the events unfolding before him. Glaring from the back of Krang, Shredder allowed his sight to travel to the Foot Soldier who continued to stand motionless before the cannon. With the final press of a button, Krang let out another small cackle as the Temporal Replicator began to hum with power. Then, without warning, a beam of bright, green light shot out from the barrel of the cannon. It was a colour so bright that it illuminated the Technodrome's control room in the same green light- something that Rocksteady and Bebop found to be a pretty sight. Shredder himself, however, didn't find the entire spectacle to be pretty. Instead, he placed a palm before his eyes and the bridge of his nose, which were the only parts of his face unshielded by his mask. From behind the cover of his hand, Shredder continued to listen to the hum of power coming from Krang's device, as well as the continuous annoying cackle from the evil brain, until finally, Shredder heard Krang pull a lever, and the hum of power finally died.

"Give it to me straight," Shredder began, still shielding his eyes. "How much of a mess have you made out of my Foot Solider?"

"Shredder," Krang replied. "Open your eyes."

Despite not wishing to see the assumed mess that would be before him, Shredder took his palm away from his face, revealing his face, which was still red with anger from Krang's actions. But, as he opened his eyes, Shredder looked over to where the Foot Soldier was standing; not to see a giant pile of nuts, bolts and electronics, however. Instead, what now stood before Shredder was not only the Foot Soldier, who was safe and intact, but another Foot Soldier standing right beside it! Shredder was astounded.

"Unbelievable!" Shredder cried, to which Krang could only cackle again.

"Marvelous, isn't it?" Krang gargled with pride. "The Temporal Replicator is a cloning device- made specifically for mechanical objects. With our materials in short supply to create more Foot Soldiers, this device will ensure our ranks are kept fully stocked...so long as we have a Foot Soldier to replicate, that is. Given time, and adjustments, the Temporal Replicator could be used to make another Technodrome..."

"One that we could replicate on the Earth's surface!" Shredder announced, in realization.

"Precisely." Krang agreed. "For a dim wit, Shredder, you do catch on quite quickly sometimes."

"I'll let that one slide..." Shredder said. "But, this is simply brilliant, Krang!" Shredder then continued, as he looked in wonder at the large cannon.

"I'm glad you finally see things my way." Krang stated. "Now come, we must gather up the remaining Foot Soldiers. We should replicate them at once."

Together, Shredder and Krang began to walk away from the Temporal Replicator, towards the door to the control room. However, as they walked, Shredder realized that something was missing...a certain unpleasant odour that came crept up form behind him, which could only mean that Bebop and Rocksteady weren't following behind them. Looking over his shoulder, and stopping in mid walk near the door, Shredder looked to see the two mutants fiddling with the controls to the Technodrome's main computer. After a moment, the large screen of the main computer flashed into life as it displayed a movie.

"If you two idiots are going to stay here and watch tv, make sure you don't touch anything." Shredder informed the pair with an intense tone.

"Relax boss," Rocksteady announced, in a thick New York accent. "We ain't gonna touch nothin'."

"Shh!" Bebop then hissed as he elbowed his Rhinoceros partner in crime. "This is my favourite movie!"

Shredder could only shake his head at the infant like display before him.

"Imbeciles." Shredder muttered to Krang, before the pair left the control room.

With Shredder and Krang now gone, Bebop and Rocksteady settled down, sitting cross legged on the floor so they could watch the movie on a screen that was actually the size of a cinema screen. The movie in question was a horror movie- or, more precisely, a movie about Dr. Frankenstein. The pair watched the movie, enthralled, as the movie was building to the classic scene where Dr. Frankenstein would bring his monster to life. But, just as the movie inched ever closer to the climatic scene, the Channel 6 title card flashed onto the screen.

"Dr. Frankenstein shall continue after a message from our sponsors."

Bebop and Rocksteady groaned out of annoyance.

"Aw, I hate commercials!" Rocksteady cried. "I'm gonna see what else is on."

With that, Rocksteady stood up from the metal floor. He then walked over to the Technodrome's computer, and prepared to pres a series of buttons that would him to change the channel to another station. But, as his fingers went to press the final button to actually change the channel, Rocksteady was shocked to see and feel Bebop's hands wrap tightly around Rocksteady's wrist. Looking up from the keyboard, Rocksteady glared towards Bebop, whose own eyes were covered by his trademark purple framed shades. Rocksteady struggled, trying to wrest his wrist free from Bebop's grasp, but Bebop held his wrist tightly. Rocksteady then decided to use his free hand to change the channel, but before he could press the button, Bebop took one hand from Rocksteady's other wrist, then grasped his hand so now the pair were fully locked together.

"Hey! Whatcha doin', Bebop?!" Rocksteady demanded. "This ain't no fair!"

"Leave it alone!" Bebop cried. "It's my favourite movie. I wanna watch it!"

"But commercials are boring!" Rocksteady argued.

"Yeah, but it's my favourite movie." Bebop complained. "I don't wanna miss a second...Stop it!"

The pair continued to struggle with each other as Bebop tried desperately to keep Rocksteady's reach away from the Technodrome's computer. But as the pair, who were notoriously clumsy, continued to wrestle with one another, Rocksteady found his foot knocking into Bebop's right leg, which was outstretched to give himself enough of a stable base to pull Rocksteady away. As Rocksteady's foot knocked into Bebop's foot, the Rhinoceros tripped over Bebop's leg, and he began to fall to the ground. With his extremely heavy body dropping to the floor, Bebop found that he was helpless, as he too began to fall to the ground since he kept a tight grip of Rocksteady's wrists. Together, the pair landed on the floor and began to roll uncontrollably across the floor, thanks to their combined weight and momentum. Despite only having to let go of one another to stop their perilous tumble, the pair instead opted to continue to cling to each other while letting out pleas for help as they rolled along the floor, coming to a harsh stop only when the pair of them collided head first with Krang's Temporal Replicator with a heavy clang.

The pair lay beside the Temporal Replicator, stunned from their respective knocks to the head, even if some would argue there was nothing inside their skulls to stun. After a moment of groaning, the pair began to come around from their stunned stupor, as they heard a familiar hum of energy. Blinking, Rocksteady sat up first to see that the room was filled with the same green light from earlier as a beam of energy flew out of the barrel of the cannon, only to strike the very center of the Technodrome's computer screen. Thanks to their tussle and tumble into the Temporal Replicator, Bebop and Rocksteady had accidentally switched Krang's device on!

"Hey Bebop, look!" Rocksteady cried in alarm.

"Uh-oh." Bebop finally said, after he realized what was happening. "Krang's do-hickey's gonna blow up the T.V.!"

"We gotta stop it!" Rocksteady announced.

Feverishly, Rocksteady and Bebop rushed their feet and raced to the control panel to try and turn the Temporal Replicator off. But, unfortunately for them, their combined I.Q.s which matched that of a single six year old, couldn't figure out which button to press to switch off the machine. Instead, all they could do was watch helplessly as the Temporal Replicator continued to shoot the Technodrome's computer screen with the bright beam of light. But then, eventually, much to the relief of Bebop and Rocksteady, the Temporal Replicator had reached the end of its cycle, and the green laser that had continuously poured out of the cannon faded away, replacing the green hue of the room back to its regular state. The hum of the machine also faded away, and the two mutant punks looked towards the Technodrome's screen, relieved to see that Krang's invention hadn't destroyed what they saw as their beloved television.

"That was a close one!" Rocksteady said in relief.

"You're tellin' me." Bebop agreed. Then, he noticed something move. "Hey, what's that?"

Rocksteady followed Bebop's finger, which was pointing over towards the Technodrome's master computer. Indeed, as Rocksteady noticed, something was moving around near it, and closer look showed that it was a man of some kind. Curious as to if an intruder had somehow found their way into the Technodrome's control room, both Rocksteady and Bebop walked out from behind the cover of the large cannon to encounter the man. But, as the pair approached the Technodrome's computer where the figure was, they suddenly stopped. There was something not quite right about the figure, but at the same time, there was something strangely familiar about him. His skin was green in colour, with shaggy black hair sitting atop his head. He was dressed in a beat up suit, wore heavy, black boots and incredibly, the stranger had a pair of bolts sticking out of his neck, along with a surgical scar running all the way around his forehead. The figure opened his eyes, and as he saw Rocksteady and Bebop, he emitted a throaty growl, which caused the pair to widen their eyes in surprise.

"Hey," Rocksteady finally began. "It looks like that monster from da' movie. But it's outta the screen!"

"Oh wow." Bebop cried excitedly. "I didn't think Krang's do-hickey made 3-D movies!"

Amazed, and with child-like excitement, both Rocksteady and Bebop immediately dropped to the floor to watch what they thought was the rest of the movie. With amusement, they watched Frankenstein's monster as it began to awkwardly walk around before them, its arms extended out before its chest, almost as its arms guided the monster on its path. As it continued to walk, it suddenly noticed Rocksteady and Bebop sitting in front of it. Its expression suddenly changed; its thick, hairy brow furrowed, and a guttural roar emitted from its mouth as it bared yellow teeth and glared down at the two mutants. Bebop and Rocksteady continued to watch the monster, thoroughly amused at how life like it seemed. But then, as the monster reached down and gripped Bebop violently by the shoulder and pulled the mutant Warthog to his feet, Rocksteady had a sudden realization.

"Er, Bebop...I don't think this is a movie."

"Whadya mean?" Bebop asked, as he stood in the monster's grip. "It's Frankenstein's Monster, dung-brain."

Bebop looked from Rocksteady, back to Frankenstein's Monster who continued to keep a grip of him. The monster glared back at Bebop, and for every second the monster glared at Bebop and kept Bebop in his grip, the Warthog began to have a realization. He had seen a 3-D movie once before. He didn't pay to get in of course, instead he had sneaked in and stole somebody's 3-D glasses. But, as his mind was cast back to that experience, he remembered that 3-D movies, despite jumping out of the screen at you, didn't exactly smell unpleasant, like this movie seemed to. Also, he didn't remember a 3-D movie ever grabbing him and pulling him to his feet before, either- that was certainly a new one on him. The monster then let out another roar, and dropped Bebop back to the floor, where he landed in a heap beside Rocksteady; he certainly didn't remember a 3-D movie ever treating him so rough before!

It was then that Bebop came to a conclusion.

"Ulp," Bebop gulped. "I think you're right, Rocksteady..."

Together, both Bebop and Rocksteady looked up at Frankenstein's Monster, fear in their eyes. But, they were quickly roused to their feet as the monster let out another roar. Now on their feet, and filled with fear, Rocksteady and Bebop turned and began to run away from Frankenstein's Monster, who at just that moment made an unsuccessful attempt to grab them. Seeing the pair begin to run, the monster began to stumble quickly behind them, determined to catch them while in a fit of rage.

"Mommaaaa!" Bebop wailed, as they began to run in circles around what space there was in the Technodrome's control room.

It was then that the door to the control room opened once again. Shredder and Krang stepped through the open door, back into the control room. They had expected to return to see Bebop and Rocksteady sat in front of the Technodrome's large screen, much like they usually did when they had free reign of the control room. However, both Shredder and Krang's eyes bulged as they looked on to see the comical, if somewhat embarrassing sight of their two heavily muscled henchmen running around in circles, in an attempt to get away from a creature that looked even stranger than Krang himself.

"What the devil is going on here?!" Shredder cried.

"Boss, help us!" Rocksteady pleaded, as the monster continued to stumble behind the pair.

"Yeah," Bebop seconded. "Frankenstein's Monster jumped outta the T.V.!"

"Shredder, stop that thing!" Krang barked. "It might harm the Temporal Replicator!"

Shredder shook his head, and let out a groan at Krang's order. He wasn't exactly sure what had happened while he and Krang had been away, but it looked like a comical farce at best- a farce Shredder didn't particularly want to soil his hands and get involved with. Still, Krang was right; Frankenstein's Monster may very well end up damaging Krang's latest device, and Shredder couldn't afford for that to happen- especially after Krang had used up almost the last of their materials to build it!

So, with that in mind to motivate him, Shredder leaped into action- literally, as he sprung off his position beside Krang, seemingly flying across the room until he landed in the center of the circle Bebop, Rocksteady and Frankenstein's Monster were stumbling around in their cartoonish chase. Watching the trio, Shredder waited for an opportunity to act, and, as Bebop and Rocksteady rushed past him, creating a gap between them and the monster, Shredder made a side step, so that he now stood in the monster's path. With his fists pressed on hips, Shredder stood tall, his chest out, and his shoulders wide; he wasn't going to allow the monster to either intimidate him, or get past him. The monster stopped as it lumbered up towards Shredder, and even though the monster was somewhat taller than Shredder, the ninja's power stance forced the monster to stop out of confusion. It wasn't used to somebody simply standing before it, especially the way Shredder was doing, with such a dominant stance.

"Enough!" Shredder yelled to the monster.

Shredder expected his commanding, bass heavy voice to be enough to send Frankenstein's Monster to recoil in submission. But, only Shredder, a man as arrogant and misguided as he, would feel that would be enough to force the monster to stand down. Ultimately, though, it wasn't, for the monster responded, but with another loud growl, the monster reached out with its right hand, and gripped Shredder by his large left arm. Shredder looked on in surprise at what the monster was doing, and he couldn't help but let out a yelp of alarm as he felt a great pressure on his bicep, as well as a great force which forced him down to the floor as Frankenstein's Monster yanked Shredder to the floor with a simple tug of Shredder's own arm. With Shredder on the floor, the monster turned its attention back to Bebop and Rocksteady. Seeing them cowering in a corner, the monster let out another growl before it once again began to stumble towards the two punks who began to run away once more. The chase was renewed.

"Oh, nice work, Shredder(!)" Krang announced sarcastically with a roll of his eyes. "I always wanted to have my very own cartoon show."

"Shut up!" Shredder snapped. "I'll handle it."

Shredder was annoyed before, but now, he was angry. Angry at the monster for felling him with such an embarrassing move, and he was angry at Krang for the sarcastic quip which he hurled at Shredder. Eager to defeat the monster to redeem himself in the eyes of those around him, Shredder did what he always would when faced with a potentially formidable threat- use a highly dangerous weapon. Slipping his hand under his cape, Shredder gripped an object tightly in his hand, then pulled his hand from under the cover of his cape, to reveal one of Krang's standard laser blasters. Reaching around with his arm, Shredder trained the laser blaster at Frankenstein's Monster, who continued to stumble around in circles after Rocksteady and Bebop. After a moment, Shredder found his chance; he pressed his finger against the trigger, which after a click, let out a high pitched sound as a bolt of red energy was hurled from the blaster. The beam flew through the air, where it collided with the monster's neck. The monster's neck and head were then encased in a red electrical glow, and the monster emitted another guttural roar- this one louder than before as the monster actually felt the pain of the many mega-volts of power coursing through its body. Before long, though, the monster's cry was silenced. The monster's eyes then closed, and Frankenstein's Monster fell on its back onto the floor, with its outstretched arms the last thing to drop, which they did from being outstretched in front of itself, where they instead now lay either side of its body. It was then, with the chaos over, that Shredder, Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady all gathered around Frankenstein's Monster, with the former two inquisitive over what had occured.

"Alright. What happened?" Krang asked in a high pitch, as he feared the worst.

Rocksteady and Bebop looked at each other. Despite their rough, mean appearances, both very much had the hearts and minds of children at times, especially when Shredder and Krang found them knee deep in mischief. Looking as if they were going to cry, both looked from each other and back to their superiors, deciding that there was nothing for it but to tell the truth.

"Um...we kind of tripped over and fell into Krang's thingy." Rocksteady sheepishly announced.

"Yeah." Bebop agreed. "It shot the T.V., then the next thing we knew, the monster appeared!"

Krang said nothing. Instead, he rushed over to the replicator, eager to see if it was still safe and intact, despite the mutants' idiocy. Shredder however, was far more aggressive in his reaction. Standing before both of his mutants, Shredder reached out towards them both, and sharply snatched one each of their ear's, before he gave their ears a hard yank, pulling both Bebop and Rocksteady towards him.

"Ohhh..." Shredder growled. "You knuckle-brained idiots! How many times have I told you about rough-housing in here?!"

"Hold on, Shredder." Krang then said, taking the group's attention. "The Temporal Replicator appears undamaged. In fact, it's perfectly fine. It looks as if Bebop and Rocksteady just switched it on."

"Then how did this happen?" Shredder asked, referring to the monster, which he looked down at.

Krang was silent for a few moments. With a tentacle underneath his chin in thought, Krang simply sat inside the stomach of his android, which too, cupped its own chin in thought to replicate what Krang was doing. Before long though, Krang came up with a theory.

"It appears that television signals have an odd effect when exposed to the Temporal Replicator." Krang explained. "Instead of simply making another television, it must have made a copy of the signal at the exact moment the Replicator's beam hit the screen, and brought it out into real life. Frankenstein's Monster here was obviously what was on the screen when the device was activated."

Shredder had now become interested in what Krang was saying. He disregarded the destructive behaviour of Bebop and Rocksteady, and instead, he roughly shoved the pair to the floor before he began to walk towards Krang, and the Temporal Replicator with a new found interest.

"So, you're telling me that we can take anything out of the television we want?" Shredder asked.

"Precisely." Krang answered, as he looked over to see the credits of the movie rolling on the Technodrome's screen. "We can extract anything out of the world of television and unleash it here on Earth. What we have here is a highly dangerous new weapon, Shredder."

"...One that we could turn on the Turtles!" Shredder finally announced, as the realization hit him.

"Hm. Yes, them as well." Krang muttered, somewhat disappointed in his partner's narrow minded thinking.

"Oh, this is perfect." Shredder announced excitedly. "I could turn any modern day horror on the Turtles, and best of all, it could be an endless army! To think, I could send copious copies of Frankenstein, Bigfoot, or even The Creature from The Black Lagoon on them!"

"Yeees, Shredder." Krang began sarcastically, with a raised eyebrow. "You could even send Mickey Mouse after them(!)"

"I could send the Horrific Slime to attack them." Shredder replied, before he pointed towards Krang. "But, all I would have to do is throw you at them. Now tell me, how can we make this machine mobile? I am eager to begin unleashing terror on the Turtles immediately!"

"Since you're so eager, Shredder, I suppose I shall oblige you." Krang announced. "Hand me your blaster."

Eager to put his plan into motion, Shredder quickly handed Krang the laser blaster he had used to disable Frankenstein's Monster. Krang's android cupped the laser blaster in its red gloved hands before it attached it on its waist, which was lined with a bright red speedo (don't ask...). Krang turned his body's attention back to the Temporal Replicator, then took a screwdriver which had been resting on the control panel, as Krang had yet to remove his tools since finishing the construction of it. Taking the screwdriver, Krang unfastened four screws that kept a single sheet of metal attached to cannon, near the back of it. With the screws dropping to the floor, Krang placed his screwdriver down, grabbed the sheet of metal, then placed it carefully to the floor. Shredder watched on from behind Krang, to see the exposed inner workings of the replicator. Inside the replicator, among a seemingly endless and confusing network of wires, there lay what looked to be a glowing stone, housed in a circuit board, in the center of the machine's inner workings. Krang gripped the circuit board carefully, then pulled the attached cables from it, one by one. Then, once the circuit board was free of its bonds, Krang lifted the circuit board out of the machine, and turned to show it to Shredder.

"This single circuit board is what gives the Temporal Replicator its power." Krang explained. "The stone in the center is a rare element from Dimension X. One I was sure to keep with me before I was banished to Earth."

"My, Krang," Shredder muttered, "such a small device for such a big gun."

"Yes." Krang answered. "Much like how there's such a small brain in there for that big body of yours, Shredder."

Saying nothing more, Krang placed the circuit board on the control panel of the replicator, then he turned his attention back to Shredder's blaster. Quickly, he manipulated his android, so that the android took the blaster apart, to expose its inner workings, much like he had for the replicator. After a short spell of rewiring, Krang took the circuit board, and slotted it into the laser blaster. Krang continued to work for another few minutes, then after placing the laser blaster back together again, his android held the laser blaster up proudly into the air, while Krang himself beamed with pride from inside the android's stomach at his own handiwork.

"It's done." Krang announced. "What was once a simple laser blaster, is now a portable Temporal Replicator, Shredder.

"Excellent." Shredder replied, his eyes now fixated on the new, dangerous weapon. "Give it to me."

Shredder reached out eagerly with his hands, much like a child might to a lollipop that was being held before them. However, seeing Shredder's hands reaching for the blaster, Krang pulled the blaster away from his reach. Krang looked at Shredder's face, seeing his eyebrows and the bridge of his nose twist into what must have been a look of anger underneath his metal mask. Seeing this, Krang sneered back at Shredder before he spoke.

"Not so fast." Krang said. "If you use this, then you had better be using for a far greater goal than hunting for those Turtles you love so much. You need to turn this on the world above- to weaken the humans down, so that we may rise up later and take the world when the Earthlings are on their knees."

"It will be done." Shredder nodded. "But, if the Turtles should interfere...Well, I will need to stop them somehow."

"Your obsession with bringing vengeance upon them will be your undoing." Krang replied. "But, here you go. Just do what I have asked of you."

With that, Krang handed the laser blaster back to Shredder, who eagerly accepted it. Holding the blaster in both hands, Shredder looked to the weapon with great wonder- wonder at what he could turn it to, so that he could make the Turtles suffer as great of a end as they possibly could. With nothing more to say to Krang, Shredder looked to Bebop and Rocksteady, who had since been simply watching the events unfold in front of them in a stupor.

"Come on, you idiots." Shredder then announced to the pair. "We are to head to the surface immediately. There is no time to waste in bringing an end to the Turtles, and bringing the free world to its' knees!"

Shredder slipped the laser blaster securely back underneath his cape, before he strode off away from Krang, to the door of the control room. Rocksteady and Bebop, upon hearing their master's order, quickly rushed behind him, excited that they would be traveling from the confines of the Technodrome, back up to the bright lights and open air of New York City. The pair excitedly talked between themselves of where they would go while on the surface, and Krang listened to the pair with a grimace, until the door closed behind them. Now alone in the control room once more, Krang walked over to the Technodrome's computer, and pressed a button. Channel 6 switched over to Channel 9, and Krang immediately sat down in the chair that was before the Technodrome's computer.

"We now return to Her Place in The Sun."

"Oh Maria," Krang said to himself, as he gazed at the giant screen and wiped a tear from his eye. "When will you learn that Jefferson has only ever had his heart set on you?"