Chapter 7

The sound of the Turtle Van's doors being slammed to a close echoed throughout the large tunnel, briefly overtaking the usual trickling sound from the small streams of water that ran through the sewer tunnel. Having parked the Turtle Van in the tunnel that had long since been designated as its garage, Raphael and Michelangelo now took off in a jog, away from the van as they began to rush down deeper into the darkness of the sewer tunnel. With only a series of small lights that Donatello had fitted years ago to guide their way, the two Turtles began to make the trip back to the main part of their home, the lair. They ran side by side, neither Turtle running ahead of the other as Raphael held Shredder's nefarious invention in his belt for safe keeping. While neither Turtle said a word to the other as they ran, they both continued to glance at the device every so often with a mixture of worry and hope- worry that the machinations of invention might not be able to be reversed. But with that, there was also hope that Donatello, their genius of a brother would be able to figure out how it worked, and therefore be able to reverse the process to bring about the destruction of The Terminator. The Terminator was an enemy that they both knew so well from being fans of the movie from which he came, but at the same time The Terminator was also a foe they couldn't hope to defeat, because they had never seen the character reveal any tangible weakness.

"I can't believe Shred-head didn't realize he dropped that." Michelangelo said, breaking the silence.

"Me neither." Raphael replied. "But, since it's ours now, he's got no way of getting it back."

"What if he's got another one?" Michelangelo asked.

"When Donatello is able to figure out this one, I'm sure he'll know how to put a bug in all of them. But, I'm hoping this is the only one."

Michelangelo rang out with another question.

"But what if he can't figure it out?"

"Jeez, Michelangelo," Raphael started, "you're such an optimist(!) Well, if Donatello doesn't know what to do, we'd better figure out a new way to stop The Terminator. Remind me, how did he bite it in the first movie?"

"He got crushed." Michelangelo answered.

"Swell. Then all we need to do is find a 20 ton anvil, and he's never watched a Bugs Bunny cartoon." Raphael sniped.

Without saying another word, the two Turtles continued to run, until they found themselves back in the familiar surroundings of the lair. The pair walked through the large tunnel mouth, bringing them into the main living room of their lair. Quickly, the two sought out Master Splinter, but found he wasn't in his bedroom. They tried his meditation room, with little success. Eventually, Michelangelo and Raphael wondered from each room, until they walked into the doorway of Donatello's workshop, where they saw both Donatello -whose snout was deep in a book- and Splinter in the room, as Splinter had since returned from his meditation.

"Hunny, we're home." Raphael's voice rang out as he and Michelangelo walked in to meet the stern face of Splinter.

"Raphael; Michelangelo." Splinter announced, noting that one of their number was absent. "Where is Leonardo?"

The relief of seeing their father figure who was a source of great comfort to all the Turtles had made the pair forget, even for the briefest of moments, that their brother was in grave danger. Upon hearing their master's question, Raphael and Michelangelo looked towards each other as their expressions changed to those of great concern. After a few moments of silence and sully looks towards each other, the two Turtles looked back to Splinter and Donatello, who had by now looked up from his book. With a heavy heart, Raphael decided that he would be the one to deliver the bad news of Leonardo's whereabouts to his master and third brother.

"I dunno how to tell you this," Raphael started. "But Leonardo was shot."

Raphael was about to continue on with his explanation, but he watched as Splinter's eyes widened slightly from the blow those words brought. His ears and tail also twitched, which over the years, Raphael had picked up as a sign that Splinter was either surprised, or incredibly upset about something. In this case, it was probably a mixture of both. But, with words failing Splinter momentarily, Raphael continued on with his explanation.

"The Terminator shot him." Raphael continued. "April was there, too. She arrived during the fight and got in the way, or something."

"The Terminator?!" Donatello cried out, cutting Raphael's explanation short. "What do you mean?"

"I mean Shredder used his special little ray gun on a cinema that was screening The Terminator." Raphael answered. "Y'know- the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. Try and keep up Donatello(!) We were pretty much a non-factor against him. Leonardo did better than we did, but then he got taken out too..."

"We'd had our shells handed to us by then." Michelangelo chimed in, albeit with little enthusiasm to go with his report.

"Yeah." Raphael continued. "With us beaten up, Leonardo shot and April just in the wrong place, Shredder, The Terminator and the gruesome twosome took Leonardo and April with them. They told us to meet them at the harbour scrapyard, before sunrise if we wanted to see them again."

A thud echoed through Donatello's workshop, as Donatello's booked dropped from his hands, onto the workbench he had been sitting at. Moving his hands away from the book, Donatello allowed his right hand to run over his bald, green head as he leaned back slightly, looking up towards the ceiling. A small sigh of a heavy heart broke through his beak. He felt utterly defeated. While Splinter was their father figure, and a source of great comfort to the three Turtles currently in the room, Leonardo was their flag bearer. Of all the Turtles, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael silently knew that Leonardo was almost like the shining example of what the Turtles could be at their best. He was a sign of hope; if Leonardo was still standing against overwhelming odds -as he had always done in the past- then the others knew that the day wasn't lost. Now that Shredder, and his twisted new scheme had brought about what could be Leonardo's ultimate downfall, Donatello couldn't help but feel that there was no chance left for the rest of them.

"What are we going to do?" Donatello asked.

"First of all," Raphael said in response, "you're going to need to take a look at this."

Donatello lowered his head and allowed his gaze to shoot across the room to where Raphael was standing. At the moment his sight fell upon Raphael, his brother threw something from his grip across the room towards him. With no time to think, Donatello snatched the item out of the air, which he now held in his hands. He looked at the item, which was in fact the Shredder's invention.

"Is this what I think it is?" Donatello asked.

"Shredder's new thingy-ma-bob? For sure." Michelangelo answered. "Shredder dropped it when he was making his getaway."

"This is the device that Shredder has been using?" Splinter asked. After a nod from Raphael, Splinter announced, "then perhaps the day has yet to be lost after all."

"We were hoping that Donatello could reverse it so that The Terminator could just disappear." Raphael explained. "Michelangelo and I aren't exactly raring to go up against him again."

Donatello looked at the device in his hands for a few moments in silent contemplation. Out of curiosity, Donatello placed it on the top of his workbench, then grabbed a small screwdriver, which he used to take a part of the casing away from the rest of it. His brow furrowed underneath his purple bandana, then after a few more moments of silent thought, he placed the casing back onto it. He turned back around so that he faced his brothers and Splinter, who were waiting for Donatello to share his thoughts with him.

"I dunno about hot wiring it so that it does the reverse of pulling images out of screens." Donatello sighed. "To be honest, even my most outrageous books on theories of these kind of mechanics don't even cover such a thing. I could tinker with this thing for days and not even know if I was on the right track or not."

"What?!" a shocked Michelangelo cried. "That's bogus. Come on, dude- you're our main man when it comes to this brainiac stuff. You gotta know how it works! It's our only chance..."

"Not necessarily, Michelangelo." Donatello countered.

"Oh, so what do you propose we do?" Raphael began with a frown. "Say 'please, Mr. Shredder, we promise we'll never cross you again if you let us off with a warning'? Come on, Donatello..."

"Guys, you're missing the most obvious solution." Donatello argued. "We have Shredder's new fancy gadget that pulls stuff out from the movies..."

"Simple, but very effective." Splinter finally chimed in. "Use the enemy's own advantage against him."

"You got it, master." Donatello nodded. "We've got Shredder's new gadget, so let's give him a taste of his own medicine. We can find something that can either match, or flat out run over The Terminator just like he did to us."

"Primo notion, dude!" Michelangelo whooped with a smile. "That'll teach the scuzz bucket!"

"Great plan." Raphael agreed. "But what even comes close to matching Terminator? Anybody up on the latest box office smasher that could take The Terminator down?"

"I dunno of any movie right now as good as The Terminator..." Michelangelo answered, before he meekly gulped as Raphael, Donatello and Splinter gave Michelangelo a quick glare, all things considered.

"Sorry dudes..." Michelangelo announced shyly.

But, despite the glares Michelangelo was met with, after a few more moments of thought, Donatello had a brainwave. Clicking his fingers in realization, he looked to the others with a grin.

"I've got an idea!" he cried.

"What is it?" Splinter asked, while Donatello hopped off his seat.

"Just follow me to the living room, guys." Donatello answered as he clutched Shredder's replicator in his hands. "Lucky for us The Terminator is an older movie. April gave me a copy of a movie that just came out on video cassette last month..."

"Donatello, whatever you bring out of that tv screen better not decide to attack us!" Raphael called out, from the back of the group. "I dunno if I could take another beating from another movie icon."

By the time the Channel 6 news van turned a corner and pulled up to a large set of chain link fenced gates, the dockside scrapyard had been closed for many hours- fortunately for the people who worked there, as the sight of the van's occupants quite possibly could have filled them with terror. As they sat in the cabin of the van, Bebop snorted at seeing that the scrapyard was closed. He turned and looked to Shredder, who was sitting in the passenger seat next to the passenger side door.

"The scrapyard's closed, boss." Bebop snorted, as his fingers brushed the steering wheel.

"Brilliant deduction." Shredder announced sarcastically, and not without a tinge of anger in his voice. Being seated in a small, confined space with Bebop and Rocksteady tended to bring out the worst in Shredder's demeanor.

"Well, should we come back tomorrow when it's open?" Rocksteady then asked.

Sitting motionless in his seat for a moment, Shredder closed his eyes, attempting to keep calm. After all, Krang had at one point advised him that his heightened blood pressure might prove to be his undoing. But, for all his efforts, Shredder felt his body literally shake with annoyance that bubbled up deep within him. Letting out a long, drawn out moan of disbelief at his henchmen, Shredder once again opened his eyes before he looked over towards Bebop and Rocksteady, where he then allowed the palm of his hand to strike Rocksteady in the back of the head.

"No, you cretins!" Shredder cried. "What does it matter if the place is closed?! We're villains, remember?! If a place is closed and we want to gain access to it, then we just let ourselves in. Honestly, must I think up and do everything myself?"

With that, Shredder slipped his seat belt off. When the belt snapped from around his body, back to its original place up the side of the cabin's door, Shredder took a firm grip of the door handle then harshly yanked it. Pushing the door open, Shredder's anger was further emphasized by his sudden jump out of the van, followed by slamming the door to the van so violently that the entire van shook from just the door being shut.

Feeling a little better after his outburst, as well as for being in the fresh air, away from his two mutants, Shredder stormed over towards the gates that led to the scrapyard. He inspected the gates to see how they were locked, taking in his left palm a large, brass padlock that was connected to a thick chain. The chain was looped around the two connected gates, keeping them tied to a close. Taking his attention away from the padlock, Shredder tilted his head back, allowing himself a quick inspection of the top of the gates, as well as the fencing that ran along the entire perimeter of the scrapyard. Under the moonlight, he could clearly see that thick spools of barbed wire had been strewn across the top of the gates and fences to stop any would be intruders from climbing over it, to gain access to the scrapyard. Saying nothing, but deciding that the oldest methods were the best, Shredder raised his right arm up into the air, then he allowed his arm to swipe down in front of the thick chain. The sharp, steel blades on his gauntlets, combined with the power of his blow allowed the blades to tear through the thick, steel chain as if it was nothing more than a thin rope. With the chain dropping to the ground with a thud, followed by the padlock, Shredder then pushed the gates to the scrapyard open before he began to walk into the scrapyard, with the van now following slowly behind him.

"If I had to say one thing for those two mutants of mine," Shredder began to no one in particular. "It's that they heighten my temper so much that I can use that anger to break things a whole lot easier..."

While the lights inside the scrapyard had been switched off for the night, the many lights that glowed from the New York City skyline, combined with the full moonlight, and the headlights from the following news van allowed Shredder nearly as much illumination anyway. Originally, he had intended for the scrapyard to be nothing more than to provide a vacant battleground for himself and the Turtles to fight. But on the way to the scrapyard, the more Shredder thought about the location he had chosen, the more he had come to realize that such a place could potentially be much more than just a simple vacant fighting space. This scrapyard could well and truly be the making of the Turtles' end, Shredder thought. With that in mind, he was looking for a specific feature that most scrapyards had, and when he found it, Shredder stopped in his walk. He held out a palm behind him, signaling for Bebop to brake, which he did for the van came to stop, with a squeal of brakes.

"This area will do nicely." Shredder announced to Bebop and Rocksteady, after they jumped out of the van.

"Nicely for what, boss?" Bebop asked.

"This area will do nicely- for the end of those accursed Turtles." Shredder answered.

"That was gonna be my first guess." Rocksteady insisted while Shredder walked past them.

Saying nothing more to his henchmen, Shredder walked all the way around to the back of the van before he gripped the handles to the van's doors then opened them up. He pulled violently on the doors, allowing them to swing open before he glared inside the van to see a welcoming sight meet him as April was kneeling on the ground, cradling Leonardo's head and looking over him with worry etched on her features, whilst The Terminator continued to stand over the pair, his gun trained at both of them, in case April attempted anything foolish. At this point, Leonardo wasn't considered a threat to The Terminator as he passed out from the pain of the bullet that he had taken in his arm. Fortunately, the Turtle hadn't met his end from the loss of blood as April did all she could to keep pressure on the wound. She couldn't remove the bullet, but she could at least make sure Leonardo had some kind of chance. But now that the van had stopped and Shredder had opened the doors to the van, April suddenly felt a sinking feeling, not only for Leonardo's chances of surviving the encounter- but for her own chances, too.

Saying nothing, Shredder reached into the van, taking April's wrists tightly in his grasp- so tightly in fact, that the pain caused April to free her own grip from Leonardo's arm. She let out a yelp of pain before she began to audibly strain in a feeble attempt to resist Shredder and pull her arms away.

"Let me go!" April cried.

"Struggle all you like, Miss O'Neil." Shredder answered, still wrestling with April. "But as I once told that rat, it is hopeless to struggle against the Shredder grip of steel. Now, come here!"

With a final tug, Shredder flexed his arms, pulling April from Leonardo's side, across the small space between her and Shredder, until she found herself yelping again as she dropped to the ground beside Shredder, who had kept his grip on her wrists. Violently, Shredder hoisted April to her feet, then he quickly wrapped his large left arm around her waist, trapping her from getting away, but also allowing himself to have an arm free. She tried to resist in a hope of running from his grasp, but Shredder knew April's attempt was a feeble one, so he turned his attention to The Terminator, who continued to stand over Leonardo.

"Pick up the turtle then follow me." Shredder ordered.

Shredder then walked away from the van while The Terminator began to make his own way out of the van with Leonardo. Still in Shredder's own grasp, April did her best to make herself dead weight in an attempt to try to impede Shredder in his walk. Sadly, despite making herself dead weight, as well as allowing her shins to drag in the dirt ground, it was done with little success, for Shredder simply lifted her off the ground whilst continuing to walk every time she attempted to slow him down.

"Shredder, please," April began, after seeing that she wasn't going to physically stop him. "Have some mercy. Leonardo needs his wound tended to, or it could be fatal."

"Since when did I care about the medical condition of my enemies?" Shredder asked, partly with sarcasm, but also partly with some genuine interest, as he was surprised April would even ask such a thing- the sheer obviousness of his hatred for the Turtles should have made such an idea ludicrous.

"Let him bleed to his death." Shredder then continued. "Considering what I have planned for you and the rest of your friends, leaving him to that fate is probably an act of mercy. So be grateful that I'm a villain with a nice side."

It was then that Shredder stopped, and stood beside Bebop and Rocksteady at the front of the van, which was parked in front of a large shack. Upon closer inspection, the shack stood right beside a large conveyor belt. The large conveyor belt, which seemed big enough to hold a van on it, was connected to the small shack by a series of thick, electrical cables that ran from out of a metal box on the side of the conveyor and into the side of the shack. The conveyor belt stretched out for some considerable length, where it stopped at something that looked like a small metal building. However, it wasn't actually a building. Instead, the building actually turned out to be a pneumatic crushing plant, which was plain to see, as the crusher was poised at the top of the plant with small spikes on the surface of the crusher, to further help destroy whatever would be placed underneath it.

"Tie her up." Shredder ordered, shoving April into Rocksteady's grasp.

Then, as Bebop and Rocksteady did indeed begin to tie April up to restrain her arms and legs, Shredder turned to The Terminator, who had walked up to Shredder, carrying the unconscious Leonardo over his shoulder.

"Throw him on the conveyor belt." Shredder ordered. "Then see if you can turn on the power to this place."

The Terminator looked at Shredder underneath the cover of his sunglasses for a moment, then he turned his head towards the shack, as well as the conveyor belt connected to it. Still in trademark silence, The Terminator walked purposefully away from Shredder then with ease, he threw Leonardo from his shoulder and onto the conveyor belt, where the unconscious Turtle landed with a hard thud. The Terminator walked from the conveyor belt, stopping before the closed door of the shack, which was locked closed with chain and a padlock, much like the gates of the scrapyard. Effortlessly, The Terminator grabbed the chain before he pulled it from the door, ripping the chain apart as he allowed the padlock to drop to the floor, after which The Terminator allowed the broken chain to drop from his gloved right hand.

Viewing in silence, Shredder pressed his hands on his hips while he watched The Terminator open the door of the shack, then step inside. For a few moments, Shredder waited, unable to see that The Terminator used his computer brain to determine how to activate the conveyor belt, as well as the main power source to the scrapyard, without the absent key. Suddenly, a loud crash could be heard from all those present outside the shack, then quickly, the loud rattling din of a generator roared into life. The dark scrapyard became illuminated by bright spotlights that were scattered about the yard, causing Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady to momentarily shield their eyes to adjust to the bright light. Then, once Shredder's eyes were used to the bright spotlights, he looked back towards the shack, noticing that some lights had lit on the side of the conveyor belt, suggesting that the conveyor belt and crushing plant had been switched on too.

"Well done. Good help like this is hard to come by." Shredder said to The Terminator, who walked back out of the shack. "I might just have to replace my current staff with an entire army of Terminators."

"Aw, but boss," Rocksteady suddenly called out. "What about us?"

"Like I said, you idiot, good help like this is hard to come by." Shredder sneered, as he glared towards his two mutants, who had managed to tie up April. Looking towards April, Shredder then ordered them to move the tied up April onto the conveyor belt beside Leonardo. Lifting her between them, the pair surprisingly carried April to the conveyor belt, then slammed her down beside Leonardo.

"I don't know what you're up to, but you won't get away with this!" April snapped, as Shredder began to regret not having her gagged. "When the other Turtles get here, you're done for!"

"The other Turtles?" Shredder echoed. "Hahaha, I'm counting on their arrival. When they do arrive, that is when the fun will start."

"Um, what is gonna happen when they get here?" Bebop asked quietly to Shredder.

"When the Turtles arrive, they'll see Leonardo and Miss O'Neil sat helplessly on the conveyor belt." Shredder began. "Seeing their friends in such a perilous state, they'll have no choice but to surrender. Then, I'll allow The Terminator to disable them, and place them on the conveyor belt, where they'll all feel the squeeze, courtesy of the crushing plant. It's glorious. By the time I'm done, I'll use their flattened shells to decorate the walls of the Technodrome!"

"Gee boss, you have a great imagination." Rocksteady announced in a compliment.

"Why, thank you." Shredder said graciously. "If you keep those compliments up, maybe I won't fire you both after all."

As April sat on the conveyor belt, she was unable to hear what Shredder was saying to Bebop and Rocksteady, despite her best efforts to listen in on their conversation. She looked away from the villainous group, turning her attention towards Leonardo, who was still unconscious from the repercussions of the gunshot. Blood ran from his bicep, which collected into a pool on the conveyor belt next to his prone body. His skin was still pale, compared to the shade of green that he usually was, causing worry to rush through her. She was horrified by the sight of her friend, and she knew she had to do something to ensure that her friend would survive.

Saying nothing, April looked back over to the group, noticing that their attention was turned to waiting for the other Turtles. She knew if there was anytime to help Leonardo, then now was the time. As quietly as she could, April slid across the conveyor belt so that she faced Leonardo's back. For whatever reason, nobody had thought to remove Leonardo's katanas, which she figured Shredder thought was pointless, considering he was possibly dying from the blood loss. Repositioning herself, April turned her back to Leonardo's, until she felt the rope that bound her press against one of the edges of Leonardo's blades. Then, to the best of her ability, April began to move her body, so that Leonardo's blade made a sawing motion against the ropes. All of this went unnoticed by Shredder, who was too wrapped up in his visions of vengeance that he would rain down upon his enemies.

"Not long now." Shredder announced, as he clutched his hands tightly into fists in anticipation. "They'll arrive soon, and when they do, we shall be ready for them."

"Then ready or not, here we are, Shredder!"

The voice Raphael had echoed out throughout the scrapyard, causing the group of villains to jump slightly and look about their surroundings. Looking every which way, the group's eyes finally rested on a large mound of scrap that resembled a small mountain as the three remaining Turtles- Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo walked around from the bend, revealing themselves to the group. The trio, looking angrily towards the group of villains as Shredder looked back towards the Turtles with a cocky smirk that was hidden underneath his metal mask.

"Ah, Turtles- you've arrived at last." Shredder said. "But I notice one of you is absent. Where is Splinter?"

"He's too weak these days to make the trip." Donatello revealed, after a moment of silence of looking to his brothers. "Three of us is better than nothing."

"Oh, indeed it is." Shredder announced. Then, with a twitch of his hands, The Terminator, Rocksteady and Bebop withdrew their weapons, pointing them towards the three Turtles. "Besides which, once I'm through with you, I'll him hunt down like the rat he is. Now, surrender. Drop your weapons."

To Shredder's surprise, the Turtles did just as he ordered; Donatello reached for and dropped his bo, while Michelangelo allowed his nunchakus and grappling hook to drop to the ground. After a moment's glare, Raphael dropped his sai to the ground. Shredder stood with his hands on his hips once again, with the sense of success washing over him.

"Very good, Turtles. Now, while we're at it, why don't you join your friends up on the conveyor belt. I'll allow you all one moment to say your final goodbyes."

Shredder's men continued to keep their weapons trained on the three Turtles. But, to Shredder's surprise, the three Turtles had yet to move, despite the fact that they were all too quick to drop their weapons to the ground on his order. Instead, the three Turtles looked to each other. They looked back to Shredder, before Donatello took a slight step forward. Boldly, Donatello glared towards Shredder, and decided to speak for his brothers.

"I've got a better idea, Shredder." Donatello began.

"A better idea?" Shredder asked mockingly. "Hm. Fine, I shall indulge you. Go on."

"We've agreed to surrender to you, but we've got somebody who's willing to fight against you and fight for our freedom- all of us." Donatello continued, referencing Leonardo and April. "He's agreed to fight your Terminator there. If he wins, we all go free. If he loses, then we'll get up on that conveyor belt there."

"You have somebody willing to challenge The Terminator?" Shredder asked in disbelief. "Ha. Very well. Reveal him to us- although, I'm not sure who you think can stand up to my Terminator."

"We've got just the guy." Raphael announced, before he let out a loud whistle. "Hey buddy- get out here!"

With an intense glare, Shredder looked about the area with interest. For a moment, nothing happened, following Raphael's call and it was as if a stillness had suddenly been cast upon the junkyard. Even Shredder's henchmen were slightly at a loss of what to do. The Turtles had made a threat, and it seemed that Shredder was going to give the Turtles' own champion a chance to prove his or herself- but nobody seemed to step forward. They wondered, should they continue to stand like their master- still and wait; or should they just open fire on the Turtles regardless?

It was then though that Shredder, as well as his henchmen got their answer. The group heard a few dull thuds. They were rhythmic, and with every second that past, the dull thuds got louder and louder. This had caught Shredder's attention as he attempted to pinpoint where the sound was coming from. As the thuds got louder, Shredder's eyes immediately darted to a point to the Turtles' left as a movement caught his eye. At first, peeking from behind a mountain of junk, Shredder witnessed a large black hand, reaching out into the air. Following the black hand was an arm- an arm that was encased in shiny, metal armour. A foot stomped into the dusty ground from behind the mountain of junk next, and like the arm, this foot and leg that it was attached to were wrapped in a shiny, sturdy looking material. Now accompanying the thuds, which were actually footsteps, were the hisses and mechanical sounds of cogs and hydraulics, as the Turtles' mysterious champion stepped out from its concealment. Covered from head to toe in a metal armour, the Turtles' champion now walked in front of the Turtles, now looking towards Shredder through a black visor, embedded in a helmet that revealed nothing, but a pair of pink, human lips, and a human jaw.

Standing in front of the Turtles, and standing before Shredder and his henchmen was the famous Robocop.

"Surprise, Shredder!" Raphael called out. "Say hello to our little friend, Robocop."

From behind the concealment of his own metal mask, Shredder narrowed his eyes, while hissing towards the Turtles, and their own warrior. While Shredder wasn't the biggest movie buff by any means, he had at least heard of Robocop. He knew that such a thing was the work of Hollywood fiction; Robocop wasn't real, and even the real world's own attempt at making a Robocop, REX-1 looked very different to the character standing before him. Realizing what must have happened, Shredder was now livid.

"Your gamble won't pay off against me, shell backs!" Shredder roared through the night sky. "Terminator, terminate it!"

The Terminator didn't need to be asked twice, as it stomped in front of Shredder. With the laser rifle in its hands, The Terminator fired off a few rounds of laser fire that illuminated the dark scrapyard that much more. The laser fire flew through the air, where it collided with Robocop's chest place, only to bounce off Robocop's metal chest, leaving little more than a few burn marks against the previously immaculately shiny metal. The Terminator, being a highly intelligent machine could see that such a feeble assault wouldn't probably do much damage to this, its new opponent, so it opted for a different method. Throwing the laser rifle down, The Terminator immediately rushed for Robocop, sprinting across the scrapyard for its opponent as quickly as it could. With dust being thrown up from under its black boots, The Terminator reached Robocop, drew its right fist back, then thrust its fist at Robocop as hard as it could... only for its fist to collide with Robocop's own black palm. Quickly, Robocop wrapped his own black, metallic fingers around the fleshy exterior of The Terminator's fingers in a grip so strong that The Terminator couldn't pull away. Thinking quickly, The Terminator threw its left fist up into the air, allowing its knuckles to collide with Robocop's metal covered chin in an uppercut so hard that the resulting clang echoed in the air and Robocop stumbled backwards, releasing The Terminator's right fist in the process.

Despite stumbling backwards, Robocop was far from being bested Shredder's Terminator. As The Terminator attempted to quickly advance on Robocop to try and finish the job, Robocop reacted first. With the sound of pistons and gears, Robocop's hip plate opened, which allowed the handle of a large gun to protrude out of what was Robocop's own internal holster. Snatching the gun out, Robocop raised the gun towards The Terminator's chest and squeezed the trigger as an earsplitting rumble of semi-automatic gunfire was heard. Four flashes of light emitted from Robocop's gun, with the bullets colliding The Terminator's chest, ripping open its white t-shirt and tearing through The Terminator's faux flesh. Robocop fired another round of gunfire at The Terminator, but The Terminator wasn't so surprised this time. Instead, The Terminator stepped forwards, despite the hail of gunfire being fired into its torso. Reaching out The Terminator gripped Robocop's gun with his right hand, and with all the strength he could muster, The Terminator forced Robocop to point the gun down towards the ground. Then, drawing his left fist up, The Terminator threw a punch right into Robocop's visor, stunning the half man-half robot so much that he dropped his gun to the ground. However, not content with merely stunning its adversary, The Terminator grabbed Robocop by the throat and thigh with his left and right hand respectively, and in a flash, The Terminator pressed Robocop over its head, throwing down to the dusty ground behind it. Now, The Terminator turned around, seeing Robocop on the dusty ground, where unfortunately, due to how Robocop had been made in the movie, began to struggle to get up. The Turtles looked on with worry.

"This doesn't look good, dudes." Michelangelo mumbled.

"It doesn't..." Donatello began, before he noticed some semblance of movement. "But look- we've still got a chance."

Watching from his own position, Shredder looked on at the action with glee, seeing that The Terminator was beginning to gain the upper hand on Robocop. So fixated on The Terminator's assault was he, that he didn't notice when Donatello raised a hand and pointed at the mountain of junk behind him. Oblivious, Shredder wasn't prepared for what was about to happen next... until that is, he felt a considerable weight fall onto his upper back. With such momentum behind it, the force caused Shredder to stumble forwards, landing fast first into the ground in a painful fall. Stunned, Shredder looked up, with dirt and dust falling from his eyes and metal mask, shocked to see a familiar foe, clad in a dark red kimono, now standing before him.

"Splinter!" Shredder snapped. "Oh, this is too good to be true! Bebop, Rocksteady- attack!"

Shredder's two mutant henchmen turned their attention towards Splinter, pointing their own laser rifles to the mutant rat, who looked towards the pair with an almost tranquil look on his face. Quickly, the pair did as they were ordered, and so they unleashed a round of laser fire at the Turtles' master, who effortlessly dodged the mutants' attacks. This only enraged Shredder, who now lifted himself to his feet, and rushed at Splinter himself, his hands reaching out for Splinter in an attempt to grab him. All of this action was noticed by the three Turtles on the other side of the battleground, who now saw a window of opportunity.

"That's our cue, guys." Donatello announced. "Let's go!"

The Turtles' chance had come. With The Terminator wrestling with Robocop to notice, the Turtles scooped their weapons back off the ground and rushed back the dueling robots. Also, with Splinter dodging and avoiding Shredder, he and his two mutants were oblivious to the Turtles movements, until that is, the Turtles let out a familiar cry.

"Turtle power!"

Bebop and Rocksteady looked around, but it was too late. Within a second of looking towards the location of the cry, their snouts and thick heads were pummeled by a barrage of nunchakus, staff strikes, and Raphael's fists. Within seconds, Shredder's two henchmen had been overwhelmed and lay in a stunned heap on the floor. At this point, Shredder turned his head away from Splinter, who he was just about to try and snatch up in his grasp again, seeing that the Turtles stood above his own two mutants.

"No!" Shredder cried. "It can't be!"

"It can, Saki." Splinter announced, which was quickly followed by a strike to Shredder's chest that was so hard that the caped villain fell back in a heap, near the conveyor belt.

Shredder was stunned for a moment, but the gravity of the situation forced him to push past the dizziness he had felt from his fall. Rising to his feet, Shredder grabbed a protruding red handle near his position at the conveyor belt, where he immediately threw it down. With a click, a rumble began as Splinter and his three Turtles now looked on in horror to see the conveyor belt begin to run, causing April and Leonardo to begin moving towards the crushing plant.

"Even if I am defeated by you today, Hamato Yoshi, then at least I shall take pleasure in seeing your face as Leonardo and Miss O'Neil meet their end."

Almost acting as one, Splinter and the three Turtles rushed towards the conveyor belt to try and stop it. As they did however, Shredder quickly withdrew a laser pistol of his own and unleashed a barrage of laser fire at Splinter and the three Turtles. So fierce and rapid it was that the group had no choice but to fall back, otherwise they would become victims to Shredder's assault. The Turtles attempted to split from each other, and try to surround Shredder in an attempt to overwhelm him with numbers, but it was like he had suddenly gone into a frenzy, as he was able to shoot at each one of the Turtles in quick succession that they were unable to get near him. Once again though, Splinter proved to be the deciding factor in their battle. As Shredder attempted to fire another shot at Raphael, Splinter saw his window of opportunity and lunged towards Shredder, who then turned back towards Splinter. Seeing Splinter lunging at him, Shredder raised his weapon towards Splinter and fired a round of laser fire towards the mutant rat, which collided with Splinter's shoulder. However, despite the pain, Splinter carried on and allowed himself to collide with Shredder, and the pair landed in a heap on the ground. Quickly, Donatello moved in towards the pair, seeing Shredder's gun lying mere inches from his hand on the ground. Using his bo like a golf club, Donatello launched the gun away from Shredder, where it landed in a large pile of junk. It was after the gun landed safely away that the group heard a cry from the conveyor belt.

"Turtles, help me!"

The three Turtles looked down from the stunned pair of Shredder and Splinter, to see April, now unbound and kneeling on the conveyor belt. She had attempted to push Leonardo from off the conveyor, but found the Turtle too heavy to move. Rather than safely jump off the conveyor belt herself though, she stayed with the unconscious Turtle and instead called to Leonardo's brothers for help. Michelangelo acted. Above the conveyor belt was a large lamp post. Taking his grappling hook from his belt, Michelangelo swung the rope the hook was attached to a few times, then hurled the grappling hook towards the top of the lamp post. With the grappling hook wrapping around the lamp post, Michelangelo sprinted forwards, then leaped into the air, now swinging towards the conveyor belt. As he did, he swung over the conveyor belt, and with an open arm, Michelangelo grabbed Leonardo's limp body from the conveyor belt, lifting Leonardo off the conveyor belt as he swung for safety.

"Jump, April!" Michelangelo called, which she did, as she was mere inches from the conveyor's belt run into the crushing plant. At the very last moment, she rolled off the conveyor belt, as the crushing plant slammed shut, only slamming into thin air.

"Oh... thank goodness." April sighed as she took a few deep breaths to calm herself from the panic.

By this time, Shredder had lifted himself from the ground again. As Donatello stood before Splinter defensively, to shield him from any possible attack, Raphael made his own move towards Shredder, slashing towards him with his sai, while also throwing fists and kicks towards him as Shredder now found himself attempting to avoid Raphael's attacks. Seemingly on the ropes, Shredder took a quick glance of Raphael's shoulder, seeing that The Terminator had gained the upper hand on Robocop.

"You may have me compromised..." Shredder began "...but The Terminator isn't so easily beaten!"

His claim caused Raphael's attention to wane, just for the slightest of moments. It was here that Shredder retaliated as he threw an uppercut into Raphael's chin, sending the red masked Turtle to the ground. Now seeing the full picture, Shredder decided it was time to do what he did best...

"Bebop, Rocksteady- retreat!" Shredder cried as he began to run. "We shall let The Terminator take care of all of them."

Raphael, Donatello and Splinter -who was now upright, but nursing a badly injured shoulder- watched as Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop began to rush out of the scrapyard. Michelangelo, with Leonardo in his arms, and April met up with the group, as they all looked to each other in relief.

"Things are turning out to smell like a rose." Raphael stated. "But what about those two?"

"We can't allow The Terminator to leave this area alive." Splinter announced painfully. "He is too destructive a force to be allowed to live."

The group watched as The Terminator and Robocop continued their struggle some feet away from them. By now, both of them were on their feet and once again, their hands were locked together as they attempted to overpower the other. While Robocop held his own against The Terminator, The Terminator was considerably more sophisticated than its opponent, and so the group could see that Robocop was beginning to wane underneath the pressure of The Terminator's superiority. Unfortunately for the turtles, Robocop was their best chance against The Terminator, and if that was beginning to struggle to stand up to it, then all hope may have been lost.

Unless somebody had an idea...

"Something's got to be done, so let's do something." Raphael announced as he picked up a rock. "Hey, Terminator! Get a load of this!"

Saying nothing more, Raphael launched the rock through the air with a hard throw. The rock cut through the air, ending its flight as the rock collided against the back of The Terminator's head, where it landed with the kind of thud that a rock would when it collided against metal.

Raphael found that his gambit had worked, for The Terminator immediately turned its head towards the group, as soon as the rock landed on the floor. Staring at the group for a moment, The Terminator decided to turn its attention towards them, as it discarded with Robocop with one final thrust of its arms, to send Robocop stumbling backwards. Turning around so it now faced the group, The Terminator charged for the turtles, April and Splinter in a full sprint.

"Move everyone!" Splinter yelled.

The group weren't quick to argue, however they were quick enough to move on Splinter's insistence... everyone except for Raphael, who continued to stand steadfast.

"Dude, are you crazy?!" Michelangelo, who was still holding Leonardo cried. "Get outta there!"

"I know what I'm doing." Raphael stated, before meekly whispering, "I hope..."

The Terminator continued on its charge for now just Raphael. Seemingly nothing was going to stop it from getting its hands on Raphael, who was the one responsible for throwing the rock. With every second, it inched closer and closer to Raphael, and now, it reached its hands out, ready to grab Raphael by the throat. At that last moment, however, Raphael leaped into the air, propelling himself backwards. Watching Raphael leap into the air, The Terminator now longer paid attention to where it was going, and so found itself crashing into the edge of the conveyor belt, stunning itself as Raphael landed gracefully on the other side of it. Quickly, The Terminator looked up, glaring towards Raphael, who met The Terminator's glare with a look of worry. The Terminator placed his hands on the conveyor belt as it pulled itself up onto the belt, with every intention of simply crawling across it so that it could grab Raphael... but, as it crawled over the conveyor belt, it suddenly found itself being pinned to the ground, and Raphael looked on with a sigh of relief to see that Robocop had rushed towards the scene himself and now pinned The Terminator down on the conveyor belt.

The Terminator attempted to struggle, but as it was on its front, it seemed to have difficulty lifting itself up as Robocop pinned it down with his full weight. The conveyor belt continued to roll along, and with every millisecond, the two fictional robots found themselves inching closer and closer to the crushing plant, until the pair both found themselves meeting their end under the crushing power of the steel jackhammers. With an impressive flash of electricity, the two robots slowly succumbed to the power of the crushing plant. Seemingly, the nightmare was over, which was something the group realized as they now surrounded the conveyor belt, all of them relieved.

"It's over..." Donatello sighed. "The Terminator's destroyed. But, there's just one final thing left to do."

Reaching around to his back, Donatello pulled the temporal replicator out of his belt. Without a second thought, Donatello tossed the device onto the conveyor belt, where it too was destroyed by the crushing plant, bringing Shredder's twisted Halloween scheme to a true end.

"Well done, my students." Splinter announced, finally breaking the silence. "Despite great odds, you have thwarted Shredder once again."

"We should get back to the sewer." Donatello then spoke. "We need to get Leonardo some medical attention."

"Is he going to be okay?" asked a concerned April.

"We need to get the bullet out of him before it causes an infection." Donatello explained. "After that... well, we'll see."


The next 24 hours that followed turned out to be extremely tense for our heroes in a half shell. Once the Turtles had returned to their lair, Donatello removed the bullet from Leonardo, dressed the wound and left him to rest, with each of the turtles, and Splinter, taking it in shifts to watch over him. The following evening, Leonardo woke up, much to the relief of his family. His arm would be extremely sore for the next couple of weeks, but the pain was numbed the day April surprised all four of the Turtles with a thank you card from the Queens' children's hospital who, despite having to wait a day or two later than they should have for their Halloween candy, finally received it. The gratitude shown by the children in their writing acted as a catalyst in Leonardo's recovery, and he was eventually able to resume his usual activities of training, eating pizza and protecting New York City from the forces of evil.

On the other hand, Shredder hadn't come off quite as lucky. He returned to the Technodrome, confident that The Terminator would take care of his enemies, but Krang was able to hack the scrapyard's security camera network, and revealed to him the destruction of not only The Terminator, but the replicator as well. The only thing that saved Shredder in Krang's graces was that Leonardo looked to be done for... or, so they thought. A few weeks later, during a raid for mechanical parts, Rocksteady and Bebop returned to the Technodrome, empty handed, and explaining that all four of the turtles had stopped them. It was at this point Krang took Shredder aside for a talk- something Shredder didn't exactly relish, as the pair walked down a corridor.

"I'm telling you, Krang, I figured that he was done for." Shredder explained.

"Yes, so you keep insisting," Krang blankly replied, as the pair continued to walk, until they came to a door at the end of the corridor. "We'll discuss this further inside my lab. After you..."

Krang pressed a button on the wall beside the door, allowing it to open. Shredder was surprised by Krang's newly found manners, but nonetheless, he obliged Krang and stepped into the lab first. It was then that a ping of panic flashed through his mind as he heard the lab door quickly shut and lock behind him. Shredder turned, seeing that Krang was on the other side of the door, with the head of his android body looking through the small glass window that was mounted in the door.

"Krang, what's going on?!" Shredder barked. "Open the door!"

"All in due time, Shredder." Krang replied. "Oh, and so you know, I had enough parts to build another Temporal Replicator. However, I think I've learned my lesson with that, so I won't turn it on the Turtles again. In saying that, though, I decided that crafting another would at least give me the chance to recruit a few playmates for you..."

As if on cue at the end of Krang's explanation, Shredder felt another presence in the room with him; a fact that was punctuated by a shadow that seemed to engulf him as he stood before the door. A feeling of dread flowed through him at that moment, but despite it, Shredder slowly turned around, wondering what it was Krang had done. As Shredder turned, he wished he hadn't, for he was standing mere inches away from one of the classic Xenomorphs from the famous Alien movie.

A scream came from inside the lab, followed by the violent sounds of heavy thudding against the doors and walls, which caused Krang to chuckle slightly as the hands of his android stroked the barrel of the new Temporal Replicator, polishing it. More thuds from inside the lab followed, clearly exemplifying a violent fight for survival between Shredder and the twisted creation inside.

"I shall be back in half an hour, Shredder." Krang shouted through the door. "Have a good time."

With a garbled laugh, Krang walked away, leaving Shredder to his punishment. Krang figured that should Shredder survive his punishment, he'd forgive him for the massive blunder and move on from it. Knowing Shredder, he would find a way to survive. Also knowing Shredder, Krang figured, he would once again cost him his aspirations of global conquest when they came up against the Turtles in the future. For now, though, at least Krang could be kept amused by Shredder's screams and pleading.

The End.