This crazy little idea just grabbed on and wouldn't let go. FBI agent Victor Hendricksen makes a return appearance, but the setting is back in 1989 and I've made him a police Sergeant in Milwaukee. I gave a little depth and background for Hendricksen's character, albeit a make believe one that is contrary to how he described his life in the show, and I also gave a little something special to the youngest Winchester. I'll have to label this as an AU, and you'll see why when you read it, but I've kept all the players in character with the show.

As always I own nothing and make no profit.

I hope you like it.

Miracles Happen Every Day

April 15, 1989

Victor Hendricksen yawned and tried to stretch the kinks out of his back after laying on his old lumpy mattress as he made his way to the coffee maker. If he was lucky, he would have just enough time to have a quick liquid breakfast before Tori, his five year old daughter, would be awake and he prayed that she would have a good day today. He brewed a pot, fixed himself a cup and sat down at the hand-me-down kitchen table. His mother had brought it with her when she moved into his apartment two months ago to help with Tori, saying that her table was a lot better than the card table he had been using.

Money had been tight for the Milwaukee Police Sergeant, especially since his wife of six years decided that she could no longer handle the stress of being a wife and mother and had run out on both of them. Hendricksen knew he had been more dedicated to his job than to his marriage, and he could almost understand and forgive her for throwing in the towel with him. But he could never understand how she could possibly abandon her own daughter, especially in her condition.

Victor shook his head and tried to swallow the bitterness down with his coffee. Some things in this life weren't meant to be understood, he tried to convince himself, and he would instead keep his focus on what was going on with his work.

Yesterday had been a big day for him.

Another criminal had been successfully taken off the streets. This scary son of a bitch had been on a nation-wide crime spree and was wanted in several states for everything from impersonating a federal agent to credit card fraud to grave desecration, and he was even considered a person of interest in a few disappearances. With Victor's team responding to an anonymous tip, John Winchester had been arrested without incident outside a local Shop 'n Go, and was now being held in County Jail until his arraignment. Victor felt better with this guy in custody, as it was his belief that Winchester was some sort of occultist and was pretty deep in Satan worship and black magic. Knowing this creep was finally behind bars where he belongs made Victor relax a little.

But there was one thing that was bothering him.

It had been discovered that Winchester had two young sons; Dean, age eleven and Sam, age seven, who traveled everywhere with him and the boys' whereabouts was still unknown. As much as Victor wanted John Winchester right where he was, the idea of two young boys out there somewhere alone and waiting for their dad to come back made his heart sink. Of course Winchester wasn't talking at all about the whereabouts of his boys, even when the police offered to contact a family member to go pick them up. This made Victor assume that there most likely was no family, and that it would only be a matter of time before Winchester's psycho cult members would have the boys in their clutches, and that thought alone made his skin crawl. His team had to act fast and find the boys quickly if they were to prevent that atrocity from happening.

He had just reached the bottom of his cup of coffee when he heard a soft voice at the kitchen doorway.

"'Morning, Daddy." Tori greeted him, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she stood in the doorway wearing her 'Hello Kitty' pajamas and holding Winky, her stuffed dog.

Victor smiled at her and rose from the table. "Good morning to you, baby girl. How are you doing today?" He was in front of her in two long strides and scooped her up in his arms.

"She had a good night last night." His mother, Alice, offered as she made her way past them both and headed toward the kitchen counter. "She stirred a couple of times but otherwise finally got a good night's sleep. Oh good, I see you made coffee." Alice retrieved a mug from the cupboard and poured herself some. "What time did you finally come in last night? I went to bed at ten o'clock and you still hadn't come home yet."

Victor gave Tori a quick kiss on the cheek and set her back on her feet. "Yeah," he answered, "It was a pretty late night…but a successful one." He smiled down at his daughter. "We caught another 'baddie'." Victor was careful about the language he used in front of her, especially about his work. Tori was well aware that her dad was a police sergeant, but he tried to protect her from knowing just how dangerous his job could be.

The conversation was interrupted when the telephone rang. It was the station calling, and Victor hoped they had good news concerning the Winchester boys. As it turned out, a search of John's car had turned up a receipt from a motel just a few blocks from where he had been arrested, and there was already a squad car heading over there to see if the boys could be found. Victor instructed the dispatcher to have the responding officer stay a safe distance away and wait for him in the motel parking lot.

"Sorry girls, but I've gotta go." Victor said as he hung up the phone, grabbed his jacket and headed toward the door. "I'm hoping I'll be back for lunch, but I'll call if that turns out not to be the case. I just got the lead I've been waiting for."

Tori looked up at him with tired eyes. "Bye, Daddy. I love you."

Victor sighed as he realized that in his haste he had almost forgotten to kiss his daughter goodbye. He went back over to her, kneeled down and pulled her into a gentle hug. "Bye, sweetheart. Daddy loves you more than anything. You have a good day, and no giving Gram a hard time about taking your medicine, you hear me?"

Tori nodded, and Alice stood behind her, placing her hands on Tori's shoulders. "Don't you worry none about us, we'll be fine. We're hoping to feel well enough for a little walk in the park today. You just go finish your business and maybe we'll see you at lunch."

Victor smiled. "Ma, you're a Godsend. What would I do without you?"

Alice smirked back at her son. "I shudder to think about it." She joked.

Within the hour, Hendricksen's car was parked in the 'Ridgemont Motel' parking lot and he was standing alongside his one of his men. After being showed a picture, the motel manager confirmed that Winchester had checked in three days ago with two boys, and to his knowledge they hadn't yet checked out. He gave the officers a key to the room and asked that they use it as opposed to breaking the door down. The motel room was on the third level, the entrances were from the outside of the motel and each unit had only one door in or out. Hendricksen and his officer stood outside the motel room entrance and were ready for anything as he knocked on the door, identifying himself as a police officer and ordering the boys to come outside. After waiting a few minutes and not getting any response, Hendricksen used his key and went inside.

What he saw horrified him.

The window on the far side of the motel room had been opened and the two boys were dangling out of it, three stories up, trying to reach a fire escape. Neither of them was tall enough to safely reach the ladder, and would have to practically leap from the window and hope to grab onto it in order to climb down.

"No, stop! Come back inside!" Hendricksen screamed as he raced to reach the boys before they fell. He reached the smaller one, Sam, first and grabbed his arm, pulling him back inside. Just as he reached for Dean, the boy let go of the window pane, stretching his arms out to grab onto the fire escape ladder.

Dean's fingers grazed the metal rungs as Hendricksen looked on in horror, and for a brief moment he thought the boy was going to be able to hold on and be okay. But the boy didn't grasp tight enough to the rungs and his fingers slipped off, causing him to fall backwards and plummet to the ground below.

Hendricksen's eyes went wide in shock as he witnessed the accident. His stomach did a sickening twist inside and he thought he was going to vomit. Almost immediately the young boy he had by the arm let out an agonizing scream as he realized what had just happened. Frantically Sam flung his body to try to escape Victor's hold, but he continued to hold the boy tight and pulled Sam toward him, pushing the boy's face into his stomach to prevent him from seeing the horrifying sight out the window.

Sam swung his arms and punched Victor's body as hard as he could to make him let go.

"No! Lemee go, please! I have to get to my brother, he's hurt!" Sam cried into Victor's jacket. Victor reached down, lifted Sam by the mid-section and swiftly carried him out the motel room door. He passed the other officer, who was already on his radio calling for an ambulance and was rushing back out the door to get down to Dean. Victor carried the screaming, flailing boy down the three flights of stairs back and took him to the corner of the building, stopping just before he reached the scene of the accident. He placed Sam back down but held him by the arms so he couldn't break free and run to his brother.

"Just try to calm down and let the police man help your brother." Victor said as he tried to get Sam to look at him. "You can't go to him now; you'd be in the way."

Sam continued to squirm. "Please let me go!" He begged. "You don't understand. I have to get to him. I have to see if he's okay. He fell a long way down and he could be really hurt! I have to help him!"

Victor's comrade was at Dean's body and was attempting CPR. Victor couldn't see much, but could already tell by the position of the boy's neck and head that the outcome didn't hold much hope. From what he could see, Dean's neck appeared to be broken.

"Carlton, you getting anything?"

After getting no response from the chest compressions and mouth to mouth, Carlton stopped and looked over at Hendricksen, shaking his head with tears in his eyes. Victor took a deep, stuttering breath and bowed his head.

Sam looked back and forth between the officers in confusion. "Why did he stop?" He asked. "Is Dean all better now? Can I go see him?"

Victor tried with everything he had to control his emotions as he spoke to the child. He could hear the siren of the ambulance as it pulled into the motel parking lot. Carlton ran to meet the ambulance and inform the EMT of what had just taken place.

"Sam," he began, "Let's go sit over here for a minute. There's something we need to talk about." Sam reluctantly allowed Victor to lead him to a run-down picnic table under a tree on a small patch of grass. "Listen, there's nothing more that can be done to help Dean." He explained. "He took a really bad fall, and hit the ground really hard." Victor managed one last deep breath before he said the dreaded words. "Dean's heart stopped beating and he stopped breathing. Your brother isn't alive anymore. He died."

Victor braced himself for a very strong reaction from the child, but instead of becoming hysterical, Sam remained completely calm. Victor blamed Sam's response as shock. Sam nodded slowly, wiped the tears from his eyes and asked a very peculiar question.

"How long?" Sam asked as he cocked his head to the side, squinting from the sunlight as he looked up at the officer.

Victor shook his head in confusion. "Do you mean how long has he been gone?"

Sam nodded again. "Yeah, how long has his heart not been beating anymore?"

Completely stunned by the strange response from the little boy, Victor looked at his watch. "I'm not sure. Maybe seven minutes or so?"

"Oh, okay." Sam answered. He looked back toward Dean's body. "Is it okay if I go over and sit by him for a while?"

Victor was apprehensive about the idea. His brother's death didn't seem to be registering with Sam. He seemed to be much more upset earlier when he had thought that Dean was hurt, but now the fact that Dean was dead wasn't getting any reaction.

"Sam, do you understand what I've told you about your brother? He's not going to wake up."

Sam nodded. "Yes, I know. I'm seven years old. I've known what dead means for a long time. I just really, really need to see him right now. It's very important."

The boy's demeanor was so incredibly composed that it was alarming to Victor. Something was very off here. He had never heard of a child reacting this calmly to a death before.

"Okay," he replied. "You can sit with him, but only for a minute."

Victor led Sam over just as the EMT from the ambulance had checked Dean for any signs of life. Finding none, he was about to remove Dean's body from the scene. Victor told him and Carlton to give the boys a few moments of privacy, and led them to the other side of the parking lot, giving them some space.

The EMT listened intently as Carlton explained what had taken place. Hendricksen could hear a couple questions being asked to him, and he tried his best to concentrate on them but somehow he couldn't take his eyes off the boys.

Sam kneeled down beside Dean and touched his chest. He pushed aside his brother's unbuttoned light flannel shirt and let the palms of his hands rest on the navy blue tee shirt underneath. For a moment it looked as though Sam was going to imitate what he had seen the policeman doing a few minutes before and attempt CPR, but he never pushed down. He just rested both hands flat for a moment, closing his eyes in concentration.

Hendricksen squinted at the sight before him, wondering what Sam was doing. He turned to the other men and was about to draw their attention to it when Sam stopped and sat back against his heels. Victor thought that perhaps Sam had been trying to feel for a heartbeat and had stopped when he didn't find one. It was pathetic to watch. This poor child had just lost his big brother. Tears welled in the Sergeant's eyes. He then realized that he was being spoken to.

"We're going to need you to fill out a full accident report on this once we get to the hospital." The EMT directed. "We have to know exactly what happened, especially where we weren't here to witness any of it."

"Yeah, sure." Victor answered. "Just give me a few minutes here first. I need to make sure the victim's little brother is taken care of."

"Sure thing, Sarge." The EMT looked at the boys across the parking lot. "Man, that just breaks my heart."

"I know it does." Victor sighed. "I have a feeling those two boys didn't have much except each other."

"Yeah, and now we have to go tell their father what happened." Carlton added. "I can't even imagine what his reaction's gonna…What in the HELL?!"

Victor's head snapped up to look at his comrade, and found him staring slack jawed at the boys and pointing. Victor followed his eyes and couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Dean Winchester was moving his arms and legs and was regaining consciousness.

The three men rushed to the boys, the EMT dropped to his knees beside Dean and instructed the boy to lay still. He then began checking his vital signs, which had been non-existent a few moments before. Shockingly, he had a strong pulse and heartbeat, and was breathing easily on his own. The EMT looked up at Victor. "I've never seen anything like this before in my life!" He exclaimed.

Carlton stared down in amazement. "And even if his heart somehow started up again, how in the Hell is he moving his arms and legs like that? His neck is definitely broken!"

Victor stood silently next to Sam, studying the youngest Winchester intently. Sam was staring down at his brother as the EMT continued to work on him. "Sam," he asked. "What happened?"

Sam looked up at Hendricksen with huge eyes. He shook his head as he tried to explain. "I….I was just talking to him. I was just telling him I loved him and…..and he started to make a noise and wake up."

Victor looked back at Dean, who was lying still but had his eyes open and was looking around while the EMT poked and prodded, looking for injuries. Seemingly exasperated, The EMT sat back against his heels and shrugged his shoulders. "I can't find anything wrong with him, aside from some pulled neck muscles and some bruised ribs."

"Great," Dean groaned. "So, can I sit up now?" He propped himself up on his elbows and looked at the men staring down at him with their mouths open, then looked up at his brother. "You okay, Sammy?"

Victor brought his hands up to his head and held them there as if he were trying to prevent it from exploding off his shoulders. "He's fine, Son! YOU'RE the one who was hurt really bad. In fact….." He stopped himself from finishing the sentence, trying to keep in mind he was speaking to an eleven year old child. He held his hand up in a halting position before covering his mouth, keeping his composure and trying to figure out what his response was going to be. "….In fact, I'm very surprised, very happy, but surprised to see how well you are doing right now."

Dean smiled, "Yeah, well, I'm a pretty tough son of a bi…I mean, gun, for my age." Sam laughed out loud at his brother's comment, which made Dean's smile even bigger. Sam then dropped down in front of Dean and wrapped his arms around his neck as he buried his face in Dean's shoulder.

"I'm glad you're better, Dean. I was so worried."

Dean brought his arm around Sam's back, wincing at the pain in his ribs and neck. "Thanks, Sammy, just ease up on the squeezing, 'kay?"

Victor could tell right away by his demeanor that this older boy was a chip off the old block. Even at his tender age, Dean was already taking on the traits of his father. He also seemed to enjoy putting on a tough act for his younger brother's benefit. Or maybe it wasn't an act.

"Kay," Sammy answered, then turned his head to say something in Dean's ear. All Victor's senses zeroed in on Sam's lips and voice as the boy whispered the words.

"Seven minutes."

It was barely audible, but just loud enough for Victor to hear.

Dean took a deep breath and quickly looked up at the men, his eyes meeting with Victor's. Dean gave Sam a quick nod and brought his eyes back and forth between Sam and Victor, silently cautioning his younger brother that the officer was listening. Sam got the message and instantly fell silent.

Victor's eyes narrowed as he contemplated what Sam's words had meant. A sinking feeling filled his gut as his police instincts were telling him that something was going on right in front of him that he wasn't quite grasping. There was something definitely off about this whole thing, and under normal circumstances perhaps Victor could have figured it out, but this whole rollercoaster ride of emotions; watching Dean fall, having him pronounced dead, telling Sam and then watching Dean wake up again had just been too much for the Sergeant to handle all in a matter of less than ten minutes' time.

The EMT stood and tried to figure out what their next move was. They obviously still needed to bring Dean to the hospital for x-rays and tests to be sure there were no internal injuries. At first Dean argued with them, saying that he felt fine and didn't need to go. He said he could call his uncle and have him take care of him and Sam, but his arguments fell on deaf ears. Carlton did take the name and phone number of the uncle and was going to call him as soon as they got to the hospital. As the boys were both placed in the back of the ambulance, one as a patient and one as a passenger, Carlton and Hendricksen returned to their police cars to follow them there.

Once Victor got back to his radio, the dispatcher informed him that his mother had called. Tori was running a fever and had been taken to the emergency room. A wave of panic and terror washed over Victor as he placed the receiver to his lips and responded. "I'm on my way there now."

All the unbelievable events from earlier took a back seat for Victor the moment he crossed the emergency room entrance. Carlton had assured him that he would handle the boys, and that Victor needed to be with his daughter now.

Alice was waiting for him and led him to the small curtained off area where Tori was being examined. She had been given an I.V with a fever reducer and some fluids and was feeling a little bit better. Tori smiled weakly as she saw him.

"Hi Daddy." She said faintly.

Tears filled Victor's eyes as he looked down at his baby. She looked so small and pale.

"Hi angel. Don't you worry, the doctors will fix you right up."

The doctor called Victor out in the hallway to speak with him. He greeted him with a pained smile.

"We have the fever under control now, and it doesn't seem to be related to any major infections this time." The doctor explained, "But it's just another one of the symptoms related to the Leukemia, and I know you've been down this road before with her."

Victor closed his eyes and methodically nodded. Yes, he had been down this road before, and he wished so badly that he could get off it. Tori had been diagnosed with the disease two years ago, shortly after her third birthday. She had been through the radiation and chemotherapy, even a few blood transfusions, but they just hadn't been enough to stop the Leukemia from coming back. Her only hope now was to find a bone marrow donor, and the search so far for a match had been unsuccessful.

The doctor continued. "We'll get her back on her feet and she should be able to come home with you in a few hours. Just keep her rested and hydrated, and make sure she continues to get her antibiotics."

"We will, doctor, thank you." Victor answered.

"Did you have any other questions?"

Yeah, he had questions. Why was this happening? How could God do this? How was he supposed to just sit there as his little girl fought for her life?


The doctor patted Victor on the arm. "I know this is hard for you, but try not to give up hope. I've seen kids pull through this before. Tori's a tough little girl. Miracles happen every day, don't lose your faith."

Victor nodded and tried to smile at the doctor. As the doctor made his way down the corridor to his next patient, Victor found a coffee machine and watched as the cup dropped and filled with the steaming fluid. He took his cup and sat down for a moment to drink and better compose himself before he returned to Tori and his mom.

He thought about the events that had taken place earlier in the day as he sipped his coffee. 'Now there was a miracle', he thought. That boy was dead. Two trained professionals had examined him and had both pronounced him dead at the scene. And yet, he was somewhere in this hospital, alive and well, most likely chatting away with his brother and waiting for his uncle to come meet them here.

There was really no explanation for what had happened…or was there?

It all started to flood back to Hendricksen as he recalled bits of conversations and began to piece things together.

"I have to help him!"

"I just really, really need to see him right now. It's very important."

He thought about the way Sam had placed his hands on his brother's chest and closed his eyes tight.

He thought of how Dean had escaped a three story fall without any serious injuries, despite the twisted position of his head and neck initially when he had landed.

It had all miraculously been taken away.

"Seven minutes."

Suddenly, a light went on.

"Miracles happen every day."

Victor's pulse began to race as a theory crawled its way into his head. Every fiber in his being told him that his idea was impossible, but he couldn't shake it out of his mind. He threw the rest of his coffee in the trash and hastily returned to his daughter's cubicle. Tori had fallen asleep and was resting comfortably.

"There you are," Alice greeted with a whisper. "I wondered where you'd disappeared to."

"Mom," Victor answered softly. "I have to go do something."

Alice raised her eyebrows. "Now?" She asked.

"Yes. I know it sounds terrible, but it's really important that I speak with someone immediately. I can't explain it now, but it's urgent. I have to go. I'll see you both back at home, okay?"

Alice sighed but nodded. "Yes, okay, but you're explaining what this is all about the minute you get home. You're making me nervous."

Victor rushed back to his car and immediately got on his radio. "This is Sergeant Hendricksen. Make sure no one gets in to see or speak to John Winchester before I get back there. It's imperative that I be the first to reach him."

Miracles. Until today Victor Hendricksen had never witnessed one. He'd heard about them in the news and in movies, but had never actually seen one before. Oh, how he had so desperately prayed over and over again for one to come heal his baby girl's illness, only to come to the realization that most likely one was not going to happen. Miracles didn't happen for poor shmucks like him. He had no idea where he could even hope to find one…..

Until now.

He still wasn't completely sure, but he had a pretty solid lead. And he would definitely be following it to get some questions answered.

And he had a strong feeling those answers could be found in the small hands John Winchester's youngest son.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope you like it so far and please take just a moment to let me know what you think.