I do not own the Smurfs. This chapter is in Clumsy's Point of View.

What If I wasn't Clumsy By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Just go, Clumsy. I can't think of any smurfy quotes with you around." Brainy told me and I nodded my head. "Collect more of those rocks for your silly rock collection or whatever you smurf when I'm not around."

"Okay, Brainy." I said to him and I don't understand why Brainy thinks my rock collection is silly. I love collecting rocks. My favorite rocks are the big ones. Painter is painting a picture of Vanity. Vanity is staring at himself at the mirror and seems to be really focused. Painter's paintings always turn good, but sometimes Painter isn't happy how they turn out.

"Hello, Clumsy. How are you?" Vanity asked causally.

"Do not talk, Vanity." Painter snapped and Vanity rolled his eyes. "And do not move. I'm almost done."

"I'm okay and Brainy is working on his quotes." I commented cheerfully.

"I better hurry and finish. I have no wish to hear his quotes." Painter commented and his right eye twitched. "The color I see when I see Brainy is the color red! He believes himself to be a better painter than I, Painter."

Handy is fixing Hefty's door, Smurfette is watering her flowers, Greedy is eating something tasty, and Papa Smurf is playing with Baby Smurf. Everysmurf seems to be busy. I'll go collect another rock for my collection and I could show Brainy the newest addition to it. I wonder if he's done with his Brainy Quotes?

"Hey, Brainy. Are you done?" I asked Brainy, but then I tripped and fell onto his desk. His papers falling everywhich way. I tried to pick some of them up, but I slipped and fell on my tail.

"Clumsy! Why must you be so Clumsy?! I'll have to start all over because of you. Everything is all mixed up. Why can't you be graceful?"

"I'm sorry, Brainy."

"You are always sorry, Clumsy. Just get out and leave me alone! Out!" Brainy yelled while pointing to the door.

"Okay." I said quietly, walked out, and my eyes looking down at the grass. I'll just go and look for a new rock to add to my collection. A really good thing about rocks is that they can't yell or be disappointed in you or anything. Painter and Vanity are gone. Hefty's door is fixed, Smurfette is done watering her flowers, Greedy is away more than likely smurfing up some more food, Papa Smurf isn't around, and Grouchy is holding Baby Smurf. I wiped my eyes and walked out of the village to collect myself a little rock.

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