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Lucia's POV:

Hi, my name is Lucia Nanami. I'm fourteen years old and am in grade 9 in my new school. I know how to play all musical instruments, and always carry around my guitar which is right now in my locker. Oh and just so you know I'm no ordinary human. I'm a vampire.

Let me give you an introduction on vampires since humans don't really understand us. Lots of people say vampires are monsters. I guess I can see where that's coming from but I don't feel like monster. Vampires have a bloods affinity. Sort of like a fetish for a certain type of blood. And once they suck enough blood they just erase the memories of that person and the human goes off like nothing ever happened. And just so you know, vampires aren't affected by garlic, its just that we have a really strong sense of smell and we are able to walk in the sun. Of course we also have supernatural powers like flying or communicating with animals and stuff. Right now I'm about to start my first time in a human's school, since I'm a little different from other vampires. How? Well I only suck blood on a full moon night. Normal vampires have to refill themselves weekly, some even daily but me, only monthly.

Okay well right now I'm standing outside my new classroom waiting for the teacher to call me in. Oh I think he just did, well now off to my new school life.

Kaito's POV:

Mr. M (Mistuki) just announced there was a new student. I wonder if it's a girl or a boy. Luckily my best friend Nagisa asked for me. He said it was a girl. I hope she's hot. Then he called her in. The door opened and a beautiful girl walked in. She had dirty blonde hair, which ended at her shoulders and curled at the back. She had warm honey-brown eyes and perfectly fair skin, not like the other girls who use spray tans or a house full of makeup just to achieve that color. All the boys in my class started drooling except for Nagisa, Masahiro, my twin, Gaito and me.

Oh and I don't think I've told you who I am. I'm Kaito Domoto, 14 years old and 3 time winner of the local surfing competitions that happen yearly. Of course you could say I'm sort of like a celebrity with my own fan club, people who want interviews with me and even an article on me. But to be honest, you would have thought that I would have a girlfriend by now and all that but, I haven't. I haven't even had my first kiss yet! And I have a secret. I'm not human. I'm actually a mage. That's someone who has supernatural powers. So do my best friends.

Alright so back to the new girl.

"Miss Nanami, care to introduce yourself?" asked Mr. M.

She nodded and smiled, "Hi. My name is Lucia Nanami. I hope we all can get along."

All of the boys except me, Gaito, Nagisa and Masahiro nodded vigorously and some girls just rolled their eyes. But for some reason there was something about her that bugged me.

"Miss Nanami you can go sit in front of Mr. Domoto. Please raise your hand Domoto-san."

I knew the teacher was talking about me since there was an empty seat in front of me. Once he said that all the girls excluding Hanon and Rina groaned since (well I don't like to brag but) I'm the number one hottie in the school. I raised my hand and the new girl smiled at me. For some reason I just wanted to smile back but kept a straight face and watched her sit down. I could smell her strawberry scent. It smelled so… natural. Whoa... I've never really smelt a girl. Yet here I am smelling her. I think I've lost it.

Lucia's POV:

Okay my first day and I'm already receiving glares from the girls of this class. Well at least not all of them. A really pretty, green haired girl who was wearing the boys' uniform and a short, happy go lucky looking girl smiled at me. I sensed magical power coming from them. They must be mages. And I'm sensing 3 more energy holders around me. One is definitely from the guy behind me; I think his name is Kaito, a guy who looks exactly like Kaito, and a blue haired boy and green, bespectacled boy too. Mann… looks like I can't make many friends here since most of the girls don't like me, the boys are drooling at me and the ones who aren't are mages who probably think of vampires as monsters.

Whoa this class seems to be easy. I'm kind of glad I'm a vampire since all vampires are smart. Looks like I won't have to study much.

Rina's POV:

Something is totally strange about that the new student. Maybe Hanon knows something. Me and Hanon are mages too just like Kaito, Gaito, Nagisa and Masahiro. One of my powers is telepathy. It's a pretty common one so most of my friends have it but my telepathy is more powerful. But it's very useful.

Me: Hey Hanon do you think there's something weird about the new student?

Hanon: Yeah I can feel something coming from her. Maybe she's a mage?

Me: Maybe Kaito knows, since he's sitting behind her.

Hanon: Yeah maybe. Hey Kaito do you feel something strange from the new girl?

Kaito: Yeah. She's definitely a mage. But there is also something else. I'm not sure what though.

Me: Okay then we'll talk to her at the end of the day.

Kaito & Hanon: Roger!

Man those two are such kids. I can't wait for school to end.

-Time Skip-

After School:

Lucia's POV:

So it seems that they want to talk to me. I knew since I read their minds. Comes with being a vampire. Come to think of it, I think Eric-nii-san was going to come walk me home.

I quickly sprinted down the stairs, ran to my locker and got out my guitar, which was in its case, slung it over my shoulder and sprinted once more to the front doors of the school where a few people where exiting.

I ran to the park which was a shortcut to my house. I stopped running and started to walk but it seems that they followed me here.

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