Damnatio Memoria

A Remember the Name Side-fic



"Praise the sea; on shore remain."

- John Florio

A/N: This fic is basically a collection of scene ideas for Remember the Name that, for one reason or other, can't be fit into the main fic. Some will contain spoilers, and some will be AU to the primary RtN-verse. But they'll mostly be superfluous fluff (probably).

You can thank formerlyarandomreviewer for giving me the idea for this.

And for the first one, here's a look at what Second Strongest Team in Cloud™ (Yugito, Darui, Cee, Motoi) is doing.

As a side note, I really do think that that's a fairly decently balanced team, based on what we know of their abilities.

Yugito Nii grimaced as she felt the boat sway back and forth as it was gently rocked by the waves out on the open sea. They sky was a miserable, overcast gray, and the water reflected it so that, as far as she looked, there was nothing but gray, gray, and more effing gray all the way out to the horizon.

The immensely skilled and renowned kunoichi of the Cloud groaned miserably as she felt her stomach roiling and tasted a bitter mixture of bile and yesterday's lunch on the back of her tongue. Weakly leaning overboard, she shuddered before emptied the contents of her stomach into the ocean.

"Ah, are feeling okay, Lady Yugito?" she heard one of her comrades say.

Turning around, her face a sickly gray with tinges of pale green, the blonde saw Cee looking at her concernedly.

"'M fine..." she said. "Just... haven't got my sea legs yet..."

Cee scowled, fixing her with a stare.

"If you're feeling seasick, I can help with that, you know," said the team medic and sensor.

"I don't need any help!" Yugito snapped defensively... before going green and once more hurling right over the edge of the boat.

Cee sweatdropped. "Don't need help, huh..."

Yugito glared peevishly at him, her hands clenching the reinforced steel railings hard enough to crumple them like they were made of tinfoil. Cee chuckled nervously as he started sweating bullets, and he held up his hands in a placating manner.

"Okay, okay," he said, "I get it. You don't need my help. So I'll just be going back inside, then..." With that, he started backing away from her and towards the door that led back beneath the deck to where their sleeping quarters were.

Yugito was one of the strongest ninja in all of Kumo. She was dedicated and proud, but also stubborn and fickle. She was fiercely independent, and more than slightly aloof from the regular rank and file. With her, it was "my way or the highway," and when she set her mind on something you could be damn well sure that she wouldn't change it for anyone.

It was not uncommon for jinchūriki to possess behavioral traits often associated with the sort of beast they contained, such as Killer Bee's usually easy-going, nearly unflappable demeanor, and Yugito was no exception. Many people, even those who knew absolutely nothing about her status as a spiritualist medium, had described her as being very cat-like, with her general aloofness and grace. And while cats were certainly loved all over the world, and in some places even venerated, no one could deny that felines can be very uncooperative at times.

Which was why Cee decided to let it drop and return to the hold, only to hear a splash and a "Kyaaaa!"

Sighing, Cee walked back over to the side of the boat where Yugito had been standing seconds earlier. Looking down over the side, he saw the nibi jinchūriki pulling herself up on top of the water.

"Do you need any help?" he called down.

Yugito simply glared at the sensor, her now soaked outfit clinging to her body in some very interesting ways as she kneeled on all fours on the surface of the water, bobbing and down as waves passed. Then she hissed – actually hissed – at Cee, before her body flickered and the surface of the water briefly depressed in a shallow bowl shape around her.

Then appeared on the deck, still on all fours – Cee was impressed she could actually use shunshin in such a position – before standing up and calmly saying, "I'll be in my quarters," as if none of that had just happened.

She made it all of three steps before falling back onto her knees and heaving all over the deck.

Yeah, Cee was starting to see why the others had said this would be a long trip.

(Cee went out on the big, wide sea to see what he could see at sea.

So what did Cee see on the big, wide sea?

Why, a whole lot o' nothin' but sea, sea, sea.)

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