It was the beginning of something terribly interesting, something that was unordinary and bizarre. To high school freshmen, Orihara Izaya and Heiwajima Shizuo, this was the beginning of a hate-filled war.

Although it would have been highly unlikely for their paths to have cross so crookedly, a mutual friend that the two of them shared felt it necessary for Shizuo and Izaya to acquaint themselves with one another. Had that day have started any differently, the outcome would not have changed in the slightest. Shizuo hated Izaya from the moment he laid eyes on him, and truth be told, Izaya felt the same in return.

"Now, Shizuo, there's no need to fight…" Kishitani Shinra interfered, holding his hands up defensively. "All Izaya did was introduce himself."

"Yeah, well it was his punk-smug face that pissed me off!" Shizuo barked, a certain rage burning about his irises.

"Excuse me for having a 'punk-smug' face, Shizu-chan," Izaya chuckled, his menacing snicker sending sparks of rage into the pit of Shizuo's stomach.

"Don't call me that, you stupid flea! Go to Hell!"

"You first."

"UUUUUUURRRRRGGGGGGGGG!" Shizuo roared, his chest bellowing from the muscular strain of lifting an entire bleacher with his bare hands.

Needless to say, Izaya's eyes widened with acute interest. "So, that's the strength you've been telling me about, isn't it, Shinra? How intriguing," he spoke quietly, never losing hold to that annoying smolder that he wore so well.

"Yes. He claims to hate violence all together, but…you wouldn't really know that by just looking at him," Shinra sighed, shaking his head and pressing a set of fingers to his temple. "Things like this happen every day, so it seems, but I've never seen him get this upset so suddenly."

With a quirked lip, Izaya rose from his seated position, clapping his hands together as if to applaud Shizuo's circus show. "My, my, my, what strong arms you have, Shizu-chan!"

Growling in a monstrous hum, Shizuo heaved the bleacher forward. Though his intent was the aim the bleacher directly at Izaya, Shizuo was very much lacking in the accuracy department. The metallic boom of the fallen bleacher had landed somewhere between thirty and forty feet away from his target. Shinra had ducked for cover, but Izaya had yet to so much as even flinch.

Izaya soon grew bored and felt the need to announce this, by saying, "Well, it's been fun, Shizu-chan, but I have better things to do. Let's be friends, okay?"

"Like Hell I'll be your friend, you good-for-nothing louse!" Shizuo shouted from across the way.

Giggling at Shizuo's childish comeback, figuring this would only be the first of many, Izaya waved a demeaning hand of dismissal, as if saying goodbye would put him on any better standing with his classmate. Shizuo simply scoffed in disgust, turning his body away from him and rubbing the higher of his arms to ease the radiating pain that was starting to become more noticeable.

"I have a feeling," Izaya spoke softly to himself, as he made his way to his next class, "that you and I are going to have lots of fun together, Shizu-chan."

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