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After her fourth lesson, Anna met up with David outside the library. She had struggled through Spanish, and double physics. But now, all that was left was her favourite lesson; Art. Anna had a little sketch book which sat under her bed, coming out to play every single night. It was filled with swirly black biro lines of dark wolves, barren forests, clear nights and full moons. Anna had a fascination with darkness, black cats, eighties horror films, guys with dark hair and kohl. Not those arrogant, muscled brutes that thought they ruled the school, Filkins and Ronnie included.

Anna snapped herself outside of her thoughts, she shouldn't be labelling herself, let alone other people. Anna gave David a quick smile to stop him questioning her. They made their way along to the cafeteria and picked up a blue tray each. Anna glanced around and to her dismay she saw Ronnie and Filkins. They were up near the front of the queue pushing people out of the way and knocking cups and trays off their racks. She was suddenly glad to be at the back of the line.

Anna chose macaroni cheese with a slice of garlic bread and David chose the curry with baked beans. They sat at the back of the hall with the rest of David's friends. Anna took a bite of her garlic bread and threw the rest back down on her plate moodily. David turned away from discussing math club with his friends to look at her, "Hey, what's wrong?"

Anna turned her head, looking from him to his friends and back, waiting for things to finally click into place. David deflated, his expression crumpling.

"You don't like hanging out with us, do you?" His lower lip trembled for a second. He had stumbled upon a gorgeous, older and kind girl who after all didn't like him anyway. Anna picked up her garlic bread and starting ripping pieces apart in her hands, she had lost her appetite.

"I just don't think I fit in." She muttered, giving the kids on the next table an envious glance. They were the kind of kids she wanted to hang out with. They were all attractive, free people with piercings and eyeliner and black nails. They had tanned skin and mischievous smiles and her insides ached just looking at them. They were perfect. The tall one she had spoken to at the bus stop was flicking his Zippo on and off under the table. Anna's fingers twitched.

She briefly wondered if they were threatening enough as a group that Filkins left them alone. Anna turned back to David, "You don't mind, do you?"

David sighed again, "No." He replied forlornly.

Anna grinned at him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek as thanks. David blushed the colour of beetroot and mumbled something back. Anna grabbed her bag and went over to sit at their table. She sat down and introduced herself. The others grinned and invited her on in to their conversation. She felt a rush of warmth go through her. She missed her old friends but these were quickly becoming good replacements.

They sat discussing who were better, The Clash or The Sex Pistols. Their conversation turned animated and a boy flicked a piece of pasta at her. She gasped, and then flicked a piece of tomato spaghetti back at him. His name was Joseph and he was very tall with light brown hair and sparkling green eyes. He had thick black platforms and a red ring on his index finger. Grinning, he took a small handful of pasta and chucked it at her. Anna dodged but not well enough, the tomato skimming her bare side and leaving a orange mark. Anna laughed, "You're in for it now, Joseph."

She fisted her neighbour's macaroni and sent it flying at where Joseph's head was. Where it was. Joseph had of course ducked and the mass of yellow cheese had gone flying at the back of someone else's head. Anna sat there shocked before bursting out laughing. Her body convulsed with spasms of hysterical laughter which racked her body, nearly making her fall of her seat, and the worse she felt, the more she laughed. Anna looked up once more and the laughter stopped. It didn't slow down, or ebb away, but stopped all at once, as if the wind had been knocked from her.

Filkins had turned around, his eyes a murderous black.

Anna swallowed.

Everyone sitting at the table chuckled lowly, not wanting to antagonise him further. He didn't stand a chance against them when they were all together, but he could sure pick them off one by one. Anna couldn't even mutter an apology before he sent a full cup of coke over her head. Anna raised her hands and wiped the brown liquid out of her eyes, smudging her makeup everywhere. She gave him a murderous gaze back and picked up her drink, sending it over in his direction with more aim this time. It hit him square on the nose and wiped that smirk off his handsome face. He was dripping with the liquid now, and a wet patch had emanated from his neck line downwards.

Anna stood up slowly and Filkins walked over to meet her. They stood facing each other square on before lunging forward. Filkins knocked her to the food strewn ground first. They skidded back a few metres before stopping just short of David's table. His mouth dropped open and a weird gurgling sound came out. Anna groaned as her head smacked against the ground. Filkins reached for some food on David's table and brought it down on Anna's face, rubbing it in. She cursed and swung her fist around to hit him on the cheek. There was just enough power in that to stop him momentarily. Anna took the chance and jutted her knee up which sent Filkins doubling over in pain. There were jeers and shouts echoing throughout the entire dining hall.

He rolled over on his side and Anna got to her feet, using the table to pull herself up. David handed her a napkin and she accepted, wiping the food off her face. She looked down at Filkins who was still rolling over on the floor, then up at Ronnie who looked completely lost. She took David's drink and poured it all over Filkins. And of course this huge charade hadn't gone unnoticed by teachers. They were beginning to crowd around and one pulled Anna slightly off to one side, away from Filkins. The Principal, goddammit, was striding over, his face red and impossibly angry.

"What the hell do you two think you're playing at?" He bellowed. "My office – NOW!"

Anna swallowed, literally on her first day she had landed herself in the principal's office. Deep trouble. But Anna was used to things like this, having acted of similar standard back in her old school.

Anna grabbed another napkin from David's table and wiped the rest of the mash potato and whatever else off her face. She held her head high and walked straight past everyone, smiling as a wave of applause exploded around the cafeteria. It was silenced when Filkins got to his feet and looked around, singling out potential victims for the weeks to come.

The principal, Mr Fowley, had changed his mind and ordered both of them to go get cleaned up before entering his office. Anna had rinsed the dirty parts of her hair and dried them in the hand drier, reapplied makeup and sprayed her perfume, hoping it would get rid of the smell of pizza. She stalked down the hall and nearly slammed the door against its hinges.

"You certainly took your time, Miss Reed." Mr Fowley gave her a less than savoury look.

Anna grimaced and sat down next to Filkins.

"Sorry, Sir." She muttered.

"Now you, Terry, I'm not surprised to see in here," He frowned at Filkins before shifting his gaze over onto Anna, "But, you, Anna, it's your first day here and already you're getting into food fights."

When she didn't reply he added, "I expected you to be old enough to know right from wrong."

She gave him a sullen look and then began chipping her nail varnish off.

"I suppose you're going to tell me you weren't the one who started it?" He grumbled.

"No, no...that was me." She said, looking up, "But he's been misbehaving too."

"Doing what?" He asked, interest piqued as he leant forward over his desk, resting his plump chin on clasped hands.

"He shoved a first grader into a locker!" She exclaimed.

"Do you have any other witnesses? Because it's your word against his..." Mr Fowley trailed off, scratching his lightly stubbled jaw.

Anna huffed, looking from him to Filkins in disbelief, "You think I'm lying?..."

Filkins let a smirk creep up onto his face.

"No, but in this school we don't take kindly to false accusations." He hitched his glasses further up his red nose.

"This is ridiculous." Anna muttered, leaning back in her chair.

"You will both spend one hour afterschool today in detention-" He began

"Sir! I already have lunchtime detention today-" Filkins sat up.

"Enough!" Mr Fowley's eyes widened in a sudden burst of anger. "You will both receive slips in your classes to where your detention is. There will be work for you to do and you will sit in silence, do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal." They said in unison. Then they both looked at each other in surprise. Anna brushed it off and stood, exiting his office.


"So, how much trouble are you in?" David whispered to Anna. They were sitting at the back of the classroom in Art. The teacher, Mrs Landrieu, was fast asleep behind her desk, a paintbrush still encased in her spindly fingers.

"I've got an afterschool today," She unravelled a small yellow piece of paper, "With...Mr Stevenson. Who's he?"

"Oh gosh...maybe this really is your worst first day ever." He smiled a little afterwards, as if enjoying an inside joke. Anna cocked an eyebrow.

"Who is he?" She put the piece of paper inside her jeans pocket and returned to doodling.

"He, apart from Mr Fowley, is one of the strictest teachers at this school," He gave a visible shudder, "Can I tell you something?" He asked, leaning over.

"Yeah sure." She replied.

"He scares me." David whispered in her ear.

"Ha!" She snorted.

"What?" He crumpled again, like when he found out she didn't want to sit with him at lunch.

"He's a teacher, how bad could he possibly be?"


Anna jumped back in her seat as Mr Stevenson slammed his hands on her desk, leaning over her.

"Do I need to remind you again, Miss Reed, that you're supposed to be working in complete silence?" He snarled in his silkily dangerous voice. His gray blue eyes pierced hers. Anna swallowed, shaking her head.

"Good." He purred, his lips curving up into a deadly smirk.

Anna watched him retract his perfectly manicured hands from her desk and fold them away in the pockets of his perfectly pressed black suit.

Anna sighed as he seated himself behind his desk, going back to work on his laptop. His defined features illuminated by the screen. She huffed again and got back on with her work. He probably still lives with his parents, Anna mused in a comforting afterthought.

Earlier on, Mr Stevenson had specifically explained to her that the paper she had to do was an internal exam and would not reflect on any of her grades. It was purely to see what she already knew and where to go next. He had then told Filkins that the exam he was going to do in silence would be an external exam and would determine whether he would have to go to summer school which started in under three months. Strangely enough, they were sitting exactly the same English exam, but the consequences of failing were very different indeed.

They were a mere five minutes in when Mr Stevenson announced to the two pupils that he was going to carry on with some audio type learning on his laptop. He plugged his ear phones in, looked over at them suspiciously one last time, and was dead to the world.

Filkins looked over at Anna, "Psst."

She turned her head slightly to the other side.

"Psst!" This time louder, "What's the answer to number two A?"

The answer was a conjugated verb, and it was worth 3 marks, maybe the difference between a C- and a D+.

"Why would I tell you?" She shot back.

"Because," He grinned at her, "I can make your life hell, doll face."

"Up yours." She spat, returning to her work.

"C'mon, Anna." He said, a desperate edge leaking into his tone.

"You should have listened in class, doll face." She gave him a crooked grin which didn't reach her eyes, which remained cold and uncaring.

Filkins gave her a furious glare which made the hairs rise along her spine.

"If I fail, I'm coming for you." He promised.

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