He sat his hands down on the rocks, then sat his body up.

Confusion filled his eyes as he looked at Amy. She looked back at him, terror stinging her face.

"A-Arron?" Amy asked, unable to speak more than one word. She reached out, but he backed away from her. The blood on the back of his head had stopped bleeding, but it was like he didn't notice.

P.J. and Teddy stared at the man and their mother, not knowing what to do, until they all heard Bob running down the alley, with Gabe behind him.

"Amy!" Bob yelled, as he ran to her and picked her up. He hugged her tight, afraid he was going to lose her again. Gabe walked up to his mother, a worried look on his face, as she looked at him.

"Oh, Gabe. Come here." Amy could tell he was about to burst into tears.

Then they all looked at Aaron.

Amy hugged Bob, as she laid her head on his warm chest.

"I love you." She mumbled as they sat on the couch, not really paying attention to the TV that was playing in front of them.

Bob looked down and smiled at her, and kissed her blonde hair. "I love you too, Amy."

Amy let out a deep breath, and smiled, she didn't want this moment to ever end, she knew it would though, since life had to go on.

She leaned up against him, and thought.

Aaron laid in the hospital bed, he didn't know what his name was, he didn't know what he was doing, he couldn't remember anything from ten hours or before.

He stared up at the TV screen, which was playing the daily Denver news. He searched through all parts of his mind, for some memory, of how he ended up staring at those people on that dark road. He didn't even know who that woman was, with golden blonde hair, and crystal blue eyes.

He hadn't remembered much after that either, since he passed out all of a sudden, after feeling immense pain from his head.

That was all he could remember, that, and waking up in the bleached and sterile hospital room, with an annoying nurse asking him questions he didn't know the answer to.

Finally, he was allowed to sit back, he could feel the bandages wrapped around his head, and the killer migrane he had.

He drifted to sleep a few times, to be woken by the nurse, saying he had to stay awake, but this time, he was woken by the heavy, thick door, slowly opening.

He smiled when he saw the familiar bright blue eyes peek behind the door, then he saw her blonde hair, then the rest of her walked in, dressed in purple and blue scrubs.

"Hey," Amy said, a small smile on her face, she was on her lunch break, and decided to ride the elevator a floor above to the Trauma Care Unit.

That night before, she and Bob decided to take Aaron to the emergency room, saying he was badly hit in the head, and that they didn't know his identitly, and neither did he.

After getting the staples to his head, and a CAT scan and an MRI, they decided that Aaron definitly had amnesia, and after doing more tests, they said it could very possibly be permanent. The blow to the head from P.J. was from point blank, less than two feet away. The doctors announced that he had a traumatic brain injury, which was very seldom from a blow to the head, but apparently P.J. had hit him on his temple, which didn't make it any better.

Amy slowly walked over to the cushioned chair on the right side of his bed.

She looked at the bandage on his head. Faint colors of red were blotched from his temple, to the back of his head. Amy looked down, her injuries were nowhere near as bad as the one that Aaron had.

"Hi," he said, a smile growing across his face as he looked at Amy.

Something felt different about her, than anyone else. He couldn't put his tongue on it, but he knew something was definitly different.

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