Several adjustments have been made after the first time I published the story!

The characters and world belong to Cassandra Clare. Jem/Will slash. The story is set at the end of Clockwork Prince, but it is centred around the relationship between Will and Jem.

Warnings: This fanfiction contains use of alcohol, self-harm, and sugests suicide. While these subjects aren't explained in detail, I've changed the rating to M to be sure.

Will was on his way to the dining room, and he had spent unusually long time on preparing himself. Not that there was any special reason, really, he'd simply had the time for once. He had rearranged his hairstyle at least five times before he settled for a ruffled look, letting small locks of hair curl down his forehead. The locks framed in his eyes in such a way that made them seem even bluer than what they already did. Charlotte and the others at the institute still didn't have any knowledge of Mortmain's whereabouts, but at least they were no longer alone in the matter of tracking him. The whole Clave was now working on it. Of course, it still took up rather a lot of Will's time – mostly mentally perhaps, but it was not as bad for him as it had to be for poor Charlotte, who barely made it home for meals after spending so much time on getting in contact with important people in Downworld. Will could at least get some room to think about other things as well, if not too much.

The first face Will's eyes fell upon as he entered the room was Jem's. The light in Jem's silver eyes seemed to vanish slightly as Will entered, and for a brief moment Will was confused, but only a second later Jem smiled up at his parabatai like he used to and Will knew he must have imagined it. It wasn't as Jem always smiled at him either, what with all the times Jem had been mad at Will for the things he said and his arrogant and often rude behaviour. But at least Will knew that Jem would never stay angry for long, and he didn't have to worry about that in addition to all the other things that were constantly busying his mind. Will sat down, leaving only one seat to be unfilled. It was Tessa's.

Will found himself looking towards Jem again while they waited. He was wearing a very typical Jem-outfit: black trousers and a white, almost silvery shirt, a colour that greatly resembled that of his eyes and hair. His face was calm and it wasn't possible to detect a single sign of stress upon it. He actually looked healthier than he had for weeks.

The door to the room opened once again and this time Tessa came in. Jem's face went from calm to what Will only could only describe as happy looking. It was as if a candle had suddenly been replaced by the blazing brightness of a witchlight. Will felt a certain pang in the pit of his stomach, but he had no idea what it came from. He was probably just so stressed out that even the smallest of things could make his mood even lower.
Really, he thought it was a great thing that Tessa had come to the institute. For himself it was just another person he had do make sure didn't like him too much, but it was good for Jem's sake- Having a new friend he could be around who made him laugh, especially now that Jessamine was in the Slient City. Not that she had been the best of company in the first place…

"Will, are you even listening"? It was Charlotte's voice that abruptly dragged Will back to reality. "Don't you think Buford is just the most horrible name for our baby boy"?
"I rather like it", Tessa let out before Will could think of an answer, which earned her a big grin from Henry, but a scowl from Charlotte.
"I agree with Charlotte", Will said casually. "It would be much better if he was named after me".
Jem sighed. "Now you're just acting ridiculous, Will. May I speak my opinion? I have to say that I side with Tessa in this matter".
With Tessa? The name seemed to echo inside Will's head. Tessa.
Why didn't Jem say Charlotte? She was the mother after all.
Tessa's and Jem's gazes locked. Their eyes sparkled in a way that somehow made Will think they shared some sort of super hilarious secret.

"You know", Will said. "I'm not hungry after all".
The lot of them wrinkled their brows in unison, which made the whole scene look rather comical.
"I think I'll go to bed early this evening".
He rose from his chair with a sharp movement and went out of the room, for once not bothering to hide that everything wasn't as it should be. Jem tried to call him back, but Will ignored him. Actually, Will couldn't help feeling a tiny bit satisfied with the whole situation.
He hurried off to his bedroom and lay down on his bed, which was surrounded by nothing but huge piles of books, and he fell asleep instantly, a small smile etched upon his lips.

I know this was very short, but it was mostly an introduction. I promise that upcoming chapters will be longer, and there'll definitely be more drama, complications and suspense. Reviews will be greatly appreciated. I'm a newbie with fanfiction (and sadly English isn't my first language), so I guess I need all the help I can get.