Chapter 14: Diva's Deign

Moka reached out and took Kuyou's hand. The fox's grin widened as the diva gripped his hand as gently as a fairy. Tsukune allowed his arms to fall to his side. He seemed to glower as Kuyou touched his precious Moka. Nagare lay unconscious on the floor. Kurumu had knelt down to pull Nagare into her lap. Tsukune was feeling frustrated. Tsukune's arm had yet to revert back and the killing intent was still heavy in the air. Why had Moka grabbed the fox's hand? Did she really intend to leave him? He was not the sort to become jealous, but this person was evil. He was the reason... the reason his arm was like this. Tsukune clenched his black fist and shook. Fong walked up to his friend and laid his hand on his shoulder. Tsukune looked away.

"Be at peace Tsukune, this man is not your true enemy. What ails you so are those watching..." Fong's words were whispers. Tsukune glanced out the side of his shades toward the cameras above. There was no way he could hide his arm from them any longer.

Moka glanced over to Tsukune who looked down from her gaze. She turned her ruby eyes to Kuyou and shook his hand slowly. The fox's smirk grew bigger. Moka bowed her head deeply. "Thank you very much for assisting us today sir, but I will have to decline your offer." Moka flicked her hair back and raised her head, putting on the airs of a true diva. "But please, let us meet for tea another time..." The offer was punctuated by a tightened grasp on his hand. Kuyou laughed to disguise the pain.

"Ahahha... just like your sister I see..." Kuyou turned his azure eye to Tsukune. The young human had a smug smile on his face. Kuyou would not panic though. Moka released his hand and he pulled it back only to cross his arms behind him. "Ah, but if that is the case that means you side with this criminal who has assaulted my employee..." He motioned to the unconscious Nagare whose bleeding skull was being tended to by the gentle succubus. Tsukune sneered at his game. Although it would take plenty of red tape to assure that Nagare was officially hired he was signed on. That idiot signed a contract he likely did not read. "I have taken the liberty to alerting the authorities.

Tsukune snapped his head up and looked toward the fox's desk. Silent alarm. "Damn." The manager cursed before he slowly began to revert his arm.

"Oh, but just in case you were to lie about your present state, Aono-san..." The fox grinned. "I had my assistant deliver the security recordings..." At that moment there was a knock at Kuyou's office door. "Come in." The deep-voiced president called. The door opened and Moroha stepped in with a foul grin on his face.

"Everything is in place boss, would ya need anything else before I clock my ass out of this shindig?" The mole gave a hissy chuckle at the glare Tsukune sent in his direction. "This is good pay back for my kouhai ya beat up. That face is priceless. Tell Sun I said hello." He growled and snaked out of the room. Tsukune's eyes widened at the realization of Moroha's words.

With the calm and elegance of his status the manager pulled his PDA from his pocket and hit speed dial. He stood with the phone to his ear. Kuyou looked to him in question. "One more mad dash, Aono? It is too late for you." The police siren could be heard outside. Kurumu had laid Nagare in a chair and gone over to the window.

"No way!" She bounced and pointed out. "Moka-chan! They even brought the American S.W.A.T.!" The succubus called. Moka looked at Kuyou who grinned. She rushed to Kurumu's side to inspect the situation. The police were surrounding the headquarters with force and efficiency. The Black Armed Menace, known comically as the Dark Hand in the United States, was a wanted criminal. Many did not believe in his existence due to the fact only a 'black arm' was hinted at in the crime. It was a passing fancy in the public's eye, but it was on police record in Hawaii due to the fact Japan was its closest neighbor. Were the criminal to flee his country, Hawaii was one of he many places this Black Arm could find amnesty.

The police had set up a massive barrier from the courtyard to prevent people from entering the complex. The curious already began to arrive and the paparazzi were ready the fill the skies with the blare of their flash. The officers herded the people behind police tape and car barricades.

The other end of Tsukune's phone picked up. "Ah!" Tsukune chirped up. "Sun-senpai, I found your book." He held out his phone with his now human arm and reached to pull Moka close to him as she walked toward him in curiosity. "I do suggest you cover your ears." He braced himself. He would be unable to hold his ears while holding the phone and Moka.

Suddenly a shrill sound escaped the phone. Everyone present, except for Nagare, covered their ears. The sound was enough to shoot Nagare from his unconscious state though. "What the hell?!" The slug snapped his hands over his head as the ultra frequency sound penetrated his hearing. Moka, Kurumu and Kuyou covered their ears.

"What is this?!" The fox seemed to double over in pain. Moka looked up to Tsukune who seemed to be chuckling nervously, though she could not hear it above the noise. His nose began to bleed a bit, but even still he looked down to Moka with such a brave face. Kurumu leaned up against Tsukune as she kept her ears covered. Tsukune, being human, did not have very good senses for hearing so he was less affected by the Siren's call. Sun used her voice to break the spell on her book to not to only find it but erase any questionable information from it and hide it from her enemies.

Moroha was in his office and was unaware. His had his headset on, as it helped keep out the noise from the day to day disturbances. He was a mole, to the most literal sense, so his hearing and sense of smell were exceptional. When the Siren's call hit his ears the mole vomited a good deal of blood at the suddenness of it all. He was still copying the data from the black book. His electronics began to smoke as the book began to respond to the voice spell. The pages of the black book became blank. They would only be able to be called back by the same voice. He felt his ears bleed before he collapsed backwards in his seat. "Ah, crap!" Moroha fell unconscious.

Kuyou slammed his fist on his desk. "ENOUGH!" Fires licked from the kitsune's mouth. Tsukune hung up the phone and wiped at his nose, clearing the blood. Moka looked to the fox as his body seemed to be covered in a cloak of fire. Kuyou's hand brushed against some of his work papers, instantly setting them on fire. "Maybe this time I'll rip out your heart, boy, instead of giving you heart burn!" The fox roared out and lunged at Tsukune.

The young guardian pushed Moka back into Fong's waiting arms. Moka looked up as Fong gripped her shoulders tightly. Fong had a serious expression and looked troubled. "Tsukune has reached his limit. It seems he has been holding back." Fong noticed Tsukune fighting to hold back his youki.

The young manager had been under a lot of stress lately. With having to keep up pretenses, to dealing with his senpai, it was troubling. Sun's song had not helped either and left him woozy and having trouble standing. Moka looked over to him and noticed Tsukune's unsteady stance. But what had Kuyou meant when he had said "this time?" There was no time to ask the obvious before Kuyou charged, fist poised to wreck Tsukune. Flames crested his fist's motion before it made contact with Tsukune's chest. Kurumu and Moka shouted as Nagare watched on in horror. A klaxon of alarms fired off as the fire detectors sensed Kuyou's flames. The sprinklers let loose a heavy spray of water to douse the flames. Kuyou's hot head was cooled as his flames diminished as he made contact with Tsukune's chest. There was no need to murder the boy after all.

Tsukune did not fight back. Right now it was best to buy time for the others. He knew he was in trouble and it was something that his senpai would certainly come running or, he had contacted Akuha... there was no question she called Hokuto. Tsukune fell back from the force of the attack, but not without smirking at Kuyou. The young man hit the ground with a horrendous sounded crack. Fong held Moka back as she screamed out Tsukune's name. His consciousness was fading.

"Tsukune!" She fought against Fong, who was surprisingly strong for one so skinny. His martial training allowed him leverage over the youki-fueled vampire. "Fong! Let me go!" She struggled desperately.

Fong shook his head as Kurumu walked up to his side followed by Nagare. "This is a safety placed in by grandfather." Fong explained. "It prevents Tsukune's youki from flying out of control. Unlike a vampire or succubus he was not born with a natural lock that controls youki, which is why he wears the synthesized lock." He felt Moka calm at his words. His body was merely falling into a status.

'Aono Tsukune. We know you are in there... come peacefully and surrender yourself, let's talk about this...'

It seemed the police were about ready to make their move. Fong released Moka and looked to her. She was calm, but not as much as she should be. "I will do the talking. Please stay by Kurumu." Fong went over and hoisted his companion onto his back. Kuyou stood with his head leaned back and arms crossed over his chest.

"Do come again, this was a very good exercise!" The fox laughed. "Kanou!" Kuyou shouted at Nagare, who flinched. Kurumu turned to look at the meek slug.

"Nagare-chi?" She stopped before they exited the room. Fong carried Tsukune on his back and out of the room. The young Triad heir had to stay calm, or it would likely trigger Moka's shaky emotions. Nagare looked away from Kurumu. He made his choice. Kurumu pinched her lips into a line as she swallowed her pain. Tsukune was right about him. Given the first opportunity... "...gomen." She turned away from him and followed Moka out.

Nagare felt like a heel, but he could not leave it this way. He loved Kurumu and such bitter feelings left him unsure. He did not want to sell himself out. His photos were made for two things: photographing Kurumu and things not Kurumu. If he did not have her, he would be out his greatest hobby, his most endearing fetish! He would use his camera properly and expose the fox. Under the shade of his bowl-cut, ginger hair he grinned darkly. Blackmail was the perfect weapon against a business mogul...


Tsukune was taken into custody and put into the ambulance. Moka was picked to ride with him while Fong and Kurumu would return to the hotel to deal with the situation. The paparazzi were barely held back by the police. Pictures of the distraught Moka and the so-called. Dark Hand, were captured. She rode with Tsukune to the hospital and he was placed into intensive care. Humans that were "bitten" by Youkai and infused with their blood often suffered from a type of ki poisoning. The doctors were surprised the young man was even still alive. He was exhausted and would have to be placed under care and watch. Two heavily armed officers were placed outside of his room. Moka sat on a seat in his room.

She dallied away in her thoughts. They were heavy. For a moment she was not lost within her own worries. The sound of the paparazzi's cameras and complaints as they were withheld from the hospital. She watched as the young man slept with intravenous drip embedded in his arm. She realized how little she knew of him. Though he had stood by her side for three years, he knew so much about her yet she knew almost nothing of him. Kuyou was right about one thing: Akuha knew Tsukune was dangerous. Her sister would never have hired Tsukune otherwise. Hokuto would had to have warned her of something so dangerous. It was several hours passed now. Moka had fallen asleep in her seat.

Tsukune, by this time, had roused from his heavy slumber. He looked to the sleeping Diva. She looked cute, but also stressed. He had caused her trouble... "I'm sorry." He softly whispered as he brushed his finger through her hair. He paused and looked at his hand as the Lock rattled at the motion. It was his fault really. He had not told her, but how could tell her something like that?

In the hotel Fong was on the phone. Kurumu was seated on the bed. The pair were better dressed than they were before. The succubus was laid on her side, regretting abandoning Nagare, but he had acted very stupidly. Why did he not see that, which was deep inside of her? Her mauve eyes turned up to Fong as he seemed to pace. "Yes. I know." Fong's words were apologetic. "He is well! Please, you needn't worr...yes. I understand. Yes I will email you the address of the hospital. Yes. I understand." Fong bowed his head as he spoke, a habit governed by his Japanese lifestyle. He hung up and looked at his phone with a sigh. As he said he began to write the email on his phone for the hospital's address.

"Was..." Kurumu began as she curled up tightly on the bed. Fong sat down beside he and sighed deeply. Kurumu sat up and rubbed his back. "So...senpai is mad. Fong flinched at the thought.

"His words spoken over the phone were very calm and clear-headed." Kurumu looked away. It was that bad? "He will be here soon with Akuha-sama. They are on the plane." Fong was very worried. Things had gotten out of hand because Tsukune's overprotective nature flared in his temper. It was very hard to bother or even annoy Tsukune, but involve his friends and he was like a mountain storm! "We have to pack up everything. They will be picking us at the lobby when they pick up Tsukune..."


When Kaneshiro Hokuto and Shuzen Akuha pushed through the crowds at the hospital it caused a great deal of uproar. At the front of the hospital the familiar figure of Kiria waited. He bowed when Hokuto and Akuha came to a stop at his presence. Hokuto used his middle finger to regally push up his black-rimmed lenses. "Kiria..." Hokuto greeted curtly. "You know it will never be like before..." he warned darkly.

Kiria bowed his head. "I understand the consequences of my jealousy and greed, but right now I have a very different game at hand." he looked to Akuha who raised a brow in curiousness. "My goal is to of course outsmart and impress the eldest Shuzen..." Akuha put her hand to her mouth and chuckled into it with dark pleasure.

"A challenge? Sounds like fun, but let us not dawdle, I've a few curt words to express to Hokuto's precious kouhai~" Her words annoyed the present Hokuto. Of course they would! It was his precious kouhai!

Hokuto, Akuha and Kiria made their way to the hospital room. Tsukune was sitting up eating some pudding. Ah, they arrived... He looked up and waved his hand. Hokuto narrowed his eyes when he saw his kouhai hooked up like some lab experiment. Hokuto cleared his throat which caused Tsukune to look down like a puppy who had gotten caught with his head in the refuse bin. "We are leaving. Get dressed." Hokuto ordered. Tsukune did not question it.

While Hokuto dealt with Tsukune and Moka, Akuha cleared things with the police commissioner and captain. Kurumu and Fong were collected soon after and the group would take advantage of Kiria's offer to drive them to the airport. The ride was silent. Moka was forced to sit apart from Tsukune, and Tsukune from her. Hokuto and Akuha made sure to stick themselves in the middle of this situation, forcing them to sit at different ends of the back of the limousine. The plane ride back to Tokyo was even more unsettling. Moka was quiet and Tsukune seemed to be inattentive, which was very against his usual behavior. It caused Moka to grow self conscious and fold into herself emotionally. When they landed Tsukune stood by Hokuto's side and Moka by Akuha's. The older siblings stared the other down. Fong, Kurumu and Kiria could only awkwardly watch from the side lines as the tense air only grew foul. Hokuto and Akuha were clearly releasing youki into the air. Tsukune's bags were taken by Miyabi who smirked as he passed by. "It would be lovely to have the young Aono back in our midst again, it's so quiet with no one to tease." He softly jabbed. Moka shot her head up and looked to Akuha while Tsukune looked up to Hokuto.

Akuha put her hand on her hip and raised her head. "I am afraid due to Tsukune endangering Moka's reputation he can no longer work as her manager in the angence presse." Akuha turned her dark eyes to Tsukune and sneered. "You're fired." She flatly stated.

"Aneue!" Moka complained. "It wasn't his fault!" She tried to argue but Akuha turned to her as Hokuto simply stood there, darkly smiling and Tsukune listlessly staring.

"Moka, please do not argue, it hurts aneue's heart..." She sighed out and looked away. Moka's responses always made the older sister's heart flutter with adoration. "You are so adorable and have your dreams to fulfill, you do not need someone like Aono ruining this for you."

Moka shook her head, vehemently denying her sister. "NO! I love him!" She shouted loudly. Akuha sighed. She was afraid this sort of thing would happen. Moka was such a warm, kind girl. She knew getting her a female manager would have been best. Perhaps Kahlua, or even she could manage her baby sister's life? Would that not be fantastic?! She swooned at the idea. The tension was suddenly broken by Hokuto's laugh.

"Really?" He chuckled. "Come now Akashiya-san, Tsukune does not mix business and pleasure..." He raised his hand to pat Tsukune's shoulder. "Right my dear kouhai?" The question was strongly suggested, the answer obvious.

"Yes senpai." It was all Tsukune could say. Moka was shocked. She began to shake with anger. Just like that?! He denied her just like that?!

"Coward!" Moka hissed at Tsukune before she whorled around and stamped away. Tsukune smiled weakly. Kurumu looked to him and shook her head.

"Tsu..." He smiled at Kurumu. He knew she would try and help, but it was obvious he had no confidence in the situation. He was a coward, here was no denying it.

"It is better this way." He admitted, loud enough that Moka could hear as she stormed away. "I have always been a coward, but at least this way she is safe. She won't disappear like my parents." His words caused Moka to stop in place. Kurumu felt her heart jump. Akuha raised a curious brow at the boy's words as Hokuto's eyes widened from their usual, slanted gleam.

"Tsukune!" Hokuto called as his kouhai bowed and turned to head toward his senpai's car. As he passed Miyabi chuckled.

"My, my, today is already turning out so well." The assistant turned to start up the car.

Moka looked to Kurumu who had chased after her, but Tsukune's cold words had stopped them both in their tracks. "What did he mean?" Kurumu shook her head.

"...It is not something I think I should tell..." Kurumu clasped her hands over her chest. Moka looked back to Fong who was slinking away to his car. His family's men had come to pick Kurumu and him up. The young heir bristled physically when a cloak of youki surrounded his form. He slowly turned to look and found Moka hovering over him with her eyes shadowed as she darkly grinned.

"Ah, Fong-kun, let's have some tea..." She gripped his arm with her vampiric strength. Fong felt tears at his eyes as he was led to his car. "I want to ask you something about Tsukune..."

"H-hai..." He whined. Kurumu blinked and hurriedly followed the pair. Akuha turned to see Moka spiriting away the Triad boy.

"Moka!" Akuha called, but it was no use.

"Akuha-sama?" A bored voice called out. Akuha looked over to her side where her assisant stood in a traditional Japanese kimono, arms crossed in front of her. Long, purple hair lay loosely tied, raining down her back gracefully.

Akuha shook her head at the aurora-eyed woman. "Nevermind, Shirayuki-san, would you go find out about that boy's past? Hokuto was holding back, and I hate secrets you know?" She smiled warmly. Akuha's assistant was a member of the Shirayuki clan, a family of native yuki onna. They were a family of Yakuza members who assisted the agency under their ideals of their own goals of supporting proper, Japanese business. They limited the use of foreign models and regulated the business around the agency to better Japanese economy.

"Yes ma'am. I will speak with my mother." Before Akuha looked up, the snow woman was gone...


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