How Did THAT Happen?!

Chapter 6 - Unknown Questions?!

By: Lord Archive

This series is going back to being rated M for Mature. This chapter has been edited down from its original version to remove all descriptions of sexual acts. Eventually, this copy will also replace the unedited version on Media Miner.

If you haven't been disgusted and/or found something disturbing yet, eventually you will be. If you're not disgusted or disturbed by chapter 8 of this series, you're a seriously demented piece of work. _I'm_ disgusted by what I plan to do, but I'm demented enough to write it anyway. :p

Digimon belongs to Akiyoshi Hongo and Toei Animation and is used without consent. Toei doesn't particularly care about fan works. Hell, they didn't care enough to give Adventures a decent ending. I'm going to keep using the characters for as long as I damn well please.

Who ever thought that alcohol was the 'ultimate truth serum' obviously had never gotten drunk. Yamato couldn't care less for the girl splayed out on his bed. He only knew of Momoe as being Miyako's sister and Jun's best friend. Miyako he at least respected as a fellow Chosen, but as for Jun- he hated her.

Yamato rubbed his forehead, wishing he was at a love motel or somewhere he could just sneak off and leave the girl. Unfortunately, in his drunken stupidity, he decided to bring her home to have sex with. If his hangover wasn't already making his head throb, he'd consider pounding his forehead against the wall.

The girl stretched and yawned lazily before sitting up quickly. She glanced around at the room she found herself in, then alternated her stares at Yamato and her lack of clothing. Slowly a large grin formed on her face. "Good morning!"

"'Morning," Yamato groused, not liking her cheerful attitude in the least. "Ya better get home before your parents worry."

Momoe laughed. "After what Miyako and Hawkmon did, do you honestly think they'd worry about me being with a guy like you?"

Yamato scowled. "Whatever."

Momoe snaked her way out of the tangled bed sheets and slithered her way next to the young rock star. "Don't be like that, Yama-chan." She then frowned as he merely looked at her disapprovingly. Despite her lack of clothing and her fondling hand, there was producing no noticeable reaction.

"Hangover," Yamato muttered out as his excuse.

Momoe nodded sadly. "I understand." Slowly she began to gather her clothes before retreating into the bathing room to take a shower.

Yamato went to the main living area of the apartment and grabbed a beer and aspirin from the kitchen to deal with the after-pains of excessive drinking. Soon his headache began to wane, but it flared with the opening of the door and his father returning home from a night of work.

"Those guys are useless without me. 'Oh, no. Transmitter Four blew, what can we do?!' Stupid morons," Ishida grumbled. He then blinked at his son. "Why's the shower on if you're out here?"

Yamato didn't answer as the sound of water spraying ceased. Still no words were said for the following minute as noises continued from the bathing room.

Momoe exited the bathing room and froze at the sight of Yamato's father. A blush crept over her face before she muttered out, "Ah, hello, Ishida-san. I was just leaving." She gave a prayer of thanks that she had decided to get dressed, and then turned toward the teenage boy. "Call me anytime. You have my number. Bye-bye!"

Ishida stared at the young woman who retreated out of the apartment, then his gaze moved back to his son.

"Don't ask," Yamato told him simply. "I was drunk."

Ishida shook his head. "Next time take the girl to a love motel. If you bring her home, she'll cling to you. Your mother certainly did."

Yamato scowled darkly. Last night had been a serious mistake. He didn't even really enjoy screwing the girl. Of course his lack of enjoyment might have something to do with the girl not even being a friend. He wondered if he should start watching his drinking, especially at the band parties. If one-night stands left a bad taste in his mouth like screwing Momoe did, he'd rather not repeat it.

"You're evil. You know that, right?" Taichi groused, unable to look away as his girlfriend was applying ointment to herself.

"And who was it that fucked me with shit covering his cock?" Sora snarled.

"And whose shit was it in the first place?" Taichi sniped back. "You didn't complain then."

"Did you give me a chance to?" Sora returned. "Now I've got bleeding sores inside me. It even hurts to walk."

"Yeah, yeah." Taichi eyed the bloody tampon in the trash. With that much blood on it, she had to be having her period as well. She was certainly bitchy enough. Even if Sora didn't have those sores, his chances of getting laid were next to nothing. Her applying medication right in front of him while they were supposed to be studying was cruel and unusual punishment, in his opinion.

Momoe giggled dementedly as she dialed the phone. This was the first time she was home alone since Miyako learned she was pregnant. With her nephew at the Takaishi residence, the 'lovebirds' off with her parents, and her other siblings elsewhere- she could make this call without anyone eavesdropping on her end.

The other end of the phone picked up. "Hello, Motomiya residence, Jun speaking."

"So, how's my favorite mother-to-be?" Momoe questioned.

Jun let out a short laugh. "You only say that because Miyako already gave birth."

"Trust me, I rather she never had that baby. Taka is driving me up the walls," Momoe returned.

"I doubt my baby will be any easier," Jun replied.

"Sure she will. When I've had my fill of her, I get to go home," Momoe joked.

"Ha ha," Jun uttered slowly to show her sarcasm. "What's gotten you into such a good mood?"

"Well, you know I went to the concert last night? I got to attend their party afterwards as well." Momoe began giggling dementedly. "And I woke up this morning in Yama-chan's bed!"

"That's good for you," Jun replied with little warmth.

"Upset that I got him?" Momoe questioned.

"Oh, please. Ishida has nothing on V-mon," Jun retorted.

"Oh, really. Yama-chan is quite endowed. He's the best lay I've ever had," Momoe boasted.

"Like Higashi ever had anything to be proud about. You had sex with the dweeb out of curiosity and sympathy," Jun countered.

Momoe smirked. "True, but can that little digimon really compare to a man?"

"Sure, when he's V-mon, he leaves much to be desired. His armor forms are pretty good. Then there's XV-mon. No man can compare to that. It's too bad that his meter doesn't let me do much for him," Jun recounted.

Momoe clucked.

There were certain advantages to having a baby at the same time as your friends. Chief among them is the ability to share in the care of the infants to allow for time to rest. Considering Miyako had yet to recover from giving birth and that the hospital had been all too eager to release Takato from its charge, it fell to Hikari to watch after the newborn along with the infants of her own family.

At the moment, Hikari couldn't wait to return this 'favor' in spades. While seemingly uncharacteristic of the young mother to want to foist her children and pain onto someone else, her frustrations were eating at her sanity.

"Neko, he's not food! Taka, don't do that!" Hikari screamed as Tailmon's son tried to attack Hawkmon's son, but the hybrid bird was the one to inflict injury with a spray of energy feathers. Not that the hybrid cat seemed to notice.

A crashing noise from the hallway was followed by a Tailmon's shout of, "NO, Tenchi! Bleach is BAD for you!"

Hikari was about ready to cry. How the hell do you make a home baby proof when the babies can fly and possess the strength of an adult person?

"Tell me again: are we the rapists or the victims of rape?" Armadimon grumbled.

"I think the problem is that we're all too willing to have sex," Iori replied.

Armadimon shook his head. "I'm willing up to a point, but damn it, Toy Agumon and Psychemon are freaking nymphomaniacs! I haven't had a moment's rest thanks to them."

"At least it was fun being with Sayuri while her little sister was watching," Iori added.

Armadimon glared. "YOU at least get some reprieve. The girls can't be with you in the middle of class."

Iori let out a shallow laugh. "I'm quite aware of you having sex with Psychemon during school. It's why I keep doing Sayuri during breaks."

Armadimon sighed. "Any thoughts on getting a real victim? Someone who wouldn't want to have our kids?"

Iori smirked. "Sayuri is going shopping for her junior high school uniform after school Saturday, and Yume asked for some help studying. If we can get her alone..."

Armadimon cackled evilly. "Bakumon wouldn't know what I'd be doing to her."

Iori nodded. "And Yume is more clueless than she is." He then paused in thought. "Do have some fun with it, though. There is a chance they'll like it just as much as Noriko and Sayuri do."

"What kind of fun?" Armadimon asked.

"Be creative." Iori shrugged. "Just don't worry about her pleasure. If it suits your needs, hurt her. Show her you're in control."

"Like I ever cared about making the girl feel good," Armadimon groused.

The Digital World was a strange and wondrous place. Humans in this dimension didn't age and could even avoid eating if they didn't exert themselves or use their own energy up in other ways, like evolving their digimon.

If Mimi's baby hadn't been half-digimon, there would've been some problems with attempting to carry the pregnancy to term in that dimension. Had the baby been fully human, the unborn baby would stop developing. Still, Gennai had helped Mimi by altering the digital code of her body to better handle the pregnancy and birth. Her body still carried the altered code, allowing for her to recover and age normally.

The explanations of that had flown well over Leomon's head. He had been happy that Mimi would be living with him from that point on. He loved her and their baby. However, while his daughter's digimon form hadn't changed since birth, her human form was growing at an alarming rate. Leomon couldn't understand how something could evolve that many times. Every day she just got a little bigger, yet he couldn't tell when her form evolved. He had told Mimi of his concerns, but she began laughing and tried explaining something about aging without evolution that he hadn't understood at all.

There was another thing Leomon didn't quite understand. Mimi's insistence that their daughter wear a diaper. If the baby had to go, she should just relieve herself in the crib like all the other babies at the Village of Beginnings. Yet Mimi had gone on about her daughter's modesty and not wanting an untold number of boys seeing her naked. Despite knowing that Kimbamon would never remember her days of infancy and that most of the boys around here were 'naked' digimon, he couldn't get his wife to budge on the issue.

So here he was, the proud warrior Leomon, being ever so careful to remove his baby daughter's diaper. He then dipped both of them into a stream, letting the water wash them clean. He then put the diaper back onto to Kimbamon.

Why Mimi thought water alone washing something completely clean was magical also eluded him. Why wouldn't water clean something? He didn't quite know what she meant by water not getting things wet, either. He guessed it was one of the odd differences the Digital World had from Earth.

"Ah, why'd ya have ta cover her up?!"

Leomon whirled around and saw a Numemon, a green slug, looking at his daughter with wanting eyes. He immediately began to growl viciously, his hand instinctively reaching for his sword.

Numemon edged back nervously. "What're you upset about? You already have da human girl."

"My daughter is not for the likes of you!" Leomon roared, caught between the urge to maim the digimon and not wanting to upset Mimi for doing that.

"Why not let her decide?" Numemon asked, pressing his luck.

Leomon advanced threateningly. "She's too young to understand anything. She's still baby one."

"Looks more like a child to me, maybe baby two. You're just hogging all the girls to yourself. That ain't right," Numemon protested.

"If I see you, or any of your friends, anywhere near my daughter, I will personally chop you up and serve you as food," hissed a female voice from behind Numemon.

Numemon turned around and saw Mimi glaring death at him. "Aw, come on! She's got the cutest set of holes I've ever seen on a girl! Can't I have a little fun with her?"

Mimi said nothing as she strode past the Numemon and took her daughter from her husband. She didn't turn around as she commanded, "Reincarnate him."

"WHAT?!" Numemon screeched.

"I had warned you." Leomon pounced on the green slug.

Mimi held her daughter tightly. She still hated violence, and loathed killing. However, there was nothing she wouldn't do to protect her baby. If Numemon was so insistent with both Leomon and herself there, what would the slug do if her daughter was relatively alone? Besides, having lived at the Village of Beginnings for close to a year, she had seen how death was far from permanent in this world. Numemon would be reborn and may make back to adult level before her daughter was even a teenager. Hopefully by then her daughter would be able to protect herself.

Hidari panted, resting against the wall. She was quite thankful he needed to use the bathroom. It gave her a chance to recoup some of her energy. While the thought of doing a little scat play had crossed her mind, it disgusted her more than it turned her on.

Hidari's lip turned into a tired smirk. While her sister and her were originally one egg and one sperm that had split and formed into twins, they were not perfectly identical. She preferred to keep everything spotless, where Migi couldn't keep her side of the room cleaned if her life depended on it. Then there were Migi's fetishes. She liked plain, normal sex, while her twin was willing to try anything at least once, no matter how disgusting it was.

Hidari's eyes widened as she saw what her sister was doing now. She couldn't possibly want to do THAT! It was disgusting and gross beyond words!

"Oh, yes, Wormmon. Yes!" Migi moaned in appreciation.

"MIGI! THAT'S A FUCKING INSECT YOU'RE FUCKING!" Hidari screamed in disgust.

"Ah, don't be jealous, Hidari. Wormmon is so cuuuute. And so gooood. Oh, yes, don't stop!" Migi insisted.

Hidari stood up and stomped her foot. "He CAN get you pregnant, you know!"

Migi half-moaned and half-laughed. "Maybe Dad will notice us then."

"That's not funny!" Hidari growled.

"You should take a turn. He's quite, hun, good," Migi moaned out.

Hidari seethed. There was no talking to her sister, and it was obvious neither Ken nor Wormmon were going to complain about this. She couldn't watch her sister having sex with a monster anymore. She turned around and marched straight into the bathroom.

"You want something, Hidari?" Daisuke asked, sitting on a western toilet.

"My sister insists on getting dirty with that worm," Hidari hissed.

Daisuke shrugged. "Not much we can do about it."

"How can she stand to be so dirty?!" Hidari paced around the small room. "And how can you screw her up the ass and then make her enjoy sucking her own shit off you?! It's just so sick!"

Daisuke chuckled a little. "Well, it's nice to know you two aren't clones of each other."

Hidari let out a sarcastic laugh. "Of course we're not EXACTLY the same. I'm my own person."

Daisuke began to wipe his ass. "You wouldn't know it from how you two act most of the time. I'm almost jealous of how close you two are."

"Some times I wish we were more different than just personality," Hidari confessed.

Daisuke stood up and flushed the toilet. He then made a show of washing his hands before embracing the girl. "Well, if you like being clean..."

Hidari almost fell as Daisuke dragged her into the shower. Before she could protest, he had turned the water on. "What are you doing?" she demanded.

Daisuke smirked. "Just thinking you'd want some 'clean' fun." He pressed her against the shower wall and kissed her deeply. He did not stop until her cries of pleasure had ended and she slid bonelessly to the floor of the shower. "Ya know, you still look like a dirty, horny slut to me."

"Jerk," Hidari muttered with a slight smirk.

Greymon peered into the sky above a strange stone structure. Floating in the air was the symbol of courage. It was certainly worth investigating. As he arrived at the tower, he knocked at the entrance.

The door swung open and an Angewomon greeted him with a soothing voice, "Hello, brave digimon. What brings you to |0|2|\|?"

"I, ah, noticed the symbol of courage above your tower," Greymon replied uncertainly, his eyes instinctively not looking at her face, but at her large bust.

Angewomon pouted. "Aw, that naughty Lady Devimon! She turned on the Courage Beacon again! She must be punished! Could you punish her, brave digimon?"

Greymon coughed. "I, ah, don't know..."

"She deserves a good spanking!" Angewomon insisted. "Then spank me as well!"

Greymon stared at Angewomon stupidly. He was more than a little tempted to do more than take up the offer of spanking. And unless he missed his guess, she wanted more than just that 'punishment' as well.

Suddenly several female Tailmon, Black Tailmon, and D'Arcmon appeared along with a couple more Angewomon and some Lady Devimon. Many of them were pleading to be punished or spanked, while others skipped the formalities and demanded to be fucked.

Greymon chuckled slowly. "How can I refuse such a request?"

A door inside the tower exploded and Garurumon leapt from the destroyed opening. "Greymon, we must flee!"

Greymon continued to drool. "There's nothing too perilous here to flee from."

"It's far too perilous! We most get out of here now!" Garurumon insisted.

"Go on without me. I can handle all of them!" Greymon boasted.

"No mon could do that!" Garurumon bit down on Greymon's tail and began dragging the great dinosaur away.

"Let me at them! I could defeat them all! Please, let me at them!" Greymon cried out.

The female digimon sighed with forlorn looks as Greymon and Garurumon disappeared into the distance.

"We lose more good digimon that way," Angewomon commented.

A Lady Devimon wrapped her arms around her. "We can always have fun with each other."

"Orgy time!" a Black Tailmon called.

In the distance Greymon began to cry.

Author's Notes:

Coming Eventually:
Chapter 7 - Evil Iori?!
Iori desperately wants to rape a girl, no matter who or how he does it.