"So, Taylor, why did you try to commit suicide?" asked the doctor. "My brother hacked into my Clicksters account, and said... some bad things about me, and then people at school started saying some mean things to me. And then I accepted a friend request from this guy, and he spread rumors that I had slept with him, and I hadn't even met him, so these girls made a video and posted it online, and it all got too much!" Taylor explained, crying near the end. "Seems like a lot's been going on." commented the doctor. "Yeah, I guess." Replied Taylor sarcastically. "So, have you had any friends help you through this?" asked the doctor. "My friend Cheyenne stopped talking to me a while ago, but my friend Sammy's stuck with me the whole way through." said Taylor with a small smile on her face. "Well that's good. Have there been any extra stressful events going on on top of all this?" asked the doctor.

"Well, my parents are divorced." Taylor mumbled. "Well, that might contribute to your discomfort." Commented the doctor whilst taking down some notes/ "Yeah, but that didn't really bother me until-"Taylor started "the bullying started?" finished the doctor. "Yeah." said Taylor. "So, why did Cheyenne leave you?" asked the doctor. "One day Sammy, Cheyenne and I were in the bathroom, and the girls came in and started calling all of us names, and Cheyenne's never been called a name at school before, and she blamed me for it, and basically she was too embarrassed to be seen hanging out with me." finished Taylor in a rush. "Well, I think it would make you feel better if you tried to talk to Cheyenne, explain to her how it makes you feel that she's embarrassed to hang out with you?" suggested the doctor. Taylor rolled her eye. "Sorry, but teenage girls don't work that way. The only things they do is squeal and bitch about people." concluded Taylor.

"Well, at least try." pushed the doctor. "OK, but you can't expect me to go back to school, everyone's gonna make fun of me about all of the videos." said . "How many videos were there?" asked the doctor. "Two, one mocking me, and the other was me telling everyone I was gonna kill myself." said Taylor as if it was no big deal. "Did you know that most people post videos like that when they're about to kill themselves because they want someone to stop them?" asked the doctor. "Well, yeah, but I really wanted to kill myself." Taylor said. "That's what you thought at the time, but you really were scared of It." said the doctor. "Answering your previous speech, you won't be expected to go back to school for now, because your medication will make you sleepy." said the doctor.

"OK, if you give me the medication now, I'll give it to my Mom on the way out." offered Taylor. "That's OK, I need to have a chat with your Mom anyway, and you're staying in this hospital bed for tonight." Said the doctor, and he walked away.