So normally I am all about Peeta and Katniss, but I was rereading the third book and this idea struck me. If you haven't read the third don't read this, It's got what I would say is a fairly big SPOILER! I've warned you so don't get mad if you don't wanna listen. Cheers to all who read and I hope you enjoy this.

It's those moments that affect her; when his wide, trusting eyes seem to shine with energy as a trademark smirk stretches across his lips. That's when it really hits Annie. Those are the times when she is forced back to her own little world, safely hidden behind clenched fingers and warm hands. That is when she plunges back into memories of bloodthirsty teenagers and brutal murders. That is when she starts to come apart at the seams like some water logged book; all her pages spilling out with every not-so-distant recollection of lifeless bodies and fallen allies. That is when she hears him calling her name, softly and lovingly like he did in the days just before he left her. Sometimes she can't help but open her eyes and part her fingers, searching madly for someone who has been gone for far too long. Someone who isn't coming back.
However, most of those times when the memories hit she just stays locked up behind her long fingers, praying that they can blot out the rest of the world. Those moments are when short, chubby arms wrap about her legs and tiny fingers dig into her clothing, as if desperately trying to pull her back to reality and out of the past. That is when a tiny voice calls her name and begs for her attention just as He used to.
It's said that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. When Annie looks down at her child's trusting face she can't help but agree with that saying; because when she sees those bright eyes and that charming smile her world is awash with memories of Finnick.

*Sob* So who else cried reading the third book when Finnick left because I certainly can't be the only one. D:

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