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Ladies and gentlemen of all ages...

Fans of TAI...

I bring to you after a long wait...


Just to see the trivia one final time.

1. You have to understand that a YEAR has passed. Things can happen for the 28 TAI teens, sometimes good...sometimes bad. Who knows? There could be one who let's fame get to his/her head.

2. There will be a few break ups, although a few will get back together. One couple will actually break up over the year break.

3. There WILL be an illegal alliance with one of the hosts.

4. The 4 villains are Justin, Kelsey, Courtney, and Jared.

5. Jared will carry his briefcase into the show. What's inside of it is going to be...interesting.

6. The very first camper who will be eliminated will be the main part of a major storyline.

7. The challenges will be different and be based on everything from VR challenges to common knowledge.

8. The Finals will include the Final 4, who will compete in one last challenge until there is one left standing.

9. At the 15 mark, the teams will be dissolved and it will be every camper for themselves.

10. Teams will change after every challenge.

11. There will only be one injury based elimination this season...but...this one is going to be REALLY and I mean REALLY bad.

12. If you haven't caught the hint from the last chapter, yes, the Interns will be hosting the Aftermath shows.

13. Chris will not be a total monster like he is portrayed in some fics, nor will he be obsessed with the solely drama part of the show. He will be shown as simply a jerk and a prick.

14. Chef will be planning something.

15. There will at some point, be another zombie VR challenge based off another...certain zombie video game.

16. The airplane they will travel in will be much more efficient and much larger.

17. Sierra and Alejandro will be making appearances, but how I won't say.

18. As for the ROTI contestants...not too sure, but we'll see.

19. A few animals will sneak into the storage area of the plane, such as Fuzzy Wuzzums and Sasquatchinakwa.

20. The first challenge itself will be a hunt for a certain item.

After a few moments of static, the screen shows what looks like a large warehouse, filled with crates and shipping material.

Seconds later, a trapdoor opens from the bottom and Chris Mclean rises from below with his trademark arrogant grin at the camera "well, well, well, here we are again! Ladies and germs, boys and girls, THE WAIT IS OVER! As always, I am your handsome, intelligent, and all around awesome host Chris Mclean."

"Now to those who are unaware, it has been exactly one year since Total Drama Island. Lot's of things happened while the season went on. All things that make good TV were shown, from romance to sorrow and comedy to drama!"

The camera soon starts to follow him as he starts walking "right now, Wawanakwa has become a small airfield from where we shall begin as well end this season. Yup, both the first AND final challenges will take place on the newly christened Wawanakwa Airfield."

"This season, the 40 contestants, along with myself, my trusted right hand Chef Hatchet and..." he stops to scowl "one...certain other, will travel from the highest of the Earth's peaks, the deepest of trenches, and sea to shining sea! We will continue until there are FOUR left. Those 4 will compete in one final challenge for the prize of...wait for it...10 MILLION DOLLAS!"

Letting out a cackle, he continued "how's that for some MAJOR encouragement!"

"But now it's time for our 28 contestants to return! But we thought it'd be fun to mix things up a little and bring in some newbies! Specifically 12 newbies to get things going again!"

Before he could continue, a throat was heard clearing, causing Chris to scowl. The camera pans out to see a blond woman stepping from behind the crates. With a brush of her red dress, she gave a firm stare "well?"

Chris gave a forced smile, looking like he'd rather swallow glass than say this "oh...right...and joining us will be our...hostess Blaineley O'Halloran." He stops to stare at her irritably "is you being here necessary?"

Blaineley just smiled teasingly "someone must keep you in check."

"I wasn't that bad...was I?"

His ex-wife just stared at him flatly "do I need to mention the injuries, blackmail, and violation of rules?"

Chris stomped his foot in a slight tantrum, then just pouted "alright, I get it. But I still make the challenges."

"Agreed." Blaineley nodded, she then smiled at the camera "well, ignoring what the egotistical sadistic small minded narcissist has to say any furthur..."

"HEY! I'm not small minded!"

The hostess continued "let's welcome the first of our old veterans!"

Outside the warehouse doors, a yellow taxi pulled up depositing Harold, whom stepped out and looked around "well, gosh, this looks alot different."

"Well, lookie here!" Chris grinned "none other than last seasons winner is the first to arrive!" He held out a fist "Harold, the skilled nerd, what's happening?"

Harold gave him a fistbump "oh nothing much." He then looked around "am I the first one here?"

Blaineley nodded "yep, just wait for a few minutes and the rest will be here shortly. So are you ready?"

Harold grinned widely "BOOYA! I was born ready."

The next cab deposited Geoff, who leaned out the window and whooped "OH DUDES! AND DUDETTE! It's good to be back!"

Chris gave him a high five "Geoff, sup bro?"

"Oh nothing much bro." Geoff shrugged, then tipped his hat to Blaineley politely "ma'am."

The hostess smiled "aren't you sweet?"

After giving a fist bump to Harold, the party man stepped next to him as a car door was heard slamming and Laura peeked her head into the opening "hello?"

"Oh, next is our runner up! Laura, how you been?" Chris announced as the painter stepped in with a bright smile.

Geoff gave her a wave while Harold bowed respectfully to his final opponent.

Laura smiled wide "great! Been hanging with Izzy, visiting a few of the others, you know usual stuff."

The next cab was seen driving off with Izzy somersaulting into the warehouse "YO! IZZY THE KALIDESCOPE IS IN THE HOUSE! HAHAHAHA!"

Chris grinned somewhat nervously "Izzy...uh...hi! NO WAIT!"

Izzy practically ran him over as she gave Laura a big hug "OH LAURA! IT'S BEEN SO LONG!"

Laura just blinked "it's only been a week."

"But that's like forever in dog years!" She soon let go and grinned widely at the others, whom looked somewhat nervous "so...miss me?"

Geoff chuckled warily "um...you can say that bra."

Izzy then pouted after gazing around "where's my Owey bear?

"He'll be here momentarily." Blaineley kindly replied, then smirked at the trampled Chris "need some help?"

The host just stood up, brushing himself off "is my hair alright at least?"

His ex-wife just rolled her eyes.

Footsteps were heard as Cody came in calling out "yooooooo, the Codemeister is back!" He looked at the others and frowned "Linds isn't here yet?"

Chris smirked "so she still hasn't figured out your nowhere in her league and she can do better?"

Cody just looked annoyedly at him "funny."

Izzy cackled "thought with all the fangirls you have, she'd be scared off."

Laura elbowed her "Izzy..."

Cody shivered "don't remind me, their persistent. The worst is this one with purple hair. MAN is she scary."

Before they can ask, Gwen stepped in with a frown on her features.

Laura waved "hey Gwen!"

Chris also nodded "Gwen, welcome..."


Gwen kicked him in the shin with her heavy boots.


The goth went up and soon smiled "sorry, I just REALLY REALLY hate this show."

Harold blinked "well, it's not all bad."

Gwen just sat down on her suitcase, resiting her head in her palms.

Chris rubbed his shin, glaring at Gwen for a few moments, then was engulfed in a huge bear hug from Owen "CHRIS! WOOO! Dude! You miss me?"

The host just turned purple in response to this.

Izzy held out her arms "OWEN!"


Owen let Chris go as he fell to the ground "AIR! SWEET RELEASE!"

Izzy lept into his arms as the two began a fierce make out session.

Gwen blinked at this "whoa."

Harold palmed his face "and I thought the ones with Geoff and Bridge were bad."

Geoff frowned at him "what's that supposed to mean man?"

At that, Bridgette walked in with her surfboard as Chris looked away from the kissing couple "and here's our surfer girl Bridgette."

She looked around and gasped "GEOFF!"


The two hugged each other as Bridgette put a finger to his lips "one sec."

She gave several of the others hugs before she turned back to Geoff and the two started to kiss.

Harold frowned "I'm starting to feel left out."

Cody patted his back "I know the feeling man."

Chris smirked and looked at the camera "make sure you get that. It gets some great ratings, for kissing and lovey dovey crap."

Blaineley frowned "and this is why we got separated. That and the hookers in our bed." She finished with a dark tone.

Chris winced and hastily turned to see another contestant slowly stepping into the warehouse "and here's our favorite...jock?"

Tyler was seen slowly stepping forward. But what was off was his lack of excitement and his dead stare as he looked at the ground.

Chris looked at him oddly "dude?"

Blaineley frowned in concern "Tyler?"

Even the two couples stopped to stare at him with Cody asking "um...you OK man?"

Tyler just looked at him with a cold look, causing the geek to raise his hands with a gulp "never mind."

Gwen raised an eyebrow "I thought I was supposed to be the broody one."

"Not so much anymore." Harold added in helpfully.

Gwen just smiled at him, then looked to see Tyler sitting on the ground next to her.

"Soooooo...how's Eva?" Izzy asked.

Tyler snapped his head to the redhead "ask her how she is."

Owen frowned "OK, sheesh, you had something bad to eat?"

"Maybe he just doesn't want to be here in the hell on Earth with the Devil himself?" They turned to see Noah stepping in with his usual deadpan look.

Chris, after staring weirdly at Tyler for a few seconds, looked at Noah with a chuckle "oh Noah, you should know flattery get's you nowhere with me."

Noah sighed as he walked to the gathered group "of course it's a compliment to you."

As he got to the others, Laura gave him a hug "hey Noah."

Reluctantly wrapping an arm for a second and stepping back, he grumbled "yeah hi. Can't believe I'm coming back to this death trap."

Cody chuckled "well you haven't changed much. Oh and how's Beth?" He then saw that Noah fell silent, gritting his teeth. With a grimace, he added "oh dude, sorry. I didn't..."

"No we haven't broken up ladies man." Noah sighed "it's...just complicated."

Before they could ask, they heard a bark. They turned to see a grown wolf entering the Warehouse, causing Geoff to pale "AHHH! Not that thing again!"

"Whoa, Geoff!" At that voice, they saw Jake stepping into the warehouse "it's just Wolfo."

"Oh." Geoff breathed a sigh of relief "sorry little dude."

Jake just smiled and threw something to Chris "think fast!"

"AHHH!" Chris ducked to avoid the device, then frowned as he saw it was just a block of wood as it clattered behind him "ha ha."

The prankster just chuckled and waved at the others "hi guy's!"

Bridgette gave him a wave while petting Wolfo, then looked at the now full grown wolf "aw, you missed Mommy didn't you?"


"That means yes." Izzy translated.

Owen looked at her "how do you know that?"

"Oh, just spent a month living with a family of wolves." Izzy brushed it off casually.

Laura blinked "wow, could I try that?"

Noah looked at her "your not serious are you?"

"No, she's not." At that, they saw Sara walking in with a stern look at Izzy first, then a warm smile at Laura "hey Baby Girl."

Laura ran up and gave her a kiss "hey Angel."

Sara smiled then looked at the others "what's up?"

"Besides the ceiling?" Jake joked.

Sara just rubbed his hair then walked next to Laura, although again giving a stern look at Izzy.

"What?" Was all the psychopathic redhead asked.

After a few moments, a pair of boots were heard clicking along the ground and soon Lindsay walked in looking around confusedly "um...am I in the wrong place again?"

Cody clicked his tongue in what he hoped was a smooth gesture "oh your right where you need to be."

"OMG! CODY!" Lindsay soon bounced her way over to them. She reached to give her boyfriend a bone crushing hug "oh Cody it's been soooooo many months. I missed yew."

She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Gwen looking at her "hey."

Still holding Cody, she smiled widely "GWENIE! Oh I missed yew too. How are you?"

"I don't think as good as what Cody's feeling."

Lindsay blinked innocently, then looked to see where Cody's head was. With an embarrassed look, she let go of the dazed and red face Cody, who was blubbering incoherently.

As Lindsay was happily hugging Gwen, she heard a snort and the others saw Eva appear next with a fierce scowl. She silently stomped forward and dropped her bags with a loud THUNK!

Noah raised an eyebrow "still carrying weights Iron Woman?"

Eva just remained silent.

Jake tilted his head "um...Eva?"

Eva just stared ahead, only giving a frosty glare at Lindsay.

The blond stepped back "hi?"

Sara raised an eyebrow and looked At Tyler, who seemed to be refusing to look at Eva. She then blinked and soon whistled "oooooooh, I get it."

Laura looked at her expectantly "what?"

Izzy saw this and asked "what? Did they break up cause Tyler wanted to go to second.."


That was Owen hastily covering his girlfriends mouth after seeing the jock and fitness woman giving annoyed looks. He soon removed it with a nervous chuckle after seeing Izzy's glare.

Chris chuckled "oh some nice conflict, I love it."

"Did I miss something?"

Jessie was seen staring at this intently, but before she can say anything further Eva raised a threatening finger "don't even think about your psycho babble crap."

"Hmmmm. Very well." Jessie nodded, then soon blinked as Harold went to one knee.

Before he could say anything, Geoff gasped "your proposing! ?"

Harold stopped with his mouth open as Jessie looked taken aback. The nerd regained his wits "GOSH NO! I was going to do some poetry!"

Geoff looked sheepish as Bridgette gave him a stern look, then smiled at Jessie "nice to see you."

"You as well." Seeing as Harold was still kneeling, Jessie smiled "now honey, I'm sure there's plenty of time for that later."

As Harold stood up, DJ stepped into the area with Bunny hopping in behind him "um hey."

Chris grinned "oh Deej, so glad you can join us. Your going to need some lucky rabbits feet for this show."

DJ chuckled as he gave the host a fistbump "sure hope so. Don't want to be thrown off a cliff again."

Jake chuckled "but that was kinda awesome."

Geoff, after giving DJ a high five, nods as well "real sick man."

DJ just shook his head while seeing Bunny jump on top of Wolfo's head, with the wolf making no indication it was annoyed.

"Awwwww." A voice came through as Katie rushed in with her bags sweeping behind her, leaning down to pet both the wolf as well as the rabbit "isn't that so cute?"

Behind her, Sadie came walking in and the others were taken aback by what she looked like.

She seemed to gain an inch, lost a significant amount of weight, and seemed to be wearing some eyeliner. Needless to say, besides the skin tone, the two now truly did look like twins.

Seeing this, Sadie brushed a pigtail back "I know, I look gorgeous."

Katie frowned "I still say you looked fine the way you were before. You didn't have to go through all the stuff he put you through."

Sadie scoffed "I was fat and unappealing."

Her BFFF's frown deepened while Bridgette nodded "she's right, beauty comes from within."

Chris just burst out laughing at that for a moment until Blaineley elbowed him.

As Sadie stood next to Katie, she just scoffed "whatever. You wouldn't understand. You were already pretty before so don't talk like you understand."

At this somewhat biting tone, Bridgette looked taken aback and before anyone could respond, Justin came through with a smile "well, guess you all saw my efforts."

Jessie frowned as her eyes narrowed "Justin."

The model nodded politely "Jessie." He then looked at the others "you see, Sadie came to me cause she hated how she looked. So I hooked her up with a membership to my uncle's gym in Twig Harbor and." He gestured to the new Sadie "voila."

Sadie smiled "and thank you so much."

Justin waved her off "oh it's no trouble at all. Anything for a friend."

Katie still didn't appear to approve of it "but like I told her, she looked fine already."

Justin held up his hands "she was really determined and wanted this. Not like I forced her."

Sadie frowned at her BFFF "yeah Katie, I thought you'd be happy."

Seeing Katie's conflicted look, Jessie jumped in "I think what she means is that you shouldn't have to change yourself if you want someone to like you."

The formerly large BFFF's face darkened "someone I like?"

Noah scoffed "uh, you know, shaved head, scary, can kick ass, and." He snapped his fingers in mock realization "oh riiiiight already taken."

Eva, who was still silent, just shook her head in disgust.

Sadie looked away from the others with Katie still looking conflicted. Justin then stood next to Harold, with Jessie on his other side, still looking at him with narrowed eyes."

The tanned BFFF soon asked meekly "um...is Zeke appearing soon?"

Blaineley smiled warmly "don't worry. He'll be here momentarily."

Breaking the silence a few moments later, a pocket knife was thrown into the crate next to Chris, who let out a yelp.

The hostess sighed "very funny Duncan."

The punk soon followed with a frown as Chris smirked "oh ha ha, nice throw."

Duncan just leaned into him and grinned darkly "what do you mean? I missed."

The host paled as Duncan removed his knife from the crate with a loud thunk. He then walked to the group with his regular smirk "so time for round 2 huh?"

Geoff cheered "Duncan! My bro! What is up?"

Duncan gave him a slap on the shoulder and shrugged "well, my juvie sentence just got done. Got out early for good behavior."

"Good behavior? You?" Bridgette questioned.

The punk just looked down with a sheepish look.

Gwen smirked "let me guess? Leshawna warned you not to cause trouble?"

"Well, we can't really 'go out' behind a glass wall." Duncan grumbled.

"Oooooh, Dunkie how's you do that?" Lindsay was still staring at the chip on the crate with aw.

"Oh, that's easy Barbie." He casually handed her the knife "it's all in the wrist."

"Um, Duncan." DJ said hesitantly "I'm not sure that's a good idea."

Cody grimaced "yeah, she doesn't need to know stuff like this."

Duncan chuckled easily "oh what's the harm in learning a little self def..."

Lindsay reared her arm back and threw the knife across the building. Unfortunately, it headed towards the next contestant who entered the building.

Chris's eyes widened "dude, head's up!"

Sidestepping and grabbing the flying knife by the handle, Andrew looked at the knife then to the group, with Lindsay calling out "sorry Anthony!"

The trained camper just shook his head and stepped towards them "Duncan, I know you were involved somehow."

Duncan chuckled a bit nervously "well...I was just showing her some stuff."

"Well, next time be more careful." Andrew chastised and twirled the knife back to Duncan. He then looked back at the others "so...once more into the breach huh?"

Bridgette chuckled while giving him a friendly hug "yup, appears so."

Geoff couldn't help but frown at this.

Seeing him look around, Laura put in "sorry, Queenie isn't here yet."

Sadie just frowned unhappily "your still with her?"

"Yes." Was all he answered with.

Eva let out an irritated snort.

Andrew turned to her and was about to reply when he saw the distance between Eva and Tyler "did I miss something?"

Harold shrugged "no idea."

Hearing another another pair of footsteps, Trent was next coming forward with his guitar over his shoulder. He gave a polite wave to the others "hey everyone."

Gwen gave him a smile and rushed into his awaiting arms. Somewhat surprised at this emotional response, Trent was pushed back a few inches as she kissed him with a laugh "oh hey there."

Duncan snickered "you are a ray of Sunshine now aren't you?"

"Shut up." Gwen shook her head in embarrassment at the display.

Sara gave a chuckle "oh come on, I think it's sweet."

Justin nodded while giving Trent a hand shake "he's right, nothing wrong with being a little emotional."

Gwen frowned at him uneasily while another voice rang through "HEY YA'LL! Leshawna is in the house!" At that, the street girl walked in with a huge grin and walked by Chris, who scowled at the lack of attention.

But the host soon grinned at an idea of revenge "and here's our hot tempered street girl. Hope you got some anger management."

Whipping her head around, she gave the host a fierce glare. Chris just smiled innocently in response.

Blaineley just palmed her face "just ignore him. That's what I always do."

Duncan just grinned "hey there beautiful."

"Hey Baby Boy. Haven't been causing trouble have you?" His girlfriend asked.

"Besides teaching Lindsay to throw a knife at me, no he hasn't." Andrew casually answered before Duncan could respond.

"HE WHAT! ?" Leshawna gave a fierce glare at Duncan, whom just winced in response.

"Thaaaaaanks." Duncan dryly looked at Andrew.

Andrew just gave a small smirk and shrugged.

At this, Sadie sighed dreamily while Katie looked uneasy.


Hearing that noise, the group and hosts saw Marcus being thrown into the warehouse. He tumbled a few times and scowled "I SAID I WAS SORRY!"

Cody's eyes widened "wow, what happened?"

Marcus picked up his bags and grumbled "all I did was make some tweaks to the engine."

Noah raised an eyebrow "and did those 'tweaks' set the car on fire?"

Owen grinned "oooooh should we get some marshmallows!"

Izzy nodded "yeah, we can roast some smores!"

Marcus blinked then shook her head "uh no. It kinda...well...went over a hundred after a few seconds." Seeing the looks, he defended himself "it's called trial and error. You learn from your mistakes."

The inventor then set himself down, wanting to relax after the chaotic ride with Beth stumbling out of the door, holding her head.

Noah went up to her and helped her to walk to the group "you alright?"

"Yeah." The farmgirl rubbed her head.

Trent looked at her "hey, what happened to your braces?"

Beth then gave a grin, revealing picture perfect teeth "I got them off a few months back! It's so great. No more of that stupid lisping."

Laura giggled "aw come on. I thought it was cute."

Beth blinked "really" She then shook her head and made her way to them, looking around at them all. She then gave a scowl and started to ask "where is the Bi.."

Noah then grabbed her shoulder and gave a stare "please don't start."

Andrew scowled while Noah looked at him, almost looking apologetic.

Another screech was heard as Courtney came marching in with a scowl, looking over his shoulder "next time go under the speed limit you lunatic!"

Chris smirked in pleasure "aw Courtney. And just so you know no more rules."

Courtney whipped her head at the host with a glare "after all my father did for you, this is the thanks I get by being driven here in that deathtrap?"

The host just shrugged "hey, it was either listen to your old man or I get canned. Not much you can do there." He then frowned "I was terrified for my job every day thinking I was going to get my ass kicked off if I didn't listen to your every order."

Blaineley nodded "and yes Courtney, no special cabin, 'special' meals, or your own personal shower."

Courtney just scoffed and walked away from the group, sitting down with a cross expression, ignoring the multiple glares being sent her way.

Chris whispered into the camera "I'm betting she doesn't last long." He then quickly counted down the campers "I believe we have two left and...oh here's one now!"

Heather slowly walked into the building with a calm expression. She couldn't help but grimace as she noticed the several glares sent her way.

"Sooooo, Heather. Did you really change or are you..."


That was the sound of Heather kicking Chris in the same shin Gwen did earlier. The host screamed "AHHHHHHHHHHH! SAME SPOT!"

"Serves you right asshole." Heather spat out.

"I thought you were nice!" Chris yelled.

Heather sauntered off as the host rubbed his shin "only to people who deserve it."

Laura gave a playful grin "Queenie."

Heather gave one back "điên chim"

Geoff blinked "um...what?"

Sara rolled her eyes with a smile "her native Vietnamese. Heather says it stands for 'Crazy Bird'."

The changed girl laughed "well, she's energetic, loving, and nutty. Like a bird." She then went to kiss Andrew on the lips "hey handsome, miss me?"

"I was counting the moments." Andrew grinned.

Sadie looked away while Beth was about to open her mouth before Noah again stopped her with a look.

Heather looked around and frowned at the sight of Courtney sitting slightly away from the group "so all that's left is Homeschool right?"

"Correct! And here he is!" Chris gestured as the sheltered teen looked around in the building with caution.

Ezekiel soon let out a sigh of relief as he saw the rest of the contestants "hey guys eh."

Katie giggled as she gave him a kiss "I never tire of hearing that accent."

Ezekiel blushed lightly as he was given a high five from Harold and several others.

The homeschooled teen looked at the others and saw, to his surprise, that Courtney didn't even attempt to glare at him. All she did was stare into what seemed like nothing.

"How have you been Zeke?" Andrew asked.

The prairie teen grinned "I'm actually excited! We're going all over the world!

Chris soon counted off and nodded "well, that is true. But not juuuuust yet. We still have to wait for the new blood."

Lindsay blinked "but all our blood is inside of us."

Eva just let out a growl of disdain, causing Lindsay to leap in fear.

Chris chuckled at this, then continued "what I mean Lindsay is that we have to wait for our 12 new contestants. AND HERE'S OUR FIRST!"

The cab's door opened and as a blond haired young woman with a far off look with mismatching eyes stepped out. She had on a tied up blouse with a red skirt with a slit up the side. What was really interesting was that she was barefoot.

Chris announced "everyone, meet the first newbie...DENA!"

Dena didn't seem to hear this as she gazed around the warehouse with a distant gaze, as if not even seeing the group.

"Um...hello?" DJ asked.

Dena turned her head and nodded at the group with a soft smile "greetings, I am Dena. I am greatly pleased to be a part of this show."

Noah scoffed "give it a few days, then you'll be wishing you were gone." He then blinked uneasily as her somewhat eerie gaze locked on his own.

"Hmmm." Dena hummed to herself "you seem to be using sarcasm to hide that a part of you honestly enjoys being here." After that, Dena walked silently and sat cross legged on the ground, just staring off without blinking, still with that gentle smile.

Noah and a few others just looked at her as if she had grown a pair of heads from her shoulders.

"Oooooook, THAT...was kinda weird eh." Ezekiel blinked.

Katie just frowned "don't be rude, she seems really nice."

Dena didn't even seem to hear this.

Jessie pushed up her glasses "don't worry. She seems to be harmless."

Bridgette shrugged "well, that's good enough for me." She then looked next to her and blinked to see that Jake hadn't taken his eyes off the newcomer.

Soon after, the cab came up again with Chris saying "and next up is...LENNY!"

A form LEAPED out of the cab, showing a mousy brown haired teen with a shirt with the words 'I'm not Lenny' on them.


The rest of the campers just stared, unsure what to think. Cody broke in "who are you yelling at?"

Walking to them, he frowned "'The Man'. They've been tracking me for years. Are you an agent?"

"No?" Was all the tech geek replied with.

Lenny then gave a pleasant smile and shook his hand "good, nice to meet you all." He soon pointed his fingers at his eyes and trailed them to all the contestants "but I've got my eye on you all. If any of you are working for 'them' there will be hell to pay."

He then stood next to the other newcomer, who looked as if the outburst didn't even affect her in the least.

Izzy just grinned and looked at Owen "I like him."

Owen nodded "yeah, he's funny."

Blaineley shook her head and looked at her ex "where did you find him?"

Chris grinned "sent in a tape thinking we'll help 'hunt' this conspiracy he thinks is after him. Hey, you can never have enough crazy."

As the cab left behind another newbie, Chris continued "now that that's out of the way, next up is...KELSEY!"

A BLUR of movement rushed past the host and hostess, TACKLING Trent to the ground.

Gwen immediately looked cross "HEY!"

Trent saw a mousy, almost stick like, female with short brown hair, a pair of glasses, and a unicorn shirt rubbing her face on his chest "what the?"

"HI! OH! MY! GOD! I'M KELSEY! I'm your absolute biggest fan!" The stalker said in a scratchy voice.

"Well, nice to meet a fan, but could you let go?" Trent asked.

The girl pouted, but was soon lifted by the collar and put down. She saw that Gwen was glaring at her "OK, because your new I'll let you off with a warning. But just so we're clear, he's MINE. Get it?"

Kelsey just looked at her almost blankly and turned around to stand next to the jittery male and calm female newcomers.

Heather looked at all this and leaned to Sara whispering "wow, Chris really went all out on these guys."

Sara just nodded, looking off put at the sudden mood swing of Kelsey.

Chris snickered "aw, drama." He then saw another new camper coming lazily off from the cab "and here'ssss...OSWALD!"

This new contestant looked a little overweight, with a grey men's tank top, cargo pants, and was lazily brushing away his dark blond hair.

"Yeah, hi. I'm Oswald. I like napping, trivia, sleeping, thinking, and a bunch of other stuff. Nice to meet you all, but I'm going to take a nap right now." He drawled out as he sat on a crate and immediately fell down snoring.

Laura couldn't help but giggle "we finally met someone lazier than you Noah."

The bookworm just frowned at this "I just know when to use my energy effectively. You agree right Beth?" He saw that she wasn't listening, too busy glaring icily at a 'certain' female and just scowled in annoyance.

Chris frowned "well that was boring. Now hopefully to add some energy here's...KIKI!"

Two pigtails popped out of the cab as a curvy teen stepped out with a grin as she batted aside a pink dyed strand. She straightened out the vest over her pink shirt and marched in confidently "yep, the name's Kiki. That's with two k's and two i's to all those who are unaware. Hope you all come out guns blazing cause I came to win."

Leshawna grinned "I like her."

Kiki stepped forward, holding up a hand playfully "now now, don't be intimidated. I'll be sure to give you all a fair..." Her voice trailed off to see the sleeping Oswald "well hello." She looked him up and down "not bad, could be worse." She reached into her pocket and took out a small advanced looking PDA. After a few seconds of tapping on it...


An alarm system rang out, startling the others as well as awakening Oswald with a start "AHH!"

Lenny also was about to panic, thinking 'they' had found him, until a finger touched his forehead. Dena looked at him steadily as he relaxed to a drowsy look.

Jessie raised an eyebrow at this, causing Dena to answer politely "I was able to infuse his aura with impassive energy to relax him."

"Very effective."

Dena smiled kindly "well thank you."

Kiki had turned off the alarm and made her way to the group followed by a grumpy Oswald "you can get some rest later Sleeping Beauty."

Geoff whistled "wow, what did you do?"

The hacker grinned "oh, just tapped into the buildings alarm system. No big."

Oswald passed her by grumbling "was having a nice dream to."

Shrugging, Kiki followed him towards the others.

Blaineley rubbed her ears and looked at Chris "well, that was interesting."

"WHAT? !" Chris cupped his ears, seeming to have gone temporarily deaf.

Shaking her head, she decided to take over this one "as he regains his hearing here's...TALIA!"

Seeing no one there, Blaineley looked around confusedly until she saw a shape behind her. She turned to see the next new contestant staring at the floor, twirling her ponytail anxiously.

The hostess said kindly "now wait with the others."

The girl took her bags and walked over to the others while looking at the ground.

Realizing this seemed eerily similar to her first time here, Laura stepped up "hi, I'm Laura."

Talia bit her tongue down and soon asked "how do you do it?"

Laura blinked "I'm sorry?"

"Talk to animals like you and Izzy do?" The girl seemed to be getting excited "did you use some sort of spell or druid magic like Izzy claims to have? Did one of you possessed by an animal spirit like Shamans? OH! How about telepathy?"

Laura just shrugged "just came to me."

Izzy nodded "yep, past down through many generations of my family. I passed it on to my new sister."

Talia stared oddly, then grimaced "um...sorry if I just asked out of the blue like that. I'm just really into the unexplained."

"Oh no problem."

Chris looked at this for a second after clearing out his ears. "you know, I've always wondered how they seem to understand them." He then saw another figure approaching and continued "well, everyone give a big round..."

He was cut off with a hand to his face. Chris scowled for a moment as the new arrival adjusted his fedora cap with a nod "I'll handle this Chrisy." The hat wearer nodded at the group with a smirk bordering on cockyness "Clark Konner, investigative reporter. I'm here to not only win myself some cash, but to get a few stories." He proceeded to hold up an old fashioned looking camera "now SMILE!"


He suddenly took a picture of the group and proceeded to fire off a few rapid shots.


He then looked at another contestant "smile for the birdie!"


Eva put her hands on the lens and she spoke for the first time since her arrival "want me to take a picture of the inside of your stomach?"

Clark just smirked "well, it depends if you want to keep your sight. Trust me, if you see the combination of burritos and onion rings oh boy, that would be traumatizing enough to make you go blind." He then took out a small notepad and pencil from out of nowhere and asked "so what has happened since the show ended last year?"

Eva looked at him darkly "don't go there."

Clark gazed at her and then to Tyler whom looked away. He bit his mouth and walked off muttering "curious, most curious." He then blinked as he saw the other newcomers and smiled slyly at Kiki "well hello there hot stuff. How's it look so far?"

Kiki smiled flirtatiously "well, things are definitely looking up."

Blaineley chuckled "well, they seem to be getting along fine."

Chris looked unconcerned "well as long as they do it in front of the camera. Well now next up is...EMILY!"

Marching into the building with a purpose and spraying the air, the germaphobe looked around with a steady expression and marched in front of the others "hello. I'm here to hopefully give you all some pointers in how to properly manage your..."


Owen's burp into her face caused Emily to gag and stare at Owen with horror.

"Oh sorry, hahaha." Owen chuckled.

"AHHHHHHH! GERMS!" Emily screamed in panic and took out a spray bottle, spraying it into Owen's face.

"MY EYES!" Owen yelled in pain.

Immediately Izzy snatched the bottle and grabbed the front of Emily's tank top with a warning "never do that again."

Emily looked a little worried, but still pushed Izzy away to join the small group of new comers as fast as she could.

Chris brushed himself off and continued "now let's see...oh next up is...JARED!"

Stepping off the now very familiar cab, a very tall teen with a black and yellow jersey stepped out of the cab. Interestingly, among his items, was a small metal briefcase which he carried with reverence. He stepped up to the group with a smirk "man, you guy's are even less impressive up close."

All of a sudden, Tyler stood up and stared "what the..."

Jake looked at him and pointed at the newcomer "wait, Tyler do you know this guy?"

Tyler just growled.

Jared grinned "oh it's you. The loser who tripped and cost his team the playoff." Jared sneers and stabs his finger into Tyler's chest "how about you stand back and let me show you what a REAL athlete is like dork?"

Tyler growls back, not afraid "you want a piece of me musclehead?"

"OK." DJ comes between them "I think we all need to relax."

Jared scoffs and walks off "whatever." He then glared fiercely at Heather momentarily, who just raised an eyebrow in response, and walked off to the other newcomers, still keeping a firm hold on his metal briefcase.

Andrew looked at Heather, then to Jared with a fierce expression.

Clark looked at the metal case and asked inquisitively "what's in there?"

"Oh why this is none of your damn business."

The reporter just smirked and looked at the case again, intrigued.

A clapping was heard with the host saying "now now ladies and germs, we have to introduce...RAPHAEL!"

Slamming the car door, a hood wearing male shuffling what looked like playing cards stepped in with an impassive look on what was seen under the hood. He gazed around and continued in without a word.

Lindsay waves enthusiastically "hi!"

Raphael just stares at her and flicks a card from the deck he is holding, showing her the Queen of Hearts.

Seeing the confused looks, Blaineley explained "he can't speak, he's a mute."

"A what?" Ezekiel asked.

"It means he can't speak." Katie explained.

Raphael didn't seem bothered and soon saw a hand in front of him. He looked to see Justin offering his hand with his full smile "pleasure to meet you."

The card player just stared silently at him, almost as if he was studying him, then walked right past Justin without taking the hand.

Most of the others frowned at this rudeness.

"Hello?" A voice called out and they turned to see a lovely female in what looked like an old fashioned dress fanning herself "is this for tha show ma pa signed meh up for?"

Chris nodded "yep!" He turned to the others "may I introduce our final female...LEANNE!"

Leanne nodded at Chris politely and curtsied to the rest "hello there. Ah am from the deep South in America."

Before she knew it, Kiki shook Leanne's hand kindly and enthusiastically "HI! nice to meet you! Love the dress!"

Sadie nodded as well "yeah, it's gorgeous."

Leanne nodded "thank yah kindly, ah stitched it mahself."

Jared was grinning "that is a hot accent."

Leanne just blinked "what accent? And no I'm not that hot, it's actually kind of cold here."

As she stepped towards them, Chris then nodded "and everyone our FINAL contestant all around is..."

A huge cloud of smoke cut him off and engulfed him as a teen wearing what looked like a magicians outfit appeared "greetings! I am the FANTASTIC FELIX! I am studying to ensure that my name lives for eternity!"

Marcus raised an eyebrow skeptically "but there's no such thing as magic."

Felix just waved it off dismissively "magic can come in a variety of forms and uses." He looked around and saw one of them shuffling a deck of cards. He walked up to him and asked "may I see those for a second?"

Raphael just looked at him, his expression saying 'no'.

Felix, seeing that stare, backed off nervously "um...ok." He then looked at the others and gave a bow "for any who wishes to see a grand performance, come later tonight and you shall all see."

Chris, coughing out some smoke, stopped him "if your not eliminated."

Felix shrugged and stepped to the other 39 contestants.

They were now all here.

Chris grinned at the campers, new and old "campers! or should I say 'tourists! Welcome to Wawanakwa Airfield. Here we are gathered to compete all over the world for the grand prize of 10...MILLION DOLLARS! Now...ARE YOU READY! ?"

"Booya!" Harold cheered.

Owen nodded "it's going to be AWESOME!"

Eva gave a curt nod while Andrew cracked his knuckles.

Dena stood up and nodded serenely.

Felix grinned "anytime."

Clark spun his fedora around and smirked "bring it on."

Just then, the cab that had brought all 40 tourists in drove in and the door opened. It revealed that Chef Hatchet, the official co-host, was driving it back and forth. He stepped up with a menacing look. He was wearing what looked like a pilot's uniform, except the lower half looked like a stewardess skirt, much to the tourists disgust.

"You see, we are going to be taking a plane. HOWEVER, you see the first challenge will begin right NOW!"

Heather frowned "but we haven't had time to put away our stuff."

"You will." Chris smirked "to even get on the plane you all need...passports. 39 of them have been hidden in the buildings all over the airfield. Some in easy to spot places, some damn hard to get to, and even a few that have 3 or 4 grouped together."

"That's right, your very first challenge of the new season is to find a passport within 5 hours. Everyone who gets a passport will be allowed onto the plane and compete for the moola!"

Chris looked at his co-host "you've hidden them right?"

"Yes I did." Chef just said simply.

"You said...39?" Lenny asked hesitantly.

Chris nodded proudly "yep, one of you unlucky sods are going to be left behind and not even board. Sucks to be you guy's HAHAHA!"

Blaineley then cut in "so try your best and good luck to all of you."

After giving her a look, Chris took out his starter gun "so...tourists...

"On your marks..."

"Get set..."

"And...let the new season..."




It has begun.

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