For The Love of Thranduil


I do not own any elves except Hadereth...

Pairings: Thranduil/Celeborn, Elrond/Erestor/OC, Legolas/Haldir

others used: Lorien Elves and Imladris elves

summary: When Mirkwood and Lothlorien come to Imladris to sign a treaty of peace amongst the three elven realms, Legolas, Haldir, and The Twins place matchmaker for two lonely rulers...


Legolas nearly jumped for joy. The Mirkwood party had just arrived in Imladris and he saw the face of his beloved. The party from Lothlorien had arrived only a day earlier. Thranduil laughed as his son jumped into his beloved's arms. He stopped laughing when he saw Celeborn. He was standing to the side of the welcoming group, eyes cast downward. For a moment, Thranduil thought he had seen the wrong elf. Celeborn would never cast his eyes down from a friend. Thranduil saw the three Lords of Imladris approach him. He smiled.

" Elrond, Erestor, it is nice to see you again."

Elrond embrace him, as usual. He was caught off guard when Erestor embraced him as well. Elrond gestured to his other husband.

"Thranduil of Mirkwood, this is Hadereth of Imladris."

The two clasped arms in the warriors way. Thranduil had heard of Hadereth, but never had met him. While Elrond and his husbands went about greeting the rest of the party, Thranduil slowly ascended the stairs until he was by Celeborn.

" Hello mellon nin."

Celeborn did not lift his gaze.

" Hello Thranduil."

Thranduil stepped closer to Celeborn and gently laid a hand on his shoulder.

" Is there something amiss?"

Celeborn just shook his head and shrugged Thranduil's hand off his shoulder. Thranduil stood there, stunned, as Celeborn walked off. He shook his head as if to make sense of what had happened. Had his presence offended Celeborn?