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Thranduil's eyes widened.

" He harmed you?"

Celeborn nodded, refusing to look at Thranduil.

" Neurion and I attempted a courtship a few years ago. He found out about what had happened with Baethoriel in Doriath and decided that was the treatment best for me."

Thranduil felt Celeborn rest his head on his chest again.

" Was Baethoriel the one who was your first?"

Celeborn let out a choked sob as his answer. He fisted Thranduil's tunic.

" Saes Thranduil. Do not speak his name."

Thranduil kissed the top of Celeborn's head. A realization suddenly hit Thranduil.

" Wait. Neurion, son of Nathoril?"

Celeborn pulled away from Thranduil, looking at him in utter confusion.

"Yes, but how did you..."

Thranduil did not want to upset Celeborn, but he wanted Celeborn to hear it from him before he heard it elsewhere.

" Neurion came here with my party. He is my Chief Advisor."

Celeborn's mouth nearly fell open.

" H-he is here?"

Thranduil nodded, watching as Celeborn nearly glared at at him. Thranduil held up his hands.

" I knew not of what he had done up until now Celeborn. Do not hate me."

Celeborn fell into Thranduil's arms.

"Is he the same?"

Thranduil shrugged.

" I know nothing of what he was like in Lorien, but in Mirkwood, he is a kind elf. Perhaps someone found out about what he had done and helped him see the wrongness of it. He is wed to Alyan, my Chief Minstrel."

Celeborn began to smile.

" I hope he has truly found the wrongness of his ways and now become happy."

Thranduil kissed the top of his head.

" I hope for the same."

Celeborn felt Thranduil's arms circle him. He closed his eyes.

" I love you Thranduil."

Thranduil kissed Celeborn's neck.

" And I love you Celeborn."


Alyan: Blessed

Alyan translated to a Common Tongue name: Asher