Maze in the Garden by Trivium E. Bondrasi

4: Changes

Harry felt like he was floating. Looking around he saw nothing in the dim gray emptiness he was floating in. He tried to move but found that he was stuck in place. He looked around some more until a white light caught his attention. It was like an orb of light that floated off in the distance almost like a star. He glared in confusion as another star like light appeared beside the first. Looking to his right he saw another and another to his left. He looked over his shoulder but found nothing but the vast grayness. He looked at the starlight in turn and watched as the started to flutter and blink. Harry started to reach for one of the lights but he suddenly fell and he screamed.

Harry jolted upright in his bed with a startled shout then hissed and clenched his eyes closed at the bright sunshine in the room. Suddenly, it was very dim and he cracked one of his eyes open to see his window covered in a steaming white substance. Slowly, he crawled off the bed and went to his window. It was cold as he reached his hand towards it and was surprised at the slick wet feeling of ice. He jumped again when he heard a very loud screech and swirled around to see the same black eagle from the night before on top of his desk.

Harry glared at the eagle and it ruffled its feathers while puffing out its chest as if it was offended by the look Harry was giving it.

Harry scoffed and walked towards it, "How did you get in here?"

He stopped and frowned giving his body a shake. He felt different. His body moved different. His voice sounded different, too. It was deeper and had a rumble that vibrated his chest. Scowling, he turned and walked towards the door his eyes catching the letters from the night before on the floor beside his bed. Along with his glasses. Stopping he reached up and felt his face. There was nothing there but obviously he was seeing as clear as day. He growled.


Harry tried to open the door but found it locked as usual. He banged on it and called for his Uncle Vernon to come unlock it but no one came. In frustration, he punched the door and yelped in surprise as his arm went through the wooden door. When he heard no one coming up the stairs he reached over and unlocked the door. Walking out of his room he listened for any sounds of his family but heard nothing. He walked into the bathroom across from Dudley's room and nearly fell over when he looked in the full length mirror.

His face was angular and his cheek bones high. His nose was thin and perfect at the center of his face. His eyes were no longer round but had a slight almond shape to them. His emerald irises had taken over the whites in his eyes and his pupils were slits. His eyes were so green that they seemed to be glowing. His eyebrows arched perfectly over his brow and his lips were plump with a dark pink color to them. His hair was just as unruly as before but he noticed that it was healthier looking, thicker, and flowed down to his ankles. He groaned in annoyance.

My hair was hard enough to take care of before. Now this. I'll never be able to do anything with it now.

Harry growled at his reflection but stopped when he noticed sharp looking fangs where his canines used to be. He reached up to touch them but noticed that his nails were just as sharp. And that there was something attached to his skin sticking out from under his long sleeve shirt. Harry quickly ripped off his shirt and his pants before looking in the mirror again.

Bloody hell.

His shoulders and pectorals were covered in jade colored scales. They went down his rib cages, over his hips, and down his legs until they stopped at his ankles. Turning around he found that his shoulder blades and back side of his ribs were covered as well. The outside of his arms were covered down to his wrists. His body was more toned but otherwise still the same lean body he had had before.

Harry huffed and pulled his clothes back on before finding a hair tie and pulling his hair up into a messy pony tail. As he was leaving he noticed his ears were pointed at the top and that he was much taller than his previous 5'8". Growling in irritation he walked back to his room to find the ice still in the window and the eagle still on his desk. This time, though, Harry noticed that it had a letter under its talons.

"Is that for me?" He asked as he picked up the letters from the night before and set them beside the bird.

The eagle scooted the letter at him and he picked it up only to drop it as it started to shake and take form as the one before it had. Harry recognized the voice as his so called Uncle Roman.

Greetings Harry,

I hope that you slept well and that your transformation was successful. You might want to thank your lucky stars that your inheritance was painless due to your magical coma. Your mates are not so lucky, unfortunately. Why you may ask? When your soul calls to those most compatible with you they must go through a...trial, I suppose you could call it. They must go through all the pain and survive. If they do not survive then they are not strong enough mentally, physically, or spiritually to be called your mate and live with you until death.

I know that's a lot to take in after being thrust into this fifteen minutes before your birthday but there was no other way to tell you. You have been lost to us, your family, since your parents died. We have tried to track you and send you letters but they never reached you. You were untraceable. Until I uncovered a...spell that helped us. Now that your are mentally of age, all the warding spells or anything else cast upon you is now void. You will undoubtedly receive letters from your father's side of the family soon.

Now, you have probably already found you have new powers along with the fact that you look different now. Your strength has multiplied. Your vision is perfect along with your hearing, smell, and taste. Try to be very gentle with things you touch. Stay away from spices or a lot of dust. Only eat bread, fruit, grain, and nuts for the time being until I can send you a book on Elves and their senses. You can drink almost anything you want. It pretty much varies from Elf to Elf what you can drink. However, stay away from a lot of alcohol. Elves can become intoxicated very easy. But, I don't know if that will apply to you or not. Your father would down two kegs before he was making a fool of himself. Your mother only had to drink three glasses of wine. So I suppose you will have to experiment and see what your tolerance level is.

You also have Elemental powers. You may have already discovered this. It could be Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ice, or Shadow. Whatever it is, all you have to do to make it stop is concentrate very hard on what you want it to do and it will. Depending on what it is you are trying to do can determine how difficult it will be to achieve and you may have to practice on harnessing the power and controlling it. But don't worry, I'll send you a book on that too. When I finally meet you, I will help you with whatever Elemental power you have been gifted with.

Now, you have mates, as I mentioned earlier. I don't know how many you have but you can find out if you meditate on it or when you were in your coma you may have dreamed the number. You will also be able to feel them the longer you are apart. When you wish to find them only concentrate on them one at a time and you will be taken as close as possible to them. I don't know if you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend or both but there is the possibility that they are not your mate. If they are not then you will subconsciously reject them and you will not be able to be intimate with them without becoming ill or your mates ripping them to shreds. When your soul chooses your mates it is not gender biased. You may have a male mate. If you are uncomfortable with that you will get past it.

You can, of course, reject a mate but they will die of heart break or take their life. You are a Dominant and it is your job to love, protect, and provide for your submissive mates. In turn they love you unconditionally and provide a means to a family. If you were to reject one of your mates they would see it as they are unworthy and unloved. Therefore, they would die because no one else in the Universe could ever fill the hole in their hearts that is reserved only for you. When your mates are revealed to you, please don't reject them. If they were not good enough for you then your soul would not have chosen them and they would not have survived the transformation. Be them friend or enemy, accept them and you will never be alone in this world for they are made for you and you alone.

Should you choose to keep your mates you will become very possessive of them until you are bonded. Even after bonding you will still remain very possessive and protective of them. You will not be able to let them out of your sight for long periods of time or you could possibly go into a rage and hunt them down. You will be able to feel their emotions and, if you wish, to read their thoughts. They will be able to feel your emotions and read your thoughts as well if you let them. To your mates you are their Master and they will call you such until the bonding is completed. You can command them to do as you wish though they can refuse within reason of your command. You will always be able to locate your mates by concentrating on them.

Now, I think that's enough information to overload your mind with for right now. I will be sending you books very soon for you and for your mates to help you along. Harry, you're not alone in this. You have family now to help you with anything you need. I know it's overwhelming but you will soon find out that you couldn't be happier. Do not become angry and distant. Embrace these new findings.

The eagles name is Raidon. Please keep him as a gift. If you are ever in need of me please don't hesitate to send a letter with him. Even if you want to know where a good place to eat is don't hesitate to contact me. I am here for you.

Good luck and much love,

Uncle Roman

The letter folded itself up and landed gently on the floor. Harry took a deep breath and held it before releasing it slowly. He stood motionless staring at the wall before he felt calm enough to think. Turning to the window, he placed his hands on the ice and closed his eyes.

You will disappear. I don't want you here. Disappear!

Suddenly, he felt cold glass and opened his eyes to see the ice gone. Breathing a sigh of relief he opened the window. A warm breeze swept through the room and Harry gasped when he could just barely feel the warmth on his skin before it was gone again and a light shiver ran through him. Smiling happily he went back into the room and picked up all the letters and set them on the desk beside his new eagle. He reached out and pet it. It felt good to have another familiar after Hedwig's death. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

Owls suddenly started swooping into the room dropping letters and packages on his bed before flying away again. Walking over he sorted them out before picking up one from Gringotts.

Harrison Molaes Ryuu (Harry James Potter),

Please accept our congratulations on your new Inheritance.

Below is a list of material Inheritances such as currency and estates. Please place a drop of blood upon this letter to verify your person to view these material items.



Head of Inheritance Department

Harry blinked before looking around for a sharp object not finding one he looked at the letter again before seeing his nails. Smiling he pricked his finger with his nail and placed it on the letter. Pulling his finger back he watched as the residue blood seemed to evaporate and the wound close not even leaving a mark. Looking back at the letter he saw his blood had soaked into the parchment and a list begin to appear. By the end of the list Harry found himself the owner of forty-eight properties and over 35,000,000 gallons. He almost felt like he was going to faint but he shook his head and set the letter down.

There is no way this can be correct. This would make me the richest Wizard in maybe the whole world.

He shook his head and picked up a letter from his Godfathers. They wished him a very happy birthday and said that they would be coming to the Burrow later that day to visit him and give him his presents. Harry smiled before moving on to Hermione's letter and gift. She wished him a happy birthday and said that his brain had probably rotted out of his skull from not studying or doing his summer homework. She had given him a few books on different subjects telling him to start reading while he still had time. Laughing he tossed the books at the end of his bed. Ron had sent him a letter with all their signatures and various happy birthday wishes. Harry scanned the letter for Ginny but he didn't find her on it. With a frown he set the letter aside. He opened the remaining letter from Hagrid before moving on to the presents. By the end of it he had two new jumpers from Mrs. Weasley, new inventions from Fred and George, and a book on rare creatures from Hagrid.

Harry set them aside and looked over the bed in hopes of finding a letter from his girlfriend but found none. With a sigh he sunk down on the floor and pressed his forehead to his knees. He hadn't thought that she was being serious in her last letter. It's not like he could help what was happening to him. He almost wanted to hate it but he couldn't. For some reason, no matter how much he wanted to fight it, this felt right.

Harry felt a prodding in his mind and looked up. Curiously, he mentally poked it back. A flash of excitement rushed over him and he smiled as a few moments later he felt a prod from a different part of his mind. He prodded back and felt relief and happiness flood his body. Somehow he could tell that the prodding was coming from two of his mates. With a smile he stood.

If Ginny was going to break up with him and ignore him then he saw no reason why he couldn't go find his mates. He already felt an attachment to the two that were currently prodding at his mind. He didn't know why he already felt strongly about them but he didn't care. If his Uncle Roman said that they were for him and that they would come to love him no matter what then he would take them. No matter who they were. He had four mates waiting on him, Ginny be damned.

"Come on, Raidon. We have work to do." Harry whispered happily as he felt a third prodding.

Raidon landed on his shoulder and Harry disappeared along with everything that he owned.


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