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The smell of slowly rotting flesh filled the room. All windows and curtains were shut to block unwanted watchers' view. The room was lit by some astral lights that hovered directly underneath the ceiling.

Several people clothed in dark cloaks with the hood being pulled over their heads stood in the big hall gathered around what had been Pandemonium, the queen of the demons. Her body reminded of an enormous spider, though the upper body was the one of a woman. Several tubes and cords were attached to the queen's skin or stung into her body while some medical devices showed strange signals and gave some bright sounds once in a while. Pandemonium's head hang down, her long hair covering her face. The dripping sounds caused by the blood interrupted the silence.

"A Queen is dead… again."

"We need a replacement or else they will notice."

"We will have to find another one who can hold Pandemonium's memories."

And with that the elders' council members left the hall.

With a splashing sound Pandemonium's upper body landed in a puddle of blood as it was rejected by the main body.

"Can I help you?" A young human woman called Lilith asked the two men who blocked her way on the little path that led home. She pulled her warm thick winter clothes tighter around her and took a step back. Scared she looked from one man to the other.

Without a word each one of them gripped one of her arms.

Lilith screamed, trying to struggle to get free. Unfortunately she wasn't able to reach much in her condition and had to surrender to her attacker. They brought her somewhere. Where she couldn't tell since they blindfolded her eyes.

The council was gathered again. This time they met in another room without windows and a couple of chairs standing around a long table. At one end of the table there was a bigger chair intended for the head of the council. Its rightful owner had already taken his seat with a frown on his face and his claws tightly clung into the armrests.

"It takes too long." His voice thundered through the room and echoed from the polished marble floor and walls. "Every single replacement we had was rejected. We need to act fast before the civilians get suspicious."

Some mumbling was heard from the others, but none told their opinion loudly.

All of a sudden the door burst open and a messenger stormed inside. He bowed deeply. His gaze was locked on his feet while speaking. "The core is reacting, your highnesses." He exclaimed between gasping for air. "It started after our hunters brought a new sacrifice."

"Excellent." The highest ranked one said and rose from his chair. He was about to leave the room to observe the progress the core made.

"Uhm, your highness?" The messenger said with a worried face. "There's one problem… The core already started taking over her body when we noticed that… she was pregnant."

"WHAT?!" The taller demon roared and the rest of the council started to murmur. That had never happened before. "HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT YOU DIDN'T NOTICE THAT BEFORE?!"

The messenger seemed to shrink under his glare. "Her winter clothes were too thick to see her condition." He squeaked.

To his luck, the council had other things to do now than to punish him. The elders just raced out of the room. They had to reach the core fast before it was too late.

It was.

All devices connected to the core made loud warning sounds and the screens showed high reactions as well. Also Lilith's will had already been broken and so Pandemonium's memories were able to float her mind until she neither knew who she was nor what she was.

"It's too late." One of the council members said.

"The results seem to be stable so far!" Another one called as she took a look at some papers that were printed non-stop.

"The embryos won't survive anyways." The oldest one said.

In silent agreement the other council members prepared the complete transformation.

Only one of them did not believe in those words but he kept quiet. Distrustfully, he watched how they offered the new woman's body to the core. Said core accepted and its legion tissues started to absorb her body.

Thus Lilith was turned into Pandemonium. Only her upper body was still visible and it got tied to more tubes and ropes that would hold it in its place. At the part where the two bodies faded into each other, big pulsing veins were seen.

The pulse that had been strong and fast at the beginning normalized again. Also the devices calmed down and showed less activity.

"It was a success! The female exclaimed while waving with her papers.

After two more months the younger one's supposition proved to be true, Pandemonium gave birth to a pair of healthy twins. They weren't humans anymore and showed the typical traids of demons such as pointy ears, fangs and wings. Additionally they had something like a bone whip coming out of their necks. Horns they did not have yet as all newborns hatchlings. Those would first grow later. Both had purple hair and red eyes.

They were placed on a table similar to an altar and wrapped in red velvet. At the moment their eyes were shut and from time to time sounds came from their tiny mouths.

"What shall we do with them?"

"Kill them."

"They aren't normal."

"Kill them."

"They didn't hatch from eggs."

"Kill them."

"They don't have a rank."

"Kill them."

"They're bastards."

"Kill them."

"They shouldn't have been born."

"Kill them."

"Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill."

The chorus grew louder and the oldest one pulled out a dagger which's handle included some complex ornaments and rubies.