The Gravity 5, were eating lunch, when Grace run towards them, crying. " Guys, Molly, kicked me out of The Perf's." Grace said. " Why?" asked Kacey. " Cause, she saw me helping and being nice to people." replied Grace. " Well, at least your not a Perf anymore." said Zander. " Yeah, I guess that was a good thing." replied Grace. Grace sobbed some more, and, Nelson comforted her, by putting his hand on her back. Nelson has had a huge crush on Grace since, he first came here. Little, did Nelson know Grace felt the same way. " Grace, you sure your alright." exclaimed Nelson. " Yeah, I'm fine." replied Grace. Then, Molly came towards Grace. " Hey, Grace, I see your friends are the loser's now?" said Molly. " Don't you dare try to call my friends loser's, plus, do you think the whole school likes you, they don't you know why, cause, your just a plain stupid mean, bossy, bitch Perf!" yelled Grace. The Gravity 5, haven't heard Grace swear, this is her first time. " U know what fine, I don't care if your friend's with them, I don't fucking care!" yelled Molly to Grace. " Fuck you Molly, you're a fucking slut!" yelled Grace. " Grace, let's go." said Nelson. " NO, Nelson, I can't let Molly called my friend's like that." replied Grace. " Grace it's okay, really." exclaimed Nelson. " Nelson-" Grace was cut by Nelson kissing her on the lips. " Shush." whispered Nelson. Then, they kissed again, Grace kissed him back. Zander kissed Stevie on the lips,2. Kevin did the same thing to Kacey, as well. " I love you, Grace." said Nelson. " I love you, too Nelson." replied Grace.

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