Chapter 3

Lyra woke with a start on Midsummer Day as she was hit withwaves of happiness and sadness at the same time. Lyra got dressed in a simple summer dress and ran over to Katrina's house where she was going to be spilling all the details of her date with Thomas to them.

They sat around the parlor having breakfast as they talked.

"So Lyra come on tell us what happened," said Katrina excitedly.

"Well he came and picked me up giving me a red rose," Lyra said.

"Oh that is just too sweet, Lyra," said Bethanie.

"Then after the play he took me out for coffee. When we where done he took me back to Jordan College and tried to kiss me good night," Lyra continued.

"Wait, what did you say? Did you just say that he tried to kiss you? How can he try and kiss you and not unless..." said Susana then stopped as she realized what must have happened.

"Oh Lyra you didn't stop him did you?" asked Katrina exasperatedly.

"Oh you know that she did she just gave him a hug, it's written all over her face," said Bethanie.

"Why can't you just kiss your courtiers when they try to kiss you Lyra?" asked Katrina.

"It just dose not feel right," said Lyra.

This was the end of this discussion and they quickly changed the topic and talked until a few minutes after noon.

The clock in the hall struck noon and Pantailamon pulled desperately on Lyra's dress but she took no notice. Finaly after a good five minutes of pulling he moved to her shoulder and nipped her ear.

"Ow," Lyra said, more out of shock than actual pain, "Pan what was that for?"

"Lyra I can't believe you," said Pantailamon then he lowered his voice even more so it was no more than a breath of air and said, "Will."

"Oh no," Lyra breathed her heart pounding, 'how could she let time pass by like that she had heard the bells ringing twelve and she had known the date but she had been so caught in her conversation.'

Lyra stood up and without saying a word of apology to her friends she ran out of the house and over to the Botanic Gardens.

Will sat on the bench in the Botanic Gardens of his Oxford as the bells where tolling noon. He sat knowing that Lyra was as close as she could ever be to him.

"Oh if only the angel had told us how to get through the worlds," said Will quietly to Kirjava but she did not answer him back.

Will looked down at his daemon curious for she usually answered him back when he spoke to her. Kirjava was standing next to him her eyes closed and limbs stiff as if she was using all her concentration. What was she up to? He thought normally he could feel what she was feeling but it was hard right now to feel any of her emotions or thoughts. Will watched her and after a few minutes he thought that the traffic on the streets was slowing down because he could no longer hear the cars roaring down the roads, and the air felt different on his skin. He remembered this feeling from when ever he had used the subtle knife, the feel of a new world not his own on his skin. That couldn't happen now he thought he must be hoping that it was true. Then he felt Kirjava relax by his side and stroked her gently. He looked at his daemon who was looking franticly around as if he expected to see someone else sitting on the bench.

Kirjava gave a loud meow, and then said more to her self than to Will, "It didn't work, oh my, all that work and it didn't happen."

"What... What didn't happen?" asked Will annoyed that Kirjava was hiding things from him.

"Well I tried to..." But Kirjava stopped as she caught sight of a girl running into the Botanic Gardens toward the bench. When she was Will and his daemon sitting she slowed to a walk. Will looked up and saw the girl and she seemed ever so familiar but yet so strange. Then he saw something uncurl from around her neck after a moment he recognized it as a red-brown pine martin. At that moment he recognized the girl who was walking towards him slowly. "Lyra," he whispered not believing his eyes.

When Lyra entered the Botanic Gardens she saw that some one was sitting on her bench. 'Oh no,' she thought, 'I only want to sit by Will and no one else."

The boy who seemed to be the same age as her was looking at her stunned. She thought she new him from somewhere but she couldn't place him with a name. She heard him whisper "Lyra," and she was shocked how could he know her name.

"Hello," she said to the boy, "Do I know you from somewhere?"

"Lyra?" the boy said again, "Where did you come from? How did you get here?"

"Through the gate silly, how else would I get in, I do know you from somewhere don't I?" said Lyra looking more closely at the boy and then her eyes move to his daemon. She was an over large cat with the strangest color coat she had seen but no. She had seen a coat like that on an over large cat before and then recognition dawned and she turned back to the boy.

"Will? Is that you? Oh Will..." she said and started forward.

Will stood still looking at her, his eyes transfixed. They kissed a more passionate kiss than either of them had ever had. Will's warm lips passed all over Lyras face and down her neck. She groaned in pleasure.

"Oh Will, your here, Oh your here Will! I never thought I'd see you again!" whispered Lyra as tears sstreamed down her cheeks.

"Sh, Lyra. I'm here. Oh Lyra I'm here and I will never leave you again I promise. Oh I love you some much!" Will whispered as he held Lyra close to him smelling in her sent. "It's been so long."