I've had this idea spinning in my head for quite some time now, so I wantedt to try it out.

I always wondered, what would've happened if Bianca's father really demands that Ash returns to Pallet Town. Well, here's my version of what could've happened.


After Ash's loss, against Bianca's father, the young trainer returns to Pallet town. Afterwards he disappeared for three years without a trace, yet a mysterious Aura-Guardian appears and takes down Tema Rocket by himself. After this, he comes to Unova, trying to enter the league. What adventures will Kanto's Guardian face until he can take on the league-battles.

Pokémon doesn't belong to me.

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Sighing thirteen years old Ash Ketchum leaned against the ferry's railing. He stared out at the sea, the happenings of this day repeating themselves in his head.


…"Now Oshawott use Aqua-Jet", shouted Ash.

"Darmanitan use Flare-Blitz!", shouted Bianca's father back.

The small water-type and the big fire-type powered their attacks up. Ash crunched his teeth. He knew very well how powerful Flare-Blitz actually was. Infernape had gotten them out of tough jams with his.

That was, when the two Pokémon shot forward. They crashed together in the middle of the field. And, like he'd seen it so often in his travels, the connection water- and fire-type-attacks caused bolts. For a while the two simply tried to overpower each other, when it happened. The explosion came and smoke covered everything.

Despite the fact that Ash wasn't very good with Aura, since his meeting with Sir Aaron's Lucario, he could feel it when one of his Pokémon couldn't battle anymore. It was like a punch in the stomach. Just like right now. Yet, Ash hoped that this one time, his sixth sense was wrong. The smoke started to thing out. First they saw Darmanitan, gasping, but fine. Then Oshawott became visible and though the fact that the teen knew it beforehand, he gasped in shock. "

Oshawott is unable to battle. Darmanitan's the winner", called Elesa out and raised her right hand. "And the match goes to Bianca's father!"

"Red flash Darmanitan, return!", called the man and retreated the Pokémon.

Dread sunk deep into Ash, he knew that he hadn't just lost a battle now. Yet he put no blame on Oshawott. The young Pokémon hadn't been with him for so long. He knew, the longer a Pokémon was with its trainer, the stronger it was. Squirtle would've won, because of his experience.

"Oshawott return!"

The next second Ash's knees gave in. He tried to be strong, but that was a hard punch. Not even Paul's wins against him had hit him like that. Because even with type-disadvantage he'd done more damage to the purple-haired Trainer's Pokémon than Oshawott had done now. "Since Ash lost, does he have to go back to Pallet Town?", asked Iris as if she hadn't been there the whole time.

Ash smirked weakly.

And she called him a kid?

"I'll restart", shouted Ash full-heartedly. A new start didn't sound so bad at all.

"You still lost", stated Bianca's father. "Shall I take you to the next plain?"

Ash stood up and shook his head. "No thanks. I'll take a train to Nuvema Town, then a ferry home. Might take a little longer, but I got a few things to think over."

End of Flashback

The young Trainer sighed deeply. He missed Unova already. All the new Pokémon, his new friends. He truly wondered how his mom would react when he suddenly showed up on her doorstep.


Looking down, he found Pikachu staring up at him. He smiled and whispered: "It's okay Pikachu. It's not like I haven't lost before."

"Pika Pikachu Pi-Pika!", argued Pikachu angrily.

"Yeah, it was a high price this time, but I'm sure we'll get along." Pikachu smiled sadly, then climbed up to his shoulder and rubbed his cheek against Ash's. The teen snickered when the saved electricity tickled him and stated: "Buddy, you know how to cheer me up."

At this Pikachu grinned at him.