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After Ash's loss, against Bianca's father, the young trainer returns to Pallet town. Afterwards he disappeared for three years without a trace, yet a mysterious Aura-Guardian appears and takes down Team Rocket by himself. After this, he comes to Unova, trying to enter the league. What adventures will Kanto's Guardian face until he can take on the league-battles.

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"They're still trapped in ice. I'm sure Kyurem is furious with me for running away."

Ash was about to speak up, when he froze. A familiar aura had just appeared rather close to them. No way…

"And Kyurem is not the only furious one!" Everyone spun to look at the bushes, only to receive a great shock at who stepped out of them. The Pokémon was gasping hard and covered in scratches, but she none-the-less stood strong and stared Keldeo down angrily. "If it were not for the fact of everything you have already gone through", thundered the female Pokémon, "then I would have a few rather creative ideas to scold you for acting so foolishly!"

Keldeo only stared back at her wide-eyed, but finally he got one word out. "Virizion!"

Keldeo felt his heart skip a beat at sight of the Pokémon that just stalked out of the bushes. She looked completely beaten up and at the end of her strength, but stood tall, her eyes burning with anger, disappointment and so many more emotions Keldeo almost cried. Because he knew, he was the reason for them.

"If it were not for the fact of everything you have already gone through", thundered the female Pokémon suddenly, "then I would have a few rather creative ideas to scold you for acting so foolishly!"

Keldeo only stared back at her wide-eyed, but finally he got one word out. "Virizion!" Elation rushed through him, although his mentor still scared him to no end right now.

At least one of the Swords of Justice was not frozen in ice. Virizion merely stared him down a little longer, before she stalked up to him, her rose-coloured eyes burning into his own. She leaned down to be face to face with him and hissed: "You have five minutes to explain to me why you believed you had to do something as foolish as not only challenging Kyurem and then lying to him Keldeo, five minutes!" Keldeo took a step back.

As brave as he was, right now Virizion scared him more than Kyurem did. The green-coloured Pokémon had always been gentle with him. No matter how much she pushed him during training, once it was over she was the gentle caretaker Keldeo would've loved to have as his mother. He'd never known his mother, everyone refusing to talk about her, but Virizion had taken that place rather quickly and done a great job.

And never, not even when he left her, Cobalion and Terrakion to worry about him for so long, had she been this furious with him. Angry, yes, but never this furious.

"I…I…", stammered the younger Pokémon out.

"Four minutes and thirty seconds Keldeo", warned Virizion. Keldeo stared at her. How could she still be so strong? He saw how worn out she was, the exhaustion she'd hidden behind her anger. But there was something else behind the furious anger, disappointment and pain. He couldn't tell what it was but- "Three minutes fifty seconds and still counting Keldeo."

Virizion's new warning snapped him out of his wonderings and he rushed out: "I don't know. I was…was impatient I guess. I…you and the others never seemed to take me seriously and I was angry. I wanted to prove to you that I can do great things and…and…and…I DON'T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN!" He lowered his head, tears streaming from his eyes. "I'm always trying so hard but…but I'm never good enough! Each and everytime I lose against you Cobalion seems to respect me even less. And you and Terrakion never try to stop him! Every time he says no, says I'm not ready for anything, you just agree. You-"

"THIS IS THE MOST FOOLISH EXCUSE I EVER HEARD!" Virizion's cry cut him off and Keldeo opened his eyes, to see her stalking away, before she spun around again. "We do respect you Keldeo! You were just too proud to realise it. Which is one of the main problems! Even if you would be able to use Secret Sword already, Cobalion would say no, or at least hesitate, when you asked if you could battle Kyurem! Kyurem is older and more experienced than Cobalion, Terrakion and I together! The only reason we always said no, was that we worried for your well-being. You were simply not ready yet, not in body, but in mind!"

She gave a short cry and Magical Leaf shot forth, easily felling a small tree nearby.

"Do you have any idea what you did to us today?! The worry and fear you put us through?!" Tears had started to gather in her eyes and she clenched her eyes shut. "No, of course you don't. Being considerate of others feelings for you is just one of the many things your haven't understood yet." Her eyes locked on his again and she whispered: "Do you have any idea what today did to me? The fear that tore at me while I had to watch Kyurem giving you such a thorough beating that, without this Pokémon Centre, you'd be unable to move?"

That was confusing. Keldeo tilted his head and murmured: "But you…I mean…you're always described as fearless and you told me once…Fear is your greatest enemy. You must conquer the fear that lives in your heart. Once your fear is gone-"

"-you are free", ended Virizion sharply. "I did, and it is the truth, although I would never call myself fearless. And this just goes to show that you were NOT ready to battle Kyurem. You completely misunderstood my words!"

"How so?", asked Keldeo confused.

"It's simple", cut a new voice in. Both legendary Pokémon looked at Ash. "Fear is an important part of everyone's nature. Without fear we would not be careful. To conquer fear means to be brave, that's true, but it means not that you are fearless."

Virizion nodded and turned back to Keldeo. "Bravery is not the opposite of fear. Bravery is what you gain when you fight the fear within you and risk things despite being afraid. And today I feared for you deeply, as did the other two. I am not fearless Keldeo, I know when to be brave and when to allow my fear to influence my actions. You are never allowed to give into fear, but you can listen to it, even use it. That was what I tried, and failed, to teach you."

Keldeo stared at his mentor wide-eyed. She'd obviously calmed down by now, the anger and rage gone, having been replaced by exhaustion, pain, worry and, much to his shock, fear. Suddenly she turned away and stalked off. Keldeo blinked. She looked back at him and rocked her head into the direction she came from. "Come. We need to get back to the Full Court. A battle against Kyurem only ends when one side is defeated or yields. Neither happened, so he will continue hunting you until the battle is finished." Keldeo's eyes widened and a spasm of fear shot through.

"Wait!", called Cilan suddenly. Everyone turned to look at him and he said: "I understand that this is an urgent situation, but from what I understood, neither of the two of you had much rest and food lately. So please, join us for dinner first."

Ash nodded quickly and added: "He's right. If Keldeo has to battle Kyurem again, he'll need all the strength he can get." Keldeo stared once more.

Those humans didn't even really know him and they were ready to give them food. He looked back to Virizion, expecting her distrust of humankind to kick in and deny the offer. To his shock though she walked up to Ash and leaned down a little to be eye-to-eye with him.

"Of all the humans Keldeo could have landed with, Ash, I am incredible grateful it was you. Helping Keldeo was the second time now that you saved something or someone dear to me and the third time you helped me out altogether. In our first meeting you earned my trust, in our second one my admiration. Your honourable actions on Milos Island earned you something more. I have never offered this to any human before Ash, but I wish for you to be the first human I offer my friendship to."

Keldeo couldn't help but gape at the scene. What in the world was going on here? The two knew each other? Virizion trusted him enough to not only trust their safety to him, but offer her friendship? What shocked Keldeo even more though, was that Ash didn't even look surprised at her words. He merely smiled back at the female Pokémon and answered: "I'm always glad to help when I can Virizion, you know that. And I would be the one who is honoured to be called your friend. I can imagine that this wasn't an easy decision for you to make." He held up his arm, offering the palm of his hand. Virizion smiled a little at that and swiftly pressed her head against it.

If it could have, Keldeo was certain his jaw would've dropped even more.

He caught movement from the corner of his eye, to watch Cilan put a cloth on a table. Paul walked to where the spring-water came from, filling up some glasses, while Iris, and soon also Ash, placed strange red boxes onto the table. The young legendary Pokémon watched confused.

"What are those?"

"They're called Darumaka-Box-Lunches." His head snapped to the left, to see Pikachu crouching in front of Virizion, holding up what looked like a Sitrus Berry. "None of us tried it yet either, but people say it's pretty good", the yellow Pokémon chuckled dryly, "Ash almost did miss the train for them." He turned to Virizion. "Here, this'll help you."

"I…thank you", answered the Grass-Fighting-Type surprised and lowered her head.

The berry was gone in a few quick bites and Keldeo could see how much it actually helped his mentor. Berries amazed him at times.

"Hey guys, c'mon!"

At Ash's shout, all three Pokémon looked up, to see everyone done with the preparations. Cilan was just removing the top-halves of the boxes. Slowly, with a glance at Virizion, who also hesitated for a second, both legendary Pokémon came closer. Keldeo watched fascinated how Ash removed the top-halves of two boxes that stood in front of him and Virizion.

"Bon appetite", proclaimed Cilan and the humans and their Pokémon started eating. After hesitating again, Virizion slowly leaned forward and picked out one of the salad-leaves in the box. She chewed quickly and swallowed, before she smiled.

Keldeo tilted his head and she gave him a soft and familiar smile. At that he relaxed. She wasn't mad at him anymore, that was good.

"Ash! I know it is delicious, but do you have to eat like that?" At Iris question Keldeo and Virizion looked to the raven-haired teen, who was already on his second box.

He only gave a short but sharp auburn glare at his friend and stated: "I'm starved Iris. You have no idea how much Aura I used today, or how hungry that can make someone", and started scarfing down his food again.

Keldeo leaned forward and took a hesitant bite of something by himself, to be startled by the taste. Amazing, thought the Water-Fighting-Type and started eating faster.

"What do you mean Ash, when you say you used much Aura today?"

Keldeo stopped eating for a second and glanced from his mentor, who looked at the raven-haired teen, to said teen. Ash just closed the second empty box and grabbed a glass of water. "Long story short", answered the teen. "We put a stop to whatever Team Plasma was planning to do in this city."

"Team Plasma?", asked Keldeo and finally fully looked up from his meal.

Virizion growled softly and stated: "They're the kind of humans you have to run from the second you see them Keldeo. They're vile, evil and have no respect for Pokémon."

Keldeo blinked, then Cilan stated: "Which is why N confuses me so."

"Not just you", sighed Ash and leaned back.

"N?", asked the two legendary Pokémon.

"Yeah, N. He's Team Plasma's king or something but…I just don't think he's very much like them. His aura is far too bright and he cares deeply for every Pokémon he meets. None of us understands what he is doing in a group like Team Plasma."

"I see", answered Virizion with a nod, her eyes clouded over in thought. "Maybe…" Keldeo knew no one but him had heard the last word, and he couldn't help but wonder what in the world Virizion was planning.

"We should leave now."

Everyone looked at Ash. They'd just finished cleaning up dinner and Keldeo and Virizion were already getting antsy to leave.

"What do you mean?", asked Iris.

Ash glanced at his friend, then explained: "Kyurem, he just reached the harbour." It could've only been Kyurem. Though he wasn't used to the legendary Pokémon's aura yet, he doubted it was another legendary that, somehow, stood out on the sea, watching the city.

Keldeo paled a little at this proclamation and Virizion gritted her teeth, her eyes blazing. As quickly as they could the four humans finished packing and cleaning up and Pikachu settled on his trainers shoulder once more. "You don't have to come with us", argued Virizion when the four walked up to her and Keldeo.

"I promised Nurse Joy we'd help Keldeo to get out of the city Virizion, and I keep my promises", answered Ash, his grip around his staff tightening. "Agreed", said Cilan, shouldering his backpack. Paul and Iris nodded.

"Very well", answered the female and lowered her head in acceptance. "Then let us move quickly and silently."

Ash nodded and Cilan took the lead rather quickly. He had the city-map after all. The rest of the group followed.

The first ten minutes everything was silent, the occasional comment or question aside, simply walking through the city and trying to find a way to leave it without gaining too much attention. The later Kyurem realised they were gone, the better. "Say Iris", asked Ash finally. This question had bothered him for a while now. The purple-haired girl looked at him. "You know a bit about Kyurem. Did the elder of your village say anything else about him?"

Iris frowned and looked to the ground in deep thought. Finally she started to talk. "I think so, yes. The elder explained that Kyurem is able to transform", answered the girl.

"Transform?", asked Paul.

She nodded and explained: "The elder said Kyurem can transform into White Kyurem and Black Kyurem, thus giving him the powers of Reshiram and Zekrom…and that's why Kyurem is the strongest Pokémon in the world." Strongest Dragon-Type, yes, Ash could agree to that. Strongest Pokémon, no. Arceus at least could certainly defeat him and then there was…well Ash wasn't certain if this was too tall of an order even for him, but if it was, then Kyurem still had his work cut out for him.

…transform into White Kyurem and Black Kyurem, thus giving him the powers of Reshiram and Zekrom…

Ash frowned at that. So an Ice-Dragon-Type that could transform into something akin to Reshiram or Zekrom. He whistled softly and muttered: "No wonder Lugia wanted me to stay away from him."

"Pika Pikachu, Pi Chu Pika", snorted the mouse on his shoulder.

"Oh shut it you. You know it's not my fault. Fate just loves to toy with me."

"Pi", deadpanned Pikachu and wrinkled his nose. "Pikachu." He shook his head. If Lugia ever found out about this, and Ash was sure somehow the Guardian of the Sea would find out, he was more than screwed.

"Kyurem indeed is not to be underestimated", agreed Virizion suddenly. The group winced. She had not said anything since they'd set out from the Pokémon centre. "He is-" She cut herself off when she saw what had made Ash freeze. The water of the wall-fountain they were walking past was freezing over!

A shudder ran down Ash's back when a cold wind blew along the street. "What's going on? I can't stand the cold", exclaimed Iris.

"That's your greatest worry right now?", bit Paul back, pulling his jacket tighter around himself.

Ash bit back a curse and send out a pulse of Aura. What the- He shook his head. Either he really was that worn out or Kyurem knew he was an Aura Guardian but he did indeed shield his Aura. It was almost non-existant to him. Why the Dragon did this was beyond the young Aura Guardian, but all Ash could tell was that the legendary was around, yet not where he was.

"Look out, the Cryogonal", shouted Keldeo and a Focus Blast shot past Ash and hit one of the approaching Pokémon. "They work for Kyurem", explained the young Pokémon when he got questioning glances.

"Well this is just great", growled Paul. He barely finished his sentence, then he and Cilan had to leap right to dodge an incoming Ice-Beam.

"Cut it out!", shouted Ash, flaring his Aura in warning. Oh he was going to be bed-ridden for a while after this, he just knew it.

"Yeah, leave my new friends alone!", shouted Keldeo. Ash blinked at that for a second, then grinned. So Keldeo thought of them as his friends already? Well then: "Pikachu Electro Ball!"

"Pika!" The yellow rodent leaped from his shoulder and into the air. A sphere of pure electrical energy gathered at his tail and shot forward, directly at the Cryogonal that had attacked them. Another one of Keldeo's Focus Blasts joined and the two attacks hit hard.

"Quick everyone, this way!"

Ash glanced back, to see Cilan waving and running into the direction they'd come from, the City Map clasped tightly in his hand. Snatching Pikachu up from mid-air, he spun around and sprinted after his friends, Virizion and Keldeo hot on his heels. The Grass-Fighting-Type had taken the rear and kept up a storm of Magical-Leaf, trying to keep a good distance between them and the Cryogonal.

Ash gritted his teeth when he felt Virizion's aura blank out for a heartbeat, before it started burning with renewed strength. So he wasn't the only one running on reserves by now. Though, he thought, I suppose that dinner did some good for the both of us. I wonder who is going to pass out first tough. I like neither option very much to be honest.

Keldeo's shout snapped him out of his thoughts and he glanced back, to gasp. Behind them, in the sky, was a great white and grey coloured dragon. Kyurem, he looks different than he did on the train. Is that one of his forms? Everyone sped up and Kyurem dived after them. Why can't I feel his Aura properly? On the train and when he arrived at the harbour it was so clear!

He looked back once more, and almost tripped his way onto the bridge they were now crossing, to see Kyurem disappear somewhere on their left. What in the world?

"On your left!"

Virizion's shout had everyone look and then back off. Kyurem flew right next to the bridge, his yellow eyes scanning for, most likely, Keldeo. "White Kyurem!" Iris' scream cut through the night and Kyurem gave a roar. The group rounded a corner and Kyurem had to fly higher or he would've crashed into the bridge. He came back down soon enough and then it happened. Kyurem started to glow blue and his Aura flared with power.

It was strong enough to send Ash staggering back against a wall.

"Ash", hissed Virizion and stopped next to him. Keldeo stopped as well, looking worried, but Ash had no eye for them. Kyurem was still in his transformation and the powerful Aura that flared through the city hit his weakened shields hard. But then, suddenly, it was gone.

"It changed again!", shouted Cilan.

"Now it's Black Kyurem", explained Iris fearfully.

"Pikapi?", asked Pikachu. Ash gave a grunt and pushed himself away from the wall. Kyurem's Aura had already disappeared almost completely again. Could it be?, wondered the teen while everyone ran off again. Kyurem's Dragon Pulse exploded right where they had been.

Could it be that, with Kyurem taking on the powers of Reshiram and Zekrom, their Auras fuse with his and they cancel each other out? Such a tranformation must be a strain on his Aura, otherwise it wouldn't flare with such a power while he goes through it. So does that mean, with cancelling each other out, they become almost non-existant to me? I never heard of anything like that, not even in Sir Aaron's notes.

"Where did he go?"

Ash looked up from his contemplation, to see everyone scanning the sky. Maybe that was another reason Kyurem switched to his black form. The white made him rather easy to spot in the dark city. "Well, I don't look a gift Rapidash in the mouth. Cilan where do we go best now?", asked Ash. The green-haired teen scanned the map quickly, then pointed to their right and set off again. The others ran after him, Ash still sensing the Cryogonal not too far behind them.

They ran through a short tunnel and out some doors, to land in a completely different part of the city. Iris, Cilan, Paula and Virizion ran down some steps, when Ash sensed a few more Cryogonal coming from another direction. He clenched his fist and ran on straight, Keldeo not too far behind.

"Ash where are you going?!"

He ignored Iris cry, but spun around and ordered: "Pikachu Iron-Tail!" The yellow Pokémon sprang forward, past Keldeo, and hit the Cryogonal that had appeared right behind the legendary Pokémon directly between the eyes. It got thrown back against its companions, creating a small hold-up.

"Thanks Pikachu, Ash!"

Ash nodded, then spun to the right, his staff lashing out and effectively knocking back a Cryogonal that had been about to attack him. He turned to his left, ready to hit the second one away as well when Keldeo jumped forward and rammed the attacking Ice-Type. He created another crash within their attackers, which Ash didn't hesitate to use.

They ran off again, Pikachu firing another Electro Ball back at the Cryogonal. Unfortunately the Cryogonal had other plans. Those that Keldeo had attacked, had recovered and now surrounded the three of them. Ash was still trying to figure out a way out of this, and now definitely regretting not having Charizard with him right now, when Keldeo called: "Ash, Pikachu, grab on!"

The teen blinked, but followed the order and slung his arms around Keldeo's neck. Pikachu took the tail and the next second the three shot into the air.

"Woah!", cried the teen and tightened his hold.


Looking down, he realised what happened. Water shot from Keldeo's hooves. It was a like a jet-drive. Jet…so this is Keldeo's Aqua Jet. Interesting variation! "I-Au! Watch where you're steering", cried the teen when they went right through a tree.

"Heh, sorry!", called Keldeo back and tried to stabilise himself some.


"Sorry", called the legendary again and finally, after a lot of spins, turns, rolls and Ash running on a wall at least twice, the three of them landed on stable ground again.

Ash took a second to take a deep breath, then ran on again. "Thanks!" Keldeo blinked after them, until he saw the still approaching Cryogonal and ran on as well.

After another some odd twists and turns they reached a river and Ash relaxed a little. Navigating through a city of this size wasn't easy, but luckily he had the other's Auras to find their way. And according to those, Virizion and his friends were just up ahead. And indeed, there they were. On the bridge that led right over the river. The three quickly ran towards their friends, when Paul's voice echoed over.


Without thinking, Ash threw himself to the ground, Pikachu copying him immediately and Keldeo soon following there example. And just in time, for a grand total of six Ice-Beams shot over their heads, froze part of the wooden-path and quite a big section of the river. Panting Ash pushed himself up once more and looked around. Cryogonal had appeared in front of them as much as some were still behind them.

"What now?", asked Keldeo nervously. Ash glanced around, then his hand flew to his belt. They couldn't reach the bridge, true, but who said they'd have to use it. With a quick flick of his wrist, the Pokéball snapped open and a certain blue Pokémon with a purple shell. Before Ash could say anything though, Keldeo had leaped forward and onto the ice. He slithered clumsily for a second, but then nailed the two closest Cryogonal with a Focus Blast each.

Quickly Ash leaped on Lapras' back, Pikachu landing next to him. "To Keldeo, quick", instructed the teen when he saw the Cryogonal surrounding the young legendary Pokémon. "Pikachu Thunder!", shouted the teen. "Keldeo look out!" Keldeo spun to look at him, to duck away from the mighty bout of lightning that hit just about every present Ice-Type.

Well, every present Ice-Type but Lapras. Her shell, from which Pikachu had attacked, protected her from the Thunder.

The Cryogonal scattered, some even fainted, and when Lapras rushed past, Keldeo leaped onto her back as well. "Laaaaa", sung the Water-Ice-Type softly, her eyes locked on Ash. "Laaaaaaaa."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. But you know me and that fate hates me", answered Ash with a that made the path to the bridge, closely followed by Pikachu and Keldeo. "Thanks girl", whispered the teen and recalled Lapras. She gave him a proud look just before she disappeared, then Ash heard hooves hammering onto the wood already.

Looking up, he found Virizion checking Keldeo carefully, the young Pokémon looking rather bashful at her worried attention.

"Ash, quick, we're over here!"

At Paul's shout he looked up, to see the other three teens standing at the end of the bridge. He gave a quick nod, scooped Pikachu up and started running again, the two legendary Pokémon hot on his heels once more. The group dived into a few alleyways and, much to Ash's hidden amazement, they were actually able to throw the Cryogonal off their trail.

For now.

"How are we going to get out of here?", panted Iris while she leaned against a wall.

"Those Cryogonal are practically trapping us in this place", agreed Virizion. Ash watched worriedly the slight shaking that came from her body. It was the most visible on the two leaf-like appendages on her neck. Then again, he could sense Pikachu's worry for him through his Aura too. The teen was pretty sure he was starting to shake from the strain as well.

"I may…have an idea", whispered Cilan suddenly.

"I'm open for anything at this point", growled Paul out, fingering his Pokéballs nervously. Ash couldn't blame him. The Cryogonal were spread out over the city, looking for them. With a sigh he looked at Cilan and followed his gaze to the Subway-Sign.

"Cilan?", asked the Kanto-Native warily. He knew and accepted the other's fixation with subways but…

"Well…the City's subway-system is designed so you can go anywhere you want to go", offered the connoisseur.

"So we're going by subway?", asked Keldeo surprised.

Cilan smirked and shook his head, before he answered: "I was more thinking of the unused train-tracks. If I remember the map in the Pokémon Centre right, the nearby station should be connected to some of those."

At this Ash felt a grin spread over his features. "That could work. We can't go above the surface, so let's try the underground."